Saturday, April 25, 2009

Police Station

this early morning (3.30am) already went to Police Station.. somemore 2 police station.. 1 in ayer tawar and another 1 in Manjung.. aiks.. dono why this month (April) keep drink coffee with polis...

went there to report my friend lost his wallet lo.. lost in Ulu Licin , Beruas.. then go report lo.. after finish report at Ayer Tawar, they ask us go to IPD Manjung.. meet Sarjan Teoh. kena interview about 1 and half hour. huhu. reach home already 6am.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stop by Police (Changkat Kruing)

around 9.45am after finish catch chicken at Changkat Kruing I kena tahan again. stop by 1 police car lo.. got 2 police men inside there lo... That morning I just bring 5 person only.. 4 male and 1 female.. only that female dont have permit..

Polis: ni nak pergi mana?
dsloong: balik ayertawar a..
Robin : Arlong , telefon taukey.
dsloong: hello
uncle: hello.. yes? apasal?
dsloong: kena stop by police again.
uncle: at where?
dsloong: at farm.. when wan go out time
uncle: which polis?
dsloong: polis manjung
uncle: what plat number?
dsloong: @@@ #### <- forget already aiya u talk with that polis la...

polis: awk bagi address office awk.
dsloong: opposite skool ambrose.. tau x?
polis: oo.. sana..
dsloong: ye
polis: kite ni kawan.. bukan musuh.. mcm ni awk jalan a..
dsloong: time kasih,,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road Block (Batu Hampar)

oh.. This morning I went to Sg Rotan to Catch Chicken lo.. Around 2.30am start drove to there. Reach AyerTawar at 3.00am to fetch Indonesian lo.. This time only male go. all got 7 people. because scare got roadblock... Around 3.30am reach Batu Hampar, that time there got RoadBlock.. But I think d policemen was sleeping at there.. so I quickly drive pass thru..

at 11.00am when want come back time, aiks.. so another road block at Batu Hampar.. same place like this morning.. so I just drive thru.. suddenly..

Police : sila berhenti tepi. semua bagi IC.
dsloong: ni sume pekerja indonesian.. tak ada IC
Police : mcm ni sume keluar passport
Indonesian : passport taukey simpan a... ada Permit je...
Police: mcm ni kuar permit je.. sume ada bape org?
dsloong : 7 org..
Police : ni knp kurang 1 permit? ada 6 je.. sape tak ada?
Robin : aku
Police : knp x ada?
Robin : lupa bawa.. pagi td mau cepat2 siap.. sampai lupa
ARDI : ALONG telefon taukey

so I grab my phone call my uncle 7 lo....

dsloong : hello.. got road block at here.. kena tahan already....
Uncle : that police want what?
dsloong : permit. But 1 people dont have
Uncle : who dont have?
dsloong: Robin (change tayar one). he said forget to bring.
Uncle : u told the police he just forget to bring...
dsloong : u talk with that police la...

dsloong: encik.. taukey nak cakap ngan awk ni..
police : (after finish talk) awk sila ikut aku ke sana. yg x ada permit sila ikut aku sekali
dsloong : robin mari.. sila ikut aku..

so we walk to the pondok there lo.

police : ni sume dr mana?
dsloong : dr tangkap ayam di sungai rotan.. baru nak balik ke ayertawar.
Police : betol ke awak lupa bawa?
Robin : ye....
dsloong: tuan ni sume dtg sekali.. tgk tarikh permit mereka.. sume sama je. cuma dia lupa bawa je..
police : o.. plat no kereta apa?
dsloong: AFY 7738

so he dono write what then lepas us lo...

Police : Lain kali jgn Lupa bawa.

then they lepas us lo.. so lucky again....

ok after pass the Batu Hampar.. at Beruas traffic light there.. saw another one JPJ one.. damn.. before drive to there.. at my left side.. got 2 old men show me at there got JPJ.. so I drive straight follow PARIT road balik AyerTawar lo... need to avoid. if not kena summon again.. aiks..
take an hour to reach ayertawar.. actually only need around half and hour..

On the way back to Ayer Tawar follow PArit road.. there got lot of police also.. but just pass by only