Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ayam Rendang

After eat at Muara.. so nothing to do lo. so we went to shauqi house lo.. with izzul. Then Shauqi serve us Nasi Pulut, Ayam Rendang and Telur (half only) damn kamsiap.. haha . with 1 glass soya milk (mana cukup bro).. lazy to write la.. no idea.. haha.. post video and pic enough already.. after that we ride a motor.. 3 people.. and round round manjung..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Police Traffic (Kaki Putih)

Around 8.30am I drive to Sitiawan to harvest Oil Palm lo... Then suddenly a car chase me. Using white color car. Proton MyVi. The driver was a Police. That time I dont realise he was chasing me.. He open Double Signal and horn also.. But I didnt hear that. Because music too loud. But I realise he open Double SIgnal and drive very fast lo... I tought he was Emergency. That way he open double signal and drive very fast. Actually he chasing me from Columbia traffic light till Sitiawan traffic light (just realise). One more thing. I langgar the traffice light at Simpang Lima Traffic light there. See below the pic lo.. hope u all understand. I also dont know how to explain. haha... he also followed me.. That time I drove bout 150km/h. dono how bout him la

When I realise he was chasing me, so I slow down my car lo.. Then I call my dad

dsloong: hello
Dad: yes
dsloong : i stop by police
Dad: small matter la.. U just do what he want lo..

Police: x payah telefon la.. saya mau bagi nasihat
dsloong: (off the phone). yes
Police: Lesen ada x? Kuar lesen sekrg!!!
dsloong: ada.. jap.. (nah.... ambik la.)

Police: x nampak ke aku kejar awk? mau lari lagi,.
dsloong: mana lari... bukan x nampak,, x perasan.
Police: dah buka double signal and horn tu?
dsloong: i ingat u pun emerceny . tat y buka lampu, yg horn aku x dengar la

Police: ni bawa laju nak pergi mana?
dsloong: x nampak ke? ada pisau, ada indon and kereta sorong. mesti la pergi potong sawit la.. apa lagi?
Police: u tau x.. td aku hampir langgar kereta awk.. masa ko potong lorry.. masok kanan time..
dsloong: x tau.. tapi i bagi signal kan...
Police: ye.. tp x blh mcm ni la... ni bawa laju-laju kenapa plak?
dsloong: mau cepat balik.. takut hujan la... (actually want to use SAKIT PERUT.. kejar pergi toilet)
Police: nak potong kat mana?
dsloong: belakang Looking Good la...
Police: ni bawa laju2 pun , jaga la pekerja kat belakang.
dsloong: ok la..
Police: hang boleh blah sekrg.
dsloong: sorry ye..


That time if got summon I dono he going open how many
1) seat belt
2) overload
3) speed
4) traffic light
5) run from police

see the blue line.. is how I drive lo.. Red = red light, Green= green light

Monday, March 2, 2009

Which One Is Gay??