Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tonight argue with my sis. but i don want to tell more detail about. Then I go out from house. My mum said "IF U GO OUT, DONT CAME BACK ANYMORE" . so I out lo. Then I drive back to AyerTawar. nothing to do, go 7-11 buy drink and some snack. and also Dunhill 14. haha :D
long time didnt smoke since back from KL.. huhuh. After that , drive to MCD lo.. call lcyin.. SHIT!! the phone out of battery.. forget to bring charger. left at Ayer Tawar office. Aiks.. Sit for while inside car, suddenly saw Dennis lo.. Then chia tai pao with him for while lo.. He left me after the rain came...

Then nothing to do.. So I walk in to Mcd lo.. Meet my friend at there lo.. quite lot la... Then Noor suddenly ask me where am I. I said at Mcd. She said she wanna to come. so wait for her lo.. FOrget already at what time she came lo.. She bring me Meehoon Soup lo.... haha.. That time really cant finish because too full. Eat alot free thing.. haha :D

She left.. but still got other. They accompany me lo.. around 1230am. Then a couple said they want to eat at Muara there lo..a sk me want to join or not.. I said not problem since I was boring. So they went back home to change shirt coz just finish work... Going with Azidi and that couple.. forget name what.. haha :D

Then take some pic of them lo... After eat back to Mcd again.. Nothing to do.. That night I sit at MCd until 5am. While siting at there I think I refill 4 coffee and 8soft drink.. And Iqbal.. also my mcdonald friend bring me Large Fries for free.... then back to Car and sleep for 1 hour.. Around 6am my dad drive to Mcd.. Saw me inside car. But I pretend sleep. Then he call me.. But I dont want to answer.. Around 6.45am,, I drive back to AyerTawar and start to bring Indonesian worker and go to harvest Oil Palm lo..

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