Saturday, June 28, 2008

SMS with LCY

This afternoon I sms with LCY at workshop lo.. See my cousin and Indonesian worker change lorry tyre.

dsloong : Jenan bday party tomorrow. At his hse. 7pm. Can come?
LCY : I'm at jb o cant go lo
dsloong : Then fly back and go lo.

LCY : U siao ah..don wan la very tired i jux bac from china den go jb very tired lo
dsloong : Go china? Became china mui? Also no inform me. Want ask u buy me coke, keychain and poscard.

dsloong : Go there for what? Training became prostitute and back to ayertawar? Haha. Just kidding
LCY : Not funny lo..don wan chat wif me..i go ther do plastic surgery

dsloong : Aiyo. Cheaper is it? Sure cacat one. Do which part? Make boo became big? Haha.
LCY : Next time mar come c got big mar lo..don wan chat wif u on de bus now

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rat VS Chicken

Today as usual lo.. follow my dad again. lazy to write la.. same thing one. Today I see Rat VS Chicken at chicken farm lo.. My dad go into the reban ayam. and throw the chicken out lo.. no chance to take the video. After that the Indonesian maid ask the dog to kill the rat lo.. 1st the dog playing with it. at last It bite the rat until mampus.

Chicken VS Rat

Then at Afternoon after Lunch, I drive my grandpa lorry from Columbia Chicken Farm to Kampung Merbau. Follow Hutan ROad lo.. This is my first time drive lorry. I dont have that license that why I follow jalan Belakang lo... Because my dad want to pick up all the oil palm and sell lo. I go see the Indonesian do one.. I just pick up the small one lo..... That time very rushing.. Dono which taukey keep calling my dad. ask him balik office lo..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tayar Pancit

Just now Alan Chen send me message at MSN.
He said add more RM50 to the debt.
The situation is like that la...

My Fault meh???

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pancung Palm Oil Leaf

Today lo. as usual. wake up early and follow my dad..
GO Desa Merbau Aircond Chicken Farm Cut Oil Palm Leaflo.. Actually I cut few only and other work all Indonesian worker settle. After that sit inside car lo.. doing nothing.



Indonesian Cut Oil Palm Leaf

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chicken Shit

Today wake up at 0600 lo... Follow my dad. Bring my younger brother go school first. Then go Sam Bia Chicken Farm take Ice. Dono why my dad so rushing lo.. After take the ice. Go to Columbia Chicken Farm lo...Bancuh chicken medicine lo... Then he ask me take the medicine give ayam drink.

Then we go eat Nasi Ekonomi at AyerTawar there. After finish eat my breakfast we go to Desa Merbau Aircond Chicken Farm. To remove and arrange all the wood by size and type. For recycle. To build 2 more Chicken House.... damn.. I my waist damn pain that time. Then my dad leave me alone. He go to Desa Merbau Non aircond Chicken farm. Haiz.. damn sien.. I left my phone at my dad car. Cant sms or call. Lucky got my Indonesian worker. He got handphone. So ma borrow from him lo.. Just use Rm1 nia.. for few sms and call.

After that , I back to Sam bia Chicken farm again. Dono my dad do what at there. Then I saw 2 Indonesian worker "korek ayam taik" (chicken shit) at there. Dont forget the puppies and dog at there too. The Dog feed the puppies milk lo... Even the puppy far from the mummy, the mummy will go find it to feed.

Then my dad send me back to Ayer Tawar house. Ask me take shower and go eat lunch lo. The food very sien (boring) one.. everyday eat same thing nia.. With my cousin Dennis, Uncle 4, Uncle 7 , 2 more Taukey and my dad lo... Then balik Ayer Tawar and sleep. so tired.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dog and Chick

This video I take few days ago. Because nothing to do at chicken farm. My dad ask me see chicken. But I go see Dog XXX. hehe.. Actually I dono want see what la.. Chicken nia.. all same one..

This dog picture and video taken at Kg Merbau Chicken Farm

And the chick picture and video taken at Columbia Chicken Farm

See how kejam. Murder chick. Actually this chick was murder because It was SICK.


Today I forgot wake up at what time. Wake up by my mum lo.. ask me became my dad driver.. Becoz his hand sakit lo... dono what happen. (tarak ask him). Then go manjung eat mee. Mee soup and Mee kicap (kampuan). After that , go to colombia farm (chicken farm). nothing to do.. He keep lecture me lo.. ask me drive slow. this and that. make me hati PANAS nia.. After that go back home eat again. Then trying to sleep. But cant. So call Alan Chen. Go eat dou pin lo.. (ice kacang). He said lazy to go. I said to him "U WANT MONEY OR NOT"? at last he agree go.
1st we go to eat cendol and mee rebus. after that go doupin at Taman Jasmine.

Then go to Taman Dinding meet my cousin , Dennis. Ask him want go to Office or not?. Bcoz my dad and my uncle at there. I think they want to roboh the office bcoz the office was burned last years. Reach there, see they busy doing work.. Angkat Kayu lo.. with 3 Indonesian worker. After finish, Dennis go KFC bungkus lo.. coz he havent eat Lunch yet. Then balik rumah already.. Play computer game for while at ayertawar house. And balik Manjung house.. online , watch movies lo..sien la.. nothing to do.. Then go out. Thought want to eat kuetiow goreng. but the shop didnt open. AT last go bungkus Burger Daging Special and Burger Ayam Special.

blue shirt - my dad
green shirt - my uncle 7

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shopping at Giant

Just now I go Giant shopping. Oh gosh.. I buy alot.. Until RM160. about to finish my salary for today. selling steel.
The thing I buy


Steel (Besi Buruk)

Today I wake up at 0730 lo.. My mum call me up lo.. Thought my dad will call me.. But not.
Then around 0800 I follow my mum balik ayertawar. She was rushing. bcoz my Aunt 7 need her help sell Nasi Lemak at Church. 0900 I call Yvonne, ask her want go church or not? That time she was sleeping and blur blur.. I think she angry at me. bcoz her voice look different (dont want go la) du du du...... very ganas one leh... so scary ... Then I fall in sleep lo after call her. Then at 0930 my grandma wake me up. Ask me go church buy thing to eat then follow her to Oil Palm Farm to kutip buah again lo.. Then balik to ayertawar around 1300. Take my lunch.

After take my lunch, I go baring2 at sofa there lo.. Then my cousin Andy and Danny came lo... Play with them for while. Suddenly, my cousin Dennis asked me. that day we kutip that besi buruk at where r?? got kena curi? After he ask me , I quickly go check and see. Still at there lo.. Then I ask Dennis, want go sell r? Then he said OK lo.. Then faster kutip all the besi and put behind my dad car. Then drive to sell lo.. all 264KG. 1KG rm1.50. We get RM396 for selling that besi buruk lo... Then I divide to 2. 1 people get RM198.

Dennis leave me before get the money. becoz her dad came and fetch him go chicken farm and work lo... Sien la.. waiting for the money. Need wait about half and hour the Indian give me the money lo...

After get the money, I go to Yun Loi house. Give back her pendrive and ChangLiPing ask me send her birthday's present. Beside that , I also ask YunLoi copy Weikien birthday pic lo.. After that, I go back AyerTawar house. My grandma saw me, and ask me help her carry the oil palm and put inside car.

Then I go take shower and go back to Manjung house at 1600.


Today I wake up at 0600. follow my younger brother wake up lo.. stupid alarm.. disturb my sleep. Then after few minute my dad came in and wake me up lo. Then around 1pm balik rumah eat lunch lo.. Mee goreng and porridge. After that take shower and call Yvonne. Asked her want go find Chang Liping or not (give her birthday present) already keep for 2 month.. But before that I sms Chang Liping lo.. To check where is she. Eiter in Sitiawan or AyerTawar. 1315 drive car to Yvonne house lo.. Fetch her.. and straight go find CLiping.

Reach her dad office, then call her lo.. She invited us go in. Saw her dad reading book at there... walao.. so old still read alot of book.. all thick thick one... Then I asked Yvonne to give her present. And Chang Liping ask me who give one. I replied sharing one. from ayertawarian. Got many ppl. Then she said , she also want share present. in future. and give Yvonne RM10. Beside that , she also give yvonne small present. That one not for u VON. for YunLoi one. Chang Liping, ask me help her give the present to Yun Loi lo (since her pendrive still at my house.)...

After that, I bring Yvonne go Kebun Ayam at Kampung Merbau. Becoz she complaining my dad throw the ranting kayu at her dad oil palm farm. Then ma go lo.. 1st we go to air cond chicken farm. She said not this not. U all know r.. That Yvonne "gayat one" scare high. even climb down from stair time r.. she jerik like chicken. Noisy than Chicken. hehe.. she take some video and pic at there lo.. maklum la.. Budak KL never go this place one.. haha. After out from AirCond chicken farm, I bring her to another chicken farm. also located at Kampung Merbau. Bring her go in time, she start complaining. U see la.. This all ranting from ur dad farm one.. Throw at my dad farm. faster go ask ur dad to kutip . Then she said , want see Indonesian house. I bring her go in round lo.. somemore complaining alot lalat. hehe

After out from the farm, I called Fishy lo

dsloong : oi, mana lu
fishy : ayertawar, apasal?
dsloong : want eat daophin or not?

fishy : see 1st la.. i got thing to do now

dsloong : do what thing? U know Alan balik to ayertawar already?

fishy : dono...
dsloong : huhu.. u and him gaduh again r?
fishy : ................ (no answer)
dsloong : oi, when u go out?

fishy : this sunday
dsloong : me tomorrow (saturday) drive car to KL. u want follow r?
fishy : Why u dont want sunday go out? hsloke also go out at that time
dsloong : don wan la.. i wan go on saturday and balik sunday. U know i want sleep.

fishy : Aiya.. u go on sunday morning balik at night la.

dsloong : wah.. who accompany me balik har? later no people talk with me.. I masok heaven meh..

fishy : asked Yvonne accompany la...

dsloong : I just know call her, she said dont wan go.

fishy : hurm..
dsloong : u really dont wan go out?

fishy : don wan lo.
dsloong : neiwasa.. don wan go ma don wan go la.. dont gilek la (action)

After call fishy, I call Alan lo..

dsloong : oi.. lu mana ada?

Alan : at KL.
dsloong : oi.. u yesterday told me balik already
Alan : first I planning, after think i lazy balik already

dsloong : ok lo.. u dont wan balik cincai u la.. actually I want go find u paid hutang one. since u no balik , not need paid lo

Alan : oi.. I already at ayertawar la
. faster came find me..
dsloong : mana?

Alan : my biao di (cousin)house at Taman seri megah

dsloong : o.. why u tipu me? who teach u tipu? as i know u dont bluff ppl one.. right?

Alan : haha.. jus play play nia la.. why?

dsloong : want go eat daophin?

Alan : ok lo.. what time?

dsloong : now lo....

Alan : ok..
dsloong : U didnt tell fishy u got balik meh?

Alan : no wor..

dsloong : both of u gaduh again r? need my help to settle r??

Alan : not need la.. i dont know i got tell him or not la.. blur blur

dsloong : cincai u la.. i reach time i call u lo.. make sure dont late r.. i hate waiting.

Alan : ok lo.. bye

Reach Alan biao di house. ma call him go out lo.. Then I ask him go call ur husband see want go or not. Yvonne u also.. sms him. see where is he now. Ok OK... Then Yvonne suddenly said, why dont want ask Itik go out.. Ok..I grab my phone and call Itik lo. Beside that I also sms Chang Liping want go out for daophin or not? She reply me.. I'm lazy to go out lo..

dsloong : IEK where r u?
Itik : at ayertawar. why?

dsloong : want go eat daophin?
Itik : me already at here.

dsloong : which one?

Itik : Taman Jasmine
dsloong : with who?
Itik : hsloke and ah moh lo..

dsloong : ok.. me yvonne and alan on the way to there.

After finish converstation with Itik, Hsloke call me
hsloke : hello
dsloong: yes

hsloke : my rm150 leh.. paid me.. no money liao
dsloong : ok la.. paid u ma paid u la..
hsloke : ok lo.. bb

dsloong : bb

Shit no money to paid hsloke. erm.. aha.. got ALAN

dsloong : alan got money to borrow me r?
alan : dont have la

dsloong : aiya. u dont tipu me la.. i bring u go bank u cucuk ur atm lo... I saw that time still got RM1k leh.. so fast no money?

alan : just now go pos office get rm150 from the subsidi lo.. this time balik my dad dont give me money .how much u want?
dsloong : rm100 nia la.. paid u tomorrow.. if i can manage sell the besi buruk. u know 1kg - rm1.
Yvonne : alan dont borrow him la.. he hutang u alot liao
dsloong : von u mai kacau la.. i secude him borrow lo.. alan can la..

alan : ok la.. (grab his wallet and give me rm100)

dsloong :von u see la.. alan money very easy to tipu one.. haha :d

Reach daophin liao. At Taman Jasmine. Go down and paid hsloke rm100 1st.. Then he asked me another rm50 leh? paid u next time la.. now bolui liao.. damn pokai.. Then i go order 3 lime ice. and take 2 pack kuaci. pop ice and another one dono what jelly. then i order asam boi jucie and buy calamansi lime juice too. baru that fishy walk mari.. damn slow.. people eat finish he baru came. after keh poh at Taman Jasmine. I paid and go lo.. fishy walk back to his sister house.. got arounf 150m. la.. read at his blog. dono got tipu people or not. When he almost reach her sister house? I stop beside him,

dsloong : want go or not?
fishy : go where?
dsloong : u want go follow la.

fishy : go where 1st la
dsloong : go sitiawan watch movies lo
fishy : what time balik?
dsloong : dono la.. apasal? u wan balik at what time?
fishy : before 5pm can r? I got alot thing to do
dsloong: do what thing har? everyday got thing to do. now u wan follow or not?

fishy : follow la.. (open the door and sit in to the car)

Then I said , we not going to sitiawan la.. just tipu u nia.. fishy said u drop me at here la.. i walk back. i replied if u want to walk back.. i drive more far u walk. fishy said NEIWASA. Then i said JOM we go eat Cendol at Mr Cendol open since 1952. <-- (wu yiah bo). Then I order 2 special cendol , 1 biasa one, and big Mee rebus. then we share lo.. the mee rebus.. stupid fishy la.. all said no nice one. even also want to rebut with me the yolk. at last end with nothing. both also no eat. drop on the table lo...

..(3x Cendol Special(not special at all becoz my ''pulut'' was stole by yvon)...damn her..^-^...mee rebus besar(shared but 1/2 of it finished by dsloong until von complaint..haha <-- fishy post one. it not true leh.. share 4 people.

oo.... si Von r.. learnt from me already. curi people food then go out dont bring wallet one.. leave at my car. forget to tell her my car no lock.. hahaha . after makan.. go back lo... send fishy to his sister house, then yvonne to her parent house and last send alan chen to his biao di house lo.. then alan asked me ..

alan : u really no study r?
dsloong : no liao la.. all thing also pindah back already. why?
alan : aiya.. no more ppl at KL.. susah wan lepak la...
dsloong: our husband (fishy) got ma..
alan : he R? ask him go out also susah ma...
dsloong: nevermind la.. next time i go kl call u lo

alan : then u sleep at where?
dsloong : at ur hse can r? if cannot i sleep at Takeshi house lo...


End of My Crap

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trip to Penang and KL (14 - 18 June 2008)

First Day - Penang

0900 - From my house to Manjung Bus Stop.

0950 - Bus came. So start my journey to Penang.

1010 - Reach Ayer Tawar lo.. To take more passenger. But I still sit alone. Buy 1 ticket got 2 seat

Stupid bus. Keep shake. Make me feel dizzy, because I get last sit.

1130 - Changkat Kruing toll.

1200 - Rest (dono what is that place name) (inside highway also)

1230 - Out from Juru toll. (mean near to Butterworth already) so call my friend lo....

1247 - Reach bus stop at Butterworth

1330 - Go to jetty. Take FERRY from Butterworth to Penang, Paid RM1.20

meet my friend inside ferry.

1350 - Reach Butterworth. Go take his motor and start my journey at Penang.

1400 - Pump Petrol - RM7

1430 - Check in (Hotel Anggerik Lodging) RM60.

After check in. Rest for while then take shower.

1549 - Go eat (somewhere near Batu Ferringhi) beside beach
* Nasi Paprik
* Laksa

* Ice Kacang
* Limau Ice

Ice Kacang

Eat Laksa

After take my lunch, He bring me walk around Batu Feringgi lo.. Take some pic at Beach

1630 - go take Jagung Bakar, Becoz just now before walk to Beach I order 2. Quite nice. But expensive lo.. RM2 per one.
The Jagung got mayonnaise, Manjarin and Salt. After U eat one u still want. hehe... Don’t believe go buy and eat lo.. :D

1730 - On the way to town, in front there got road block. Suddenly, the policemen stop us. Ask my friend for road tax and license. Luckily nothing happen. I ask my friend "why the policemen stop us". He said dono. Then I replied "bcoz ur face look so bad". hehe :D

1748 - Go to my friend house. To take syampoo and other his thing lo.. Rest a while at his house lo..

Boring. nothing to do at my friend house. Got astro. but lazy to watch. hehe :D

1900 – Out from my friend house. Then we go pusing2 Penang lo..

2000 – Hungry already. Then go find something to eat lo. Tonight we eat at Kedai Tomyam Pokok Pisang. We order set A.
* Nasi Putih
* Ikan Bawal 3 Rasa

* Telur Dadar
* Tomyam Campur
* Kailan Ikan Masin
* Air Asam
* Ice Kosong
* Limau Ice

When order time. the waitress got a bit blur.. Becoz we change alot dishes. From Telur goreng to Telur Mata. From Sayur Campur to Kailan Ikan Masin. I think she get mad.. hehe.. At last the result, she bring us 2 pinggan Telur Dadar. Tonight I paid for the dinner. RM41.00

Nice or not?

I eat 2/3 of the dishes

After eat we plan go to QueensBay Mall.

2130 - reach QueensBay Mall. Nothing to do lo.. just walk here and there. Plan go watch movies. But dont have nice movies. Then Around 2300 we go out from the mall. Then pusing Penang again lo..

2330 - back to hotel and sleep lo.. thought want to out eat Mcdonald at 0100. But all TIDOR MATI. cannot wake up.

Second Day - Penang

0830 - Wake up. take shower but didnt brush teeth. dont have toothpaste . forget to buy. lol

0910 - Take breakfast at Nasi Kandar Subaidah at Sungai Dua
* Roti Sardin
* Roti Kosong 2

* Milo O Ice
* Coke


Milo O Ice

All I eat one..

0945 - finish eat lo..

0955 - pump petrol at Shell- RM5

1015 - go to Bukit Bendera / PenangHill. Buy ticket first. RM4 for 2 ways. Lazy to wait for the next train 1115. So I suggest check out first and come again lo. Because we must check up before 12pm.

1030 - Reach at Hotel. Pack thing and Check Out lo..

1100 - Reach Penang Hill. So rushing. Because scare train terlepas..

1111 - Door close. We climb in. Then came a security and scold us. WHY CLIMB IN? CANNOT WAKE ke? so long que.

1115 - Inside train already. So crowded. no place to sit. Need stand .. huhu.. Inside the train very hot one.. somemore the smell a..also very good. hehe.. armpit smell. :D

1145 - Reach Penang Hill. The weather a bit cold la.. but not as cold as Genting Highland. Take some picture at there lo..

Penang Town view from Penang Hill

1155 - Thinking to take alot inside this David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces. But at last cancel after see the menu. damn expensive.

1200 - Go to Taman Burung Bellevue , Aviary Garden. Take some picture inside there also.. Pay RM5 to enter the Taman.

This parrot very stupid one. Cannot talk one. Penat I teach It said neiwasa.

With Saiful Inside Bird farm

1220 - Out from Taman Burung. Then walk again.

1235 - Take picture with snake lo.. Damn scare wor, At last my friends challenge me, baru I go take . paid RM10. I thought the snake very cold one.. But not, It was warm. Like human skin.

After take picture with snake. We walk again. Then saw this big Challenge. Must take a try lo.
Erm.. we go for canoe walking lo... 2km from This advertisement.

1300 - Reach Canoe Walking. Paid RM5 to walk lo.. Nothing one. But my friend Gayat.. hehe.. I just walk like usual . I take 8 minute to walk finish lo. because need to wait my friend lo. And infront me some other traveler walk very slow.

This uncle a.. chia dua poa at there. said he can finish within 5minute.

After rest for while, we decided to go back lo...

1337 - Go to Stall and buy some drink and food lo..
* Ice Peanut - RM3.50
* Laksa - RM2.50

After eat we walk again.

1440 - Reach at a stall drawing tatoo, Thinking to do also.. Erm... after think for 10minute. I decide to do with my friend. RM20

1515 - finish draw lo.. nice or not?

1515 - going back. go wait train lo... at there, got alot of monkey lo...

1530 - train coming. phew got place to sit. so tired and fall into tire dream.

1550 - at down already

1600 - take motor.

1610 - take shower at Bus Stop Sg Nibong lo.. paid rm1

1700 - Go eat at Gelugor lo.. Then find the place to charge my handphone
* Nasi Goreng Kampung - RM3.00
* Air Asam -2 - RM1.60

1730 - While waiting, suddenly Sham sms me. He told me he reach Butterworth. So ma faster eat and go find him at Butterworth lo..

1800 - On Ferry lo.. Take motor to there also. Because I want go back through Penang Bridge later.

1830 - Meet Sham at there. We go drink at somewhere near Butterworth jetty.
* Apple Juice
* Orange Juice

1930 - Going back to Penang Bridge. But my friend blur blur.. Wrong way lo..

1945 - take some picture at Penang Bridge

2010 - back to his house. Because his roommate keep rushing him go back. Take dinner and go for movies. After take shower , rest for while. We go out

2100 - Out from his house with his roommate.

2130 = Arrive Queensbay Mall again. Then walk here and there lo.. Go to cinema watching movies. But don have. actually they want to watch LonKhon II. Thailand horror movies. I watch already. Download one. Faster than Malaysia Cinema.

2213 - Out from the mall. And find place to eat our dinner.

2223 - Take dinner at PakHussin TomYam - All eat RM40
* Ikan 3 Rasa
* Kailan Ikan Masin

* Tom Yam Campur
* Ayam Goreng Kunyit

* Jus Tembikai (1 Jug)

* Nasi Putih

2310 - finish eat lo.. Then Saiful friend name Apek plan go Batu Ferringhi.

2317 - Saiful drop at 7 eleven Air Itam buy Panadol (active fast) because he have headache.

After buy panadol, we go to Batu Ferringhi lo.. Because apek want to buy CD. Cetak Rompak one. That time alot shop already close.. The situation like Petaling Street lo.. But not really crowded.

0015 - After buy the CD, we go to Gurney. Just lepak-lepak at there lo.... Take some picture at there lo.. Not really nice la... Then got chinese salesman asked me about his crystal thing. He asked me put like this nicer or like that. I said both also nice. Becoz I see same one.. No different. Then a bunch of girl come to his stall. Speak Hokkien. Only know how to listen a bit la... They keep bargain price with that salesman. At last the ladies end buy nothing.. Waste the salesman time.

0100 - Saiful friend Apek go back because he was tired lo.. Then left me and Saiful. We go to Padang Kota. Lepak-lepak there lo.. Alot people at there also..
Then I go buy
*Chrysanthemum * Milo O Ice * Keropok * Fruit
The Esplanade separates the Padang from the beach and stretches from the City Hall at one end to a municipal hawker …

0212 - Go look for cc. Because long time didnt online. Then go Sg Dua CC lo..

0300 - Out from cc. Pay RM1.50. dono play how long. My friend Saiful keep rushing me. Becoz he tired. If not I will play until next morning. hehe . pity at him.

0325 - On the way back to Saiful house, I asked him drop me at mamak stall buy mineral water - RM2

0330 - back to his house. Pull out his mattress from his room and sleep at Living Room. That night I don't take shower because very tired, straight sleep.

Third Day - Penang

0700 - Wake up from sleep due so hot. Sweating alot until my Baju also basah. Can said Mimpi Basah lo.. hehe :D using table fan lo.. not celling fan. Then after 10minute I wake up the table fan missing. dono who curi. hehe

0830 - Me and Saiful go out mart buy detergen. Because want to wash my shirt. Then I go beside Chinese Restaurant buy
*Chang Beng Ice (coffee mix tea) - RM1.40
*Loh Mah Kai - RM1.50

0900 - Go back house and take shower.

1000 - Out from the house with Saiful and Apex.

1047 - Go to Hospital Penang because Saiful want to take MC. Because he late go to work. This morning he work at 0600 but wake up at 0800. Apex leave us when we going to Hospital. Dono where he going.

1100 - My mouth behtahan liao.. Go out search food to eat. I buy
* Karipap
* Watermelon

* Nugget

* Asam Jawa

* Mineral Water

all RM6.00

Then take number already. I forget which department he going. The que still long. So Saiful decide go to cafeteria take breakfast.

1145 - eat
* Nasi Briyani
* Drumstick Rempah

* Telur Mata

* Air Asam

* Syrup ice
all RM14.50

After eat, we go back to the Hospital and wait lo.. At last he turn came. I follow him going in. The doctor name is Ling Eng Eng. ugly doctor. somemore very lansi one.. hard to tipu her.
My friend said he stomachaches. keep lausai (diarrhea). The doctor ask him go to another department to take his shit to check. see need to give what medicine.. haha... He went to that department, the nurse give him a bottle. Ask him shit inside there.. eeee.. so geli ... aiks... At last , Saiful told the nurse that he cant shit. I told Saiful if u dont want to shit, later the nurse jolok ur ass with fingers.. hehe

After give the empty bottle to the nurse, the nurse ask him go back to meet Dr Ling Eng Eng. The doctor ask nurse to take his body temperature. But he have normal temperature. Saiful ask Doctor give him MC, but the Doctor dont want give. Because he normal. aiks....

1300 - Out from Hospital Penang. But dont get MC. cibai btol.. wait for 2 hour for nothing. waste my time at there.. U know I can go many place within that hour.

1312 - Reach Prangin Mall Komtar. Very boring place. Nothing at there one. Cant see a branded thing at there.

1350 - Out from Komtar.

1417 - Go to Plaza Gurney. Drink coconut water. RM2.50. also nothing to do lo.. walk here and there. Before we go out from the PlazA, we go to Cold Storage buy a bottle of Lime Juice and Chocolate Brownie. Then eat at outside lo..

1531 - On the way go back home. Unfortunately, we had ACCIDENT. The story is like that la.

got 1 old ladies age around 50 plus la.. She cross the road. Didnt see left and right like blind women la... When we near to her, Saiful keep horn and shout AUNTIE AUNTIE. That old women dono is deaf or what la.. Cant listen anything lo.. Saiful tried to avoid from kissing her. He drive the motor to left side. But the auntie still walking. And kiss beside her lo. bang pin bong bing pong. The auntie shout. aaaaaaaa..... but EOEOEO no came.. The motor was fall down and infront spoil lo.. I also fall down. I fell so lucky that time. If not sure my IBU JARI KAKI (toe) hilang because the tayar still pusing lo. Luckily my sandal halang it. If not I dono what to do.. I sure lost my temper and that auntie still alive will died also.. :D. 10 minute after the accident, came alot people come ask want to fix motor or not. dono where they get the news . so fast.

The auntie injured at her left chest and leg. Me on my leg . and Saiful on his hand and fingernail.

Motor condition

Saiful hand

See the black color. That is my sandal save my Toe. Next time buy Nike brand. hehe :D

Saiful call his friend Apex to come . to fetch me back to his house lo.. He take about half and hour to come. Apex bring me. and Saiful drive alone.

1723 - Saiful call her friend where to get MC. She told him INTAN POLIKLINIK can buy it. Then ma we take motor and go there lo.. borrow Apex motor. Reach there, but the nurse said come back at 7.00pm. Then Apex call Saiful that he want motor go to work.

Saiful ma call his friend who worked together with him borrow her car. Kancil. She said ok. So Saiful bring me go to airport.

1740 - Reach Bayan lepas Airport.

1820 - Saiful go meet her friend to get the car keys. and ask me to drive her car back to Saiful house at Batu Maung. And Saiful drive motor. The car a.. very noisy one... like racing car. make me feel malu to drive that. all people look at me..

1900 - when parking time, I drive wrong way. The road is One Way. Then Saiful take the kancil and reverse lo. park at down there... After that go take shower and start packing. Copy all the picture lo... lucky got Yun Loi pendrive .

1945 - Go Poliklinik Intan again. Buy MC. Damn alot people at there. half of them is Indian worker from India. and some of them same like Saiful go buy MC. becoz lazy to work.. hehe

2000 - I behtahan again.. ma run go find food to eat lo.. I buy
* Sunquick Orange * Nasi Lemak
all RM2.00

2053 - Out from the Poliklinik, Pay RM15 for the MC

2100 - Go to bus stop at Sg Nibong, Buy ticket first. Time 2345. Forget what bus la.. Penang to Kuala Lumpur. RM27

2130 - Go eat again. At Yann Masakan Panas . in Gelugor
* Sup Cendawan
* Telur dadar

* Kailan Ikan Masin
* Ayam Masak Halia

* Ice Kosong 2

* Syrup Limau Ice

* Limau Ice
all RM17.50

2205 - finish eat and pay lo.. RM17.50 . cheap leh..

2220 - Go to Dataran Queensbay lo.. and makan angin at there.. no place to sleep. sit inside the car. After that go sit on the stone. got alot Mickey Mouse at there.. tikus la.. :D

2230 - Saiful friend call. Ask him go fetch her back home from airport.

2315 - Fetch her at airport and send to her house at Tabung Haji. Her friend name Laili.

2338 - After send her back home, Saiful send me to Sg Nibong Bus stop.

Fourth Day - Kuala Lumpur

0000 - Bus arrived. Time to said GOOD BYE PENANG.

That bus siao one.. also can drive until JALAN MATI.

0400 - The bus stop at a place. All people go down makan. But I lazy to go down eat. Becoz Pokai already.. hehe..

0430 - the bus start the journey to KL

0530 - reach Pudu Raya. So I called Takeshi came and fetch me lo... and sleep at his house.

1000 - Wake up . take shower and pack thing. Thinking go back tonight.

1320 - Go to my Taman Connought house. Double check see got something I forgot to take. Wahlao eh.. got so many thing leh.. 2 neck tie, and bla bla bla la... cant mention finish.. too many.. also got CONDOM. hehe this all is YVONNE LOI and FISHY YU fault. potong u all salary..

1330 - go to maybank. Taman Connought, Do back my ATM card lo.. coz last time my wallet kena samun wor.. alsoat that place lo..

1340 - go to UCSI take my student card.

1400 - lunch at Pudu with Takeshi.
* Nasi Putih
* Ayam Masak Kicap
* Serunding Ikan
* Telur
* Limau Ice
* Ice Kosong
all RM5.50

1500 - Go Yan Leong shop. At Pudu also. Buy Contact Lens and Solution. RM45 + RM 13 = RM58. Takeshi paid 1st using his credit card. Bcoz I dont have cash money. Havent ask my mum to bank In.

1540 - Take LRT STARLINE to Bandaraya.

1548 - reach Sogo

1600 - Reach Pertama Complex. because I want see the Deuter backpack design. U all know r.. from RM800 can bargain to RM300 lo.. dono tat bag is ori or fake.

After that, Takeshi told me he want go to KWSP check lo.. I also follow him la.. I check also. I surprise becoz I also got money at KWSP. got around RM600. but cant withdraw lo.. haiz..

After KWSP, we walk yo OCBC. Takeshi want to withdraw money and change address lo....
After that, we walk to Masjid Jamek take STARLINE to HANGTUAH.

1712 - At Time Square. Jalan here and there. Thought want to do spectacles at OPTIC 2000. but all design no nice lo... 2 pair for RM150. cheap or not?

1800 - Lot 10. because I looking for wallet ma.. at there all wallet not nice one.. some more expensive.

1848 - Walk to Pavilion and take a drink at Coffee Bean Shop lo.. Takeshi treat me drink. Bcoz he got voucher. so for 2 drink just cost rm4. hehe.. I knew that. he only treat me if got voucher.

At Pavillion with takeshi

After drink , I told Takeshi I want to find wallet at Pavillion. Then we go find FOSSIL shop. Coz last time I went to Garden found thinking ????to buy that wallet at Fossil shop. Half and hour I walk inside the Fossil shop. and I found 1.. expensive RM169. over my budget, but i didnt buy at last. coz that time I rushing back to PUDU

1938 - Rushing to Yan Leong. to take my lens and solution. becoz just now no stock. I order 1st. Somemore the shop close at 2000.

before back to Pavilion I drop by Mcdonald Bukit Bintang buy ICe cream and get free Medium fries. Then baru go back to Pavilion find Takeshi. Meet takeshi at Esprit shop. I ask him , why dont we take a look inside this shop. At last I found a wallet at Esprit. Quite cheap la.. Just RM79.90. Better than Fossil. So I buy lo.. The cashier ask me go Esprit member card or not. Takeshi reply : tak bawa a.. kat rumah.. then the cashier ask again got HSBC credit card or not. Takeshi reply same answer again. If got that card, I will get 10% off.

2055 - Out from Pavillion and start walk to Sungei Wang.

2100 - at Sungei Wang looking for spectacles.

2130 - buy a Spectacles. ZERO X brand. from hongkong. cost rm230. long time didnt do expensive glass.

2144 - go to Mcdonald Sungei Wang for drink and get a free medium fries again. Met my friend. Manager. Name Syariel. Last time know him at Mcd Bukit Bintang. coz I work as part time at there before. during Raya time. only for 10days. I request for free Burger. Few minute later, he bring me a cheese burger. I give to takeshi. because I dont eat cheese.

2215 - Out from Sg Wang.

2230 - reach Citibank at Jalan Ampang because takeshi want to paid his credit card. Quite jam lo..

2300 -go takeshi friend cc, Jamal. But full. then we move to another cc. Also same row la.. At tasik Permasuri. RM1.50.

0000 - meet my LRT friend AZZAM, Eat at Nusantara Tomyam at Bukit Cheras.
* Nasi Goreng Patrik
* Telur dadar
* Kuettiow gorenf (2 pinggan)
* limau ice
* orange juice
* ice kosong - 2
all eat RM16.00. This one funny. Takeshi and Azzam rebut want to treat me makan. But at last Azzam paid it...

After eat go back to Takeshi house lo... take shower and bla bla bla...

Fifth Day - Kuala Lumpur - Perak

0800 - wake up because hot also.. same like Saiful house at Penang. but this one better. hehe

0900 - take shower and go out coz takeshi work at 1000 at cyberjaya

0920 - he drop me at KTM Serdang lo. Paid RM1 . from Serdang to Tasik Selatan

0955 - inside KTM train

1000 - Reach Tasik Selatan station

1005 - Star LRT to Plaza Rakyat RM1.70

1020 - Reach Pudu raya. Buy Kesatuan bus. RM18.70

1030 - Inside Bus

1041 - Bus Jalan

1300 - Reach Medan Gopeng. fall in sleep. dont realise I already at there

1326 - That bus pump diesel at Shell at Ipoh. So go down to buy some snack and water lo.
that time I realise I throw wrong thing. I threw my photo bcoz I thought is my KTM ticket. same size.
Buy Twisties and sour plum drink lo.. rm3.30

This Journey I spend RM900.

at last finish my crap .. hehe