Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eat Eat (City Kopitiam)

4.30pm: City Kopitiam again.. Today go eat with yunloi, chianyin, lingzhou, iek and ingkeong lo..
This time went there because chianyin lo.. because promise him already... somemore treat her eat. Beside that also bring iek lo.. because this 2 person havent try yet.. So i recommend Tomyam and ice kacang to them lo...This time me, lingzhou, chian yin and iek order same.. Tomyam Seafood rice and ABC lo..., Yunloi order Chocalte Toast Bread with Kaya and ABC. IngKeong order White Toast Bread with kaya and Hot White Coffee. as usual i order ice kosong lo...
around 5,30pm we left the city kopitiam.

Then move to mcdonald.. This time chianyin treat us eat. 4 nugget and 1 medium sprite. and get 1 free medium fries.. hehe :D... That time quiete rushing. because lingzhou must reach kamoung jering before 6.30pm. coz her auntie want go eat dinner lo.... spoil our plan. because after that we plan for movies or go kart.. huhuh :D. On the way back to ayertawar chianyin fall in to sleep..

FYI: the pic all spoil. because bad connection. and need wait yunloi to send to me next week. after she back from camp


Today 3 of us go do/cut hair lo.. me, lingzhou and chianyin lo... me and lingzhou do at same place. and chianyin other place lo.. this chianyin a.. do her hair from 10am till 4.30pm. promise us 2pm can finish already.. but delay till 4.30pm. same like mingsie.. same star.. CANCER. no wonder both of them like tat la....

This time I go cut hair without bring my money. Just IC and Lesen nia.. haha.. learn from lingzhou d. Terpaksa ask lingzhou paid for me.. since my ALong not here.. Alan la. who else.. My ATM.. hehe :D. 1 person cut RM8 lo.... aiks.. dont have lingzhou before and after pic...

Before (3month didnt cut)


chianyin pic

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eat Eat (Sitiawan and Manjung)

After out from police station around 8.00am. I straight send my friend back to Mcdonald.. Then I quickly go back take shower lo.. Then drive to Mcdonald drink 2 glass of Coffee O Ice... Around 8.30am I move from Manjung to Mingsie's house.. aiks... I call her at 0830. Reach at her house around 0850. She still havent ready.. Somemore need wait her for 20minute... huhuh..

After that drive to Kampung Jering fetch Chin Long and LingZhou. Then move to Iek house at market there.. And the last house is Alan Chen located at Taman Kenari. When I want drive out to main road.. I nearby "kiss" a motor. Honda AGL 4396 (red color) That apek dono do what.. suddenly stop at the road..

Participant: dsloong, mingsie, lingzhou, alan, iek, chinlong

10.00am - From Ayer Tawar

10.30am - Reach Kampung Sitiawan. We order 12 pieces roti kosong and 6 nasi lemak. 3 nasi lemak ikan bilis and 3 nasi lemak ikan. But i prefer eat Nasi Lemak Ikan. So I eat 2 package because Iek dont want to eat. 1 ikan and 1 ikan bilis. Then we order 3 milo ice, 2 milo o ice and 1 teh ice. Alan,Iek and chinlong drink milo ice, me and mingsie drink milo o ice and lingzhou drink teh ice. Total we eat RM26. and divide by 6 people. 1 people around Rm4.30 lo..

see so many people.
nasi lemak
nasi lemak

roti canai

fatty pig eat roti canai

this curry all mingsie eat one.. 5mangkuk

finish eat

Alan paid the money

10.52am - I drive to Kampung Koh lo.. want to buy Red Bean Biskut (dou sai pin) . Quite famous la.. heard people said put long still fresh. (heard fishy said la). haha. Buy 2 packet lo.. 1 mingsie said want bring to her mum to eat. 1 packet cost RM6.

see so long que..

11.21am - no plan.. somemore all people full. except me.. haha :D. So we decide go play Bowling lo.. play 2 games.. we got 2 team..Team A and Team B. Team A are dsloong, Iek and Alan Chen. And Team B are Mingsie, Chin Long and LingZhou. First game Team B win.Win 5 point nia, But 2nd games Team A. Win about 50point.. haha.. we bets lo.. who lose going to treat. But seri lo... Total 2 games play RM54 lo.. Then divide by 6 people again,. 1 people Rm9. damn expensive.. somemore not nice. hot and not music.. the machine also spoil.
main entrance

team A

team B


12.30pm - hurm.. go buy Kompiang.. But need to wait.. for 20minute, cant wait.. so we drive.while waiting Alan Chen I saw infront got Cendol. So go down and buy lo... RM1.70. and LingZhou follow his mum balik and sleep lo.. so farewell to lingzhou lo.....

12.36pm - send mingsie go do facial lo.. since she keep begging at me...

12.50pm - go Billion because Alan Chen and Mingsie want buy cooking oil. buy 5 - 5kg Neptune and 1 Marigold Peel Fresh Orange. All cost RM72.30. The cashier very stupid one.. Do u think Imposiblle. 5 cooking oil all just cost RM30??? lolx... Then fishy go see camera lo...

1.23pm - go SenHeng lo.. just beside Billion. Because fishy want see camera again.

1.34pm - go to Mcdonald lo... cos me and Iek want go to pee.. aiks.. at last all go down mcd. Eat again lo. this time Alan treat.. haha... Buy 2 large fried and 1 large sprite. Then get 1 free medium fries. total RM10.30. dono how many time I refill the drink.. hehe :D. haiz.. still need wait mingsie finish her facial 4pm plus plus... so we take newspaper and play SUDOKU lo.. then play BINGO. and last we conteng the Newspaper.. haha... we move out from MCD at 3.30pm lo....

tired.. sleep for while

play sudoku

see this star.. Alan is Aquarius.. see tat day he keep expenses.. hehe Mingsie is cancer. tat day she keep delay the time.. from 2pm to 3.. from 3 to 4pm.. huhuh

3.56pm - go find mingsie lo.. I go down.. Reach at upstair, But cannot go in., Female only.. so go down again...

4.00pm - go HSL see camera again lo....

4.20pm - so we plan go eat again lo.. Now left me, iek , alan and chinlong nia... Firstly we go to Restaurant Cheng Ho. But it was CLOSE.

4.29pm - then I drive to Nasi Ayam Mama lo.. same row with Cheng Ho. We order 3 nasi ayam and 1 mee soto. I eat Mee soto and the other eat Nasi Ayam. Drink.. Alan drink kiwi brender and I drink lychee blender with 2 ice kosong, actually I order Longan brender one. and somemore hor. for nasi ayam la.. we said dont want drumstick and chicken wing. It came out with 2 drumstick and 1 tight. bad waiteress. and bad listening. total we eat RM22 lo...

Nasi Ayam

Mee Soto


5.00pm - go fetch mingsie lo.. at THE STORE. ask her buy 2 large mineral water for me.. u know what happend? she just buy 1 for me.. and another one for her.. huhu.. see this bitch. very kiamsiap one.. somemore promise me to treat me drink if bring her go facial.. but end with nothing..

5.20pm - reach Teluk Batik lo.. just me and iek swim nia.. and mingsie became model. chinlong is a cameraman and alan seat there doing nothing, take care our look like Alan was boring.

Park beside police car

mana muka aku??

ChinLong drawing


7.00pm - me and iek go take shower lo.. after swimming...

7.40pm - ngiechong and kehjuinn arrived telukbatik.. so we plan go eat Ikan Bakar. eat until 9.00pm. That time I few sleepy. so i go inside the car take nap for while...

Bil NO : 96048


TEL: 05-6837587

MEJA NO : 13
Pari 900g- bakar - RM22.50

Sotong 700g - bakar - RM21.00
Udang 540g - Sambal - RM37.80
Tomyam Soup - RM6.00

Claypot Soup - RM8.00
2 Nasi Putih - RM8.00
1 Jug Tembikai , 1 Jug Ice Kosong , 2 kerang rebus - RM19.00

TOTAL EAT : RM158.30

and divide by 7 person lo...

9.20pm : we go to Mcdonald again. Because NgieChong want to taipoa lo... So he ask me go in buy lo.. Mana tau can get FREE thing.. haha... He ask me buy 2 large set spicy chicken Mcdeluxe and 1 large set big mac.. so lucky. That night my friend as rounder.. She gave me extra 1 mc chicken and 1 sundae corn.. hehe... Total how much.. I forget already.. Then we drive back to ayertawar lo..

on the way back to ayertawar that mingsie very noisy.. keep ask me send her go back.. but i dont wan.. haha... ok..

10.00pm - send Alan back to his house take laptop and take down all the cooking oil. Then he said later meet us at Restaurant 88. He ride motor go.. Then I go fetch chianyin lo...

10.20pm - reach Restuarnt 88. That mingsie asked me send her back.. But I dont want. at last she emo. and walk back to her house. with her digital camera , video cam , red bean biscuit and 1 -5kg cooking oil.. haha.. chianyin ask me go kejar her.. I kejar her.. she also dont wan naik.. She just walk nia.. with emo face.. haha.. hope no people rogol her.. haha :D

10.30pm - seat lo.. and chian yin order chee cheong fan and roti bawang. lingzhou alway said (roti chang sai <-- hokchew) mean roti mix shit.. This chianyin har.. eat Roti bawang. but i think 90% of onion she didnt eat. haha.. Then cheok came... That time the table got
me, chianyin, iek, alan, chinlong, lingzhou, jaywin, ingkeong and cheok lo.... around 11.30pm lingzhou and ingkeong want go to snooker lo...
when we want go to snooker at taman dinding.. then chianyin meet up toryao at 88 lo.... then chia dua poa with him lo..

chee cheong fan

chianyin's leg.. sexy??

12.00am - At Taman Dindings snooker shop.. Go find lingzhou and ingkeong.. but not at there.. so ma called lingzhou lo.. he said them just out from there because no table.. so lingzhou ask us wait at there.. he came now...

12.15pm - cheok came.. automatic we got table... because cheok friend at there.. that time also very lucky.. 2 table empty.. because some other customer just finish play lo... me and chinlong use 1 table.. and lingzhou , ingkeong and cheok 1 table.. can u imagine.. we play 1 game equal to cheok 4 games.. haha :D . 1 hour RM7.20 lo...

play until 1.40am.. then all go out and chia dua poa lo..
after chia we go back lo.. alan and cheok take motor.. lingzhou fetch ingkeong, chianyin , chin long and iek.. and me drive alone to manjung.

so that is eat eat activity lo... different from what I planned.. so humble.. :D

anyway we still got video.. This one need take long time to upload.. Because need edit.. subtitle this and that.. please be patient.