Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rat VS Chicken

Today as usual lo.. follow my dad again. lazy to write la.. same thing one. Today I see Rat VS Chicken at chicken farm lo.. My dad go into the reban ayam. and throw the chicken out lo.. no chance to take the video. After that the Indonesian maid ask the dog to kill the rat lo.. 1st the dog playing with it. at last It bite the rat until mampus.

Chicken VS Rat

Then at Afternoon after Lunch, I drive my grandpa lorry from Columbia Chicken Farm to Kampung Merbau. Follow Hutan ROad lo.. This is my first time drive lorry. I dont have that license that why I follow jalan Belakang lo... Because my dad want to pick up all the oil palm and sell lo. I go see the Indonesian do one.. I just pick up the small one lo..... That time very rushing.. Dono which taukey keep calling my dad. ask him balik office lo..

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