Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stop by Police (Changkat Kruing)

around 9.45am after finish catch chicken at Changkat Kruing I kena tahan again. stop by 1 police car lo.. got 2 police men inside there lo... That morning I just bring 5 person only.. 4 male and 1 female.. only that female dont have permit..

Polis: ni nak pergi mana?
dsloong: balik ayertawar a..
Robin : Arlong , telefon taukey.
dsloong: hello
uncle: hello.. yes? apasal?
dsloong: kena stop by police again.
uncle: at where?
dsloong: at farm.. when wan go out time
uncle: which polis?
dsloong: polis manjung
uncle: what plat number?
dsloong: @@@ #### <- forget already aiya u talk with that polis la...

polis: awk bagi address office awk.
dsloong: opposite skool ambrose.. tau x?
polis: oo.. sana..
dsloong: ye
polis: kite ni kawan.. bukan musuh.. mcm ni awk jalan a..
dsloong: time kasih,,

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