Friday, October 31, 2008

Sembelih Babi ( Kill Pig)

This pic and video below shown how the Indonesian sembelih pork..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today first time I sit Alan Car.. He was driving.. A bit scare la.. haha :D just kidding . Go Manjung lo.. Bring his brother Tony go do IC.. Drop Tony at there.. (JPN) . Then we heading to Kamdar to buy present for UMA nephew lo.. 1 month years old. But cant get it.. So we heading to The Store.. and buy it...

After that, go to do IC place, fetch Tony. [On the way to fetch Tony, Alan car suddenly break down (c huei). ] Then go to my house at Manjung. Because I want to take shower.. After take shower we go to Mcdonald...

This picture is how Alan Park the car at JPN..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Song

Today I have free call.. only for maxis to maxis.. so I call all my friend. ask them sing for me....

Temporary under reconstruction.... !!!!!!!!



Today my birthday, nothing to do lo.. then Mcd Cepoi called me.. ask me for lunch.. Then I go lo.. Eat at Nasi Ayam Mama at Manjung lo.. After that, we went to Mcdonald. As usual loitering at there lo.. lolx

Then they come with a suggestion. Go karaoke at Manjung lo..
That time go which Hakim, Cepoi , Nadrah and Hafiz.

See the tyre.. almost felt in to the longkang

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Today wake up at 10am. Then online for while until 1030am. Then drive back to AyerTawar lo.. fetch Alan Chen. Then weikien. That time weikien just wake up from sleep. need take time to shower. So I call Yun Loi to pick up KehJuinn lo.. And after that , I go to Jenan house Pick him up.. Then we went to Uma house at Taman Perak..

It's nice lor...every time when we visit her during the Deepavali sure we'll be having the thosai. When we reached her house, firstly we just sat at the living room having some cookies and drinks. When the thosai is done, we were invited to have it in the dining room.

There were 7 of,Yun Loi, Alan, Wei Kien, Keh Jiun, Jenan and Hok Hing. As usual lar...the person that eat the most is ME...hahaha... and I even treated Uma like my maid bad... Asking for more thosai lar...curry lar...drinks lar...hahaha...

Finish eating we chit chat for a while in the living room and Uma's mom gave us "duit Deepavali"...don't know how to mention because Chinese we call it "ang pau" and Malay we call it "duit raya". Then before we went back home, we took photos with Uma and also with her mom as well.
Because it's a very hot day, I suggested that we have some refreshment at Taman Jasmin there before everyone goes home. So we went there and ordered ais kacang and ice ball. I ordered so many things at one time but all that for myownself only...haha... I ordered 2 ice balls (coconut sea and lime) and also having additional drinks. After that everyone went back home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

City Kopitiam

Today kinda boring lo.. so call kslooi that i going to return his table to him. So I drive to Kampung Jering using my grandma car. Proton Waja. After that , I asked kslooi want follow me go eat or not. He said no problem lo.. since so boring. After that I drive to LingZhou house. want to pull him out.. But he not at home. He follow his dad go Farm at Air Kuning. Then move to Fishy house. He also not at home. Follow his brother go Sitiawan.

After that drive back to AyerTawar and go to Yunloi's house lo..want to return Barbeque Stick to her.. Then alse ask her want to follow us or not... . Then she said okay and I continued his journey to take Wei Kien and Alan.

While waiting for Alan, we went to Cikgu Azmi's house to visit him. So we stopped by there kinda long lor...eating and chit chatting. Forgot to take photos...hehe... Too busy talking and Ling Zhou also joined us there. Then at 6:00 p.m. we departed from Cikgu Azmi's house to Seri Manjung.

There were altogether 6 of us. Pity Kuan Siong, Alan, Wei Kien and Ling Zhou lor...they have to squeeze at the back seat because Yunloi the only girl so she sit in front lor... So we reached City Kopitiam in Seri Manjung, ordered our drinks and food. Siew Loong recommended the tom yum in coconut and as such all of us ordered the same thing except Wei Kien.

After finish eating, it's about 7:30 p.m. if I'm not mistaken. No programme anymore, so I sent them back. All the way I picked them up in Ayer Tawar...took them to Seri Manjung...sent them back in Ayer Tawar...then myself back to Seri Manjung... " I'm Really a good driver" yunloi said...haha...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday's Ding Siew Loong

This morning wake up at 10am.. Then online for while.. Till 11am lo.. then start call Yvonne, kslooi and weikien go out lo.. need go to buy a lot of thing at Emporium. So we decide go to GIANT lo... buy a lot of thing such as :-


After finish buy this thing. send them home lo.. 1 by 1.. first we send Yvonne Loi. Then Wei Kien and last is kslooi lo.. at Kampung Jering. Then we go find fishy. asked him want follow us go down around 3pm or not? After kslooi go into his house, I drive home. Then I ask my grandma to wash the squid and Indonesian maid cut the chicken. And I do 1 in Black Pepper and another 1 is Barbque sauce. This is my first time do this thing...

After finish all this thing, I go to sleep for while. And need wait for the Indonesian maid to settle her thing at Ayer Tawar 1st before send her to Manjung house. help me do thing.. Around 3pm I drive to Kampung Jering. 1st person I fetch fishy. After that kslooi. Then borrow his table.

Drive back to Ayer Tawar fetch Yvonne Loi and last person is Alan Chen. Then we go to buy charcoal. After buy it. I drive back to Manjung house lo... Ask the Indonesian maid go down. Then Yvonne said she dont want follow us go out find Marshmallow and buy cake. She said, stay at my house study lo.. ok lo.. since she said like that..

Me, kslooi , Alan chen and fishy go out lo.. We go to The Store first./ Because fishy want to cut his hair.. and we need go to find marshmallow. so bad.. we cant find it.. huhuh.. Then I go Restaurant Fajar eat Kampuan again while waiting for fishy. Then kslooi and Alan chen just drink water only. After finish cut we go to buy Kasa Dawai (dono english call what) haha...

Next we move to Econsave. Also find marmallow. But dont have.. haha.. Then move to Billion also dont have.. That time I didnt go down find coz dont have parking. So I need stay at car wait for them. While waiting them , I saw Apam Balik .. So go down and buy 3 pieces. ahahah... But they also cant find Marsmallow at Billion too.. huhuh.. WHY dont have? ergggggggggg.........

Then I drive to Sunlight to buy cake. This time buy 2 cake. Chocolate moose and Hawalian Cheese Cake. AFter buy cake we go to buy ice... While driving back to my house, then Lingzhou call me.. ask where am I. I said on the way balik. He said he waiting infront of my house. No people open the door. That si Yvonne also dont want to open. Dono what she doing with the maid. hahaha :D

About 6.30pm I arrived home. Quickly go to cook sweet and set up the thing lo.. with ALan chen, kslooi , lingzhou and fishy helps.. Around 7pm Lingzhou and kslooi do the fire.. And I going to take bath.. and I ask my maid to fry fries. Aiks,,. my other friend still havent came. so we decide eat first without waiting them. wakakak :D. but I think dont have enough charcoal, so ma called weikien to buy lo.. and go billion buy cocktail and sunquick orange. this time is KehJuinn treat,, hehe.. he said as my birthday present.

Spicy fries. because take the shaker from Mcdonald

me and lingzhou - 1st round

This squid I do one. (tomyam, planta and honey) quiet delicious

About 7.30. Jenan car arrived. with HueyLing, WeiKien, and KehJuinn lo... After that Ngie Chong and his wife. Follow by Jaywin, Ing Keong and his brother. Jaywin dono come to my house, so he phone LingZhou. Said he wait at Billion there lo.. So I ask LingZHou to buy more Ice. And the last car is YunLoi and her sister. I think she came at 9.30Pm. she so rushing.. Back from Tanjung Malim to AyerTawar. need rush to my party.. hehe :D sorry...


am i look nerd?


I need more.......


Below this pic we talking about our past memories.. about primary school one..

yunloi's drumstick

from left
NgieHow, Kehjuinn, Jenan, Weikien



IngKiong and Jaywin

2 sibling, Vincy and Yunloi

me and hueyling

Kehjuinn and weikien

Alan chen and IngKiong

kslooi with yunloi and sibling. kslooi u so dulai.. hehe

Weikien drunk.. so "high" that time

Ngie Chong cook Prawn (mix chili sauce, honey, planta)

Yum........ sei.........

After finish barbeque we move in to my house.. that time yunloi want go back already.. but i keep persuade her... lolx...

Wonder why so many people take this photo?

2 cake. Moose Chocolate cake and Hawalian Cheese Cake Mix Group

Dont Murder Me!!!!

Help!!!! Help!!!

HueyLing and Me

Mix Group. Best Shot

Make a Wish

Blow Candles

Cut Cake

kslooi drunk
magician (trick hueyling) weikien eat eat eat peace.. I`m LingZHou Alan Sexy leg Jenan and HueyLing. (future doctor)
This pic.. Yvonne Loi ask me to post in.. donp what her motif Kehjuinn was watching porn at my pc Tired !!! Candid

See.. Ayertawarian.. Never help me to clean.. Left like that to me...

Around 1230am my parent back. And they leaving 1 by 1 lo.. so I nothing to do and drive to Mcdonald Manjung wait for 2nd batch.. hehe.. they came around 2am lo.. and leave at 3.30am... below here is some pic of them..




This time beg for the cigarette.

Aniza and Hakimi

Noor Hidayah (This girl help me clean all the rubbish)


*So Sad the girl attire not match to my require.