Thursday, January 17, 2008

Langkawi Trip 2008

Once we reach Kuala Perlis, we find place to settle our breakfast.

Our first group picture, while waiting for ferry, feeling bored, we used our tripod to take a group picture.

I was sicked since the first day before we reach Langkawi.

Look tired or excited? You tell!! ><" In ferry.

Taking picture on ferry to Langkawi. It's guys time!!

Stupid pose this time.

All head picture this time.

Taking picture on ferry.

Our driver!

At Tasik Dayang Bunting!!

In front of Dayang Bunting.

On boat during Island Hopping.

I was being buried!

Jump picture at Pulau Beras Basah!!


Bac to shore.

At unknown beach. Suppose be Black Sand Beach but i think we went to the wrong place. lol~

Hentam punggung!!

Stupid pose again.

On the skybridge.

Showing ass. Wanna buy?

Five guy.

Take pic with ang mo.

Jump pic again!


Perigi Mahsuri.



On Van!

And that's our

Occasion: Langkawi Trip 2008
Date: 10 - 12 January 2008
Venue: Langkawi (Kedah)
Participant: Zen Hing, Siew Loong, Heng Chiang, Yee Fang, Ming Sie, Yvonne Loi, Alan Chen, Kuan Siong

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Rock Climbing

This is my first rock climbing adventure in my life. It's a very important event where this is the start of my new hobby, climbing. It is located at Teluk Batik, behind a resort.

Occasion: Rock Climbing
Date: 05 January 2008
Venue: Teluk Batik (Perak)
Participant: Heng Chiang, Siew Loong