Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I forgot wake up at what time. Wake up by my mum lo.. ask me became my dad driver.. Becoz his hand sakit lo... dono what happen. (tarak ask him). Then go manjung eat mee. Mee soup and Mee kicap (kampuan). After that , go to colombia farm (chicken farm). nothing to do.. He keep lecture me lo.. ask me drive slow. this and that. make me hati PANAS nia.. After that go back home eat again. Then trying to sleep. But cant. So call Alan Chen. Go eat dou pin lo.. (ice kacang). He said lazy to go. I said to him "U WANT MONEY OR NOT"? at last he agree go.
1st we go to eat cendol and mee rebus. after that go doupin at Taman Jasmine.

Then go to Taman Dinding meet my cousin , Dennis. Ask him want go to Office or not?. Bcoz my dad and my uncle at there. I think they want to roboh the office bcoz the office was burned last years. Reach there, see they busy doing work.. Angkat Kayu lo.. with 3 Indonesian worker. After finish, Dennis go KFC bungkus lo.. coz he havent eat Lunch yet. Then balik rumah already.. Play computer game for while at ayertawar house. And balik Manjung house.. online , watch movies lo..sien la.. nothing to do.. Then go out. Thought want to eat kuetiow goreng. but the shop didnt open. AT last go bungkus Burger Daging Special and Burger Ayam Special.

blue shirt - my dad
green shirt - my uncle 7

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