Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today I wake up at 0600. follow my younger brother wake up lo.. stupid alarm.. disturb my sleep. Then after few minute my dad came in and wake me up lo. Then around 1pm balik rumah eat lunch lo.. Mee goreng and porridge. After that take shower and call Yvonne. Asked her want go find Chang Liping or not (give her birthday present) already keep for 2 month.. But before that I sms Chang Liping lo.. To check where is she. Eiter in Sitiawan or AyerTawar. 1315 drive car to Yvonne house lo.. Fetch her.. and straight go find CLiping.

Reach her dad office, then call her lo.. She invited us go in. Saw her dad reading book at there... walao.. so old still read alot of book.. all thick thick one... Then I asked Yvonne to give her present. And Chang Liping ask me who give one. I replied sharing one. from ayertawarian. Got many ppl. Then she said , she also want share present. in future. and give Yvonne RM10. Beside that , she also give yvonne small present. That one not for u VON. for YunLoi one. Chang Liping, ask me help her give the present to Yun Loi lo (since her pendrive still at my house.)...

After that, I bring Yvonne go Kebun Ayam at Kampung Merbau. Becoz she complaining my dad throw the ranting kayu at her dad oil palm farm. Then ma go lo.. 1st we go to air cond chicken farm. She said not this not. U all know r.. That Yvonne "gayat one" scare high. even climb down from stair time r.. she jerik like chicken. Noisy than Chicken. hehe.. she take some video and pic at there lo.. maklum la.. Budak KL never go this place one.. haha. After out from AirCond chicken farm, I bring her to another chicken farm. also located at Kampung Merbau. Bring her go in time, she start complaining. U see la.. This all ranting from ur dad farm one.. Throw at my dad farm. faster go ask ur dad to kutip . Then she said , want see Indonesian house. I bring her go in round lo.. somemore complaining alot lalat. hehe

After out from the farm, I called Fishy lo

dsloong : oi, mana lu
fishy : ayertawar, apasal?
dsloong : want eat daophin or not?

fishy : see 1st la.. i got thing to do now

dsloong : do what thing? U know Alan balik to ayertawar already?

fishy : dono...
dsloong : huhu.. u and him gaduh again r?
fishy : ................ (no answer)
dsloong : oi, when u go out?

fishy : this sunday
dsloong : me tomorrow (saturday) drive car to KL. u want follow r?
fishy : Why u dont want sunday go out? hsloke also go out at that time
dsloong : don wan la.. i wan go on saturday and balik sunday. U know i want sleep.

fishy : Aiya.. u go on sunday morning balik at night la.

dsloong : wah.. who accompany me balik har? later no people talk with me.. I masok heaven meh..

fishy : asked Yvonne accompany la...

dsloong : I just know call her, she said dont wan go.

fishy : hurm..
dsloong : u really dont wan go out?

fishy : don wan lo.
dsloong : neiwasa.. don wan go ma don wan go la.. dont gilek la (action)

After call fishy, I call Alan lo..

dsloong : oi.. lu mana ada?

Alan : at KL.
dsloong : oi.. u yesterday told me balik already
Alan : first I planning, after think i lazy balik already

dsloong : ok lo.. u dont wan balik cincai u la.. actually I want go find u paid hutang one. since u no balik , not need paid lo

Alan : oi.. I already at ayertawar la
. faster came find me..
dsloong : mana?

Alan : my biao di (cousin)house at Taman seri megah

dsloong : o.. why u tipu me? who teach u tipu? as i know u dont bluff ppl one.. right?

Alan : haha.. jus play play nia la.. why?

dsloong : want go eat daophin?

Alan : ok lo.. what time?

dsloong : now lo....

Alan : ok..
dsloong : U didnt tell fishy u got balik meh?

Alan : no wor..

dsloong : both of u gaduh again r? need my help to settle r??

Alan : not need la.. i dont know i got tell him or not la.. blur blur

dsloong : cincai u la.. i reach time i call u lo.. make sure dont late r.. i hate waiting.

Alan : ok lo.. bye

Reach Alan biao di house. ma call him go out lo.. Then I ask him go call ur husband see want go or not. Yvonne u also.. sms him. see where is he now. Ok OK... Then Yvonne suddenly said, why dont want ask Itik go out.. Ok..I grab my phone and call Itik lo. Beside that I also sms Chang Liping want go out for daophin or not? She reply me.. I'm lazy to go out lo..

dsloong : IEK where r u?
Itik : at ayertawar. why?

dsloong : want go eat daophin?
Itik : me already at here.

dsloong : which one?

Itik : Taman Jasmine
dsloong : with who?
Itik : hsloke and ah moh lo..

dsloong : ok.. me yvonne and alan on the way to there.

After finish converstation with Itik, Hsloke call me
hsloke : hello
dsloong: yes

hsloke : my rm150 leh.. paid me.. no money liao
dsloong : ok la.. paid u ma paid u la..
hsloke : ok lo.. bb

dsloong : bb

Shit no money to paid hsloke. erm.. aha.. got ALAN

dsloong : alan got money to borrow me r?
alan : dont have la

dsloong : aiya. u dont tipu me la.. i bring u go bank u cucuk ur atm lo... I saw that time still got RM1k leh.. so fast no money?

alan : just now go pos office get rm150 from the subsidi lo.. this time balik my dad dont give me money .how much u want?
dsloong : rm100 nia la.. paid u tomorrow.. if i can manage sell the besi buruk. u know 1kg - rm1.
Yvonne : alan dont borrow him la.. he hutang u alot liao
dsloong : von u mai kacau la.. i secude him borrow lo.. alan can la..

alan : ok la.. (grab his wallet and give me rm100)

dsloong :von u see la.. alan money very easy to tipu one.. haha :d

Reach daophin liao. At Taman Jasmine. Go down and paid hsloke rm100 1st.. Then he asked me another rm50 leh? paid u next time la.. now bolui liao.. damn pokai.. Then i go order 3 lime ice. and take 2 pack kuaci. pop ice and another one dono what jelly. then i order asam boi jucie and buy calamansi lime juice too. baru that fishy walk mari.. damn slow.. people eat finish he baru came. after keh poh at Taman Jasmine. I paid and go lo.. fishy walk back to his sister house.. got arounf 150m. la.. read at his blog. dono got tipu people or not. When he almost reach her sister house? I stop beside him,

dsloong : want go or not?
fishy : go where?
dsloong : u want go follow la.

fishy : go where 1st la
dsloong : go sitiawan watch movies lo
fishy : what time balik?
dsloong : dono la.. apasal? u wan balik at what time?
fishy : before 5pm can r? I got alot thing to do
dsloong: do what thing har? everyday got thing to do. now u wan follow or not?

fishy : follow la.. (open the door and sit in to the car)

Then I said , we not going to sitiawan la.. just tipu u nia.. fishy said u drop me at here la.. i walk back. i replied if u want to walk back.. i drive more far u walk. fishy said NEIWASA. Then i said JOM we go eat Cendol at Mr Cendol open since 1952. <-- (wu yiah bo). Then I order 2 special cendol , 1 biasa one, and big Mee rebus. then we share lo.. the mee rebus.. stupid fishy la.. all said no nice one. even also want to rebut with me the yolk. at last end with nothing. both also no eat. drop on the table lo...

..(3x Cendol Special(not special at all becoz my ''pulut'' was stole by yvon)...damn her..^-^...mee rebus besar(shared but 1/2 of it finished by dsloong until von complaint..haha <-- fishy post one. it not true leh.. share 4 people.

oo.... si Von r.. learnt from me already. curi people food then go out dont bring wallet one.. leave at my car. forget to tell her my car no lock.. hahaha . after makan.. go back lo... send fishy to his sister house, then yvonne to her parent house and last send alan chen to his biao di house lo.. then alan asked me ..

alan : u really no study r?
dsloong : no liao la.. all thing also pindah back already. why?
alan : aiya.. no more ppl at KL.. susah wan lepak la...
dsloong: our husband (fishy) got ma..
alan : he R? ask him go out also susah ma...
dsloong: nevermind la.. next time i go kl call u lo

alan : then u sleep at where?
dsloong : at ur hse can r? if cannot i sleep at Takeshi house lo...


End of My Crap

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yvloi said...

Yalo.. u no more study in kl.. find who to lepak.. zzzzzz

And don keep repeating my name SO many damn times in ur posts... can't u stick to one?