Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hari Raya Celebration

Went visiting teachers' and friends' house yesterday (2 October 2008). Our journey started from Batu 18, Ayer Tawar which is Cikgu Ahmad Keflee's house. Well, at first there were only 11 of us but we were using 4 cars (the funny thing is there's 1 car which is full of people and there's 1 which consist only a driver).

We spent about 1 hour at Cikgu Ahmad Keflee's house, chit chatting with the teacher and he also wanted to know about our current status (studying or working) as there were some of us that he had not met for a few years since we left MESAT. Before we left to go to the next destination, we had a photo session with Cikgu Ahmad Keflee.

Then we went to our friend's house (Hamdan Isa). Some of us also kinda long time didn't see him already and a bit shock because he looks like kinda tough with the solid body...haha...because he was with the army mah... Same thing lar...chit chat and having some cookies before proceed to another house. Of course took a photo at there as well.

After that, went to another friend's house (Shahnaz) and this friend also kinda long time didn't meet her already. Her mother was kinda happy as well to see us visiting them. We chatted and laughed at there so loudly. Really a very enjoying environment, get to meet up... As usual, a photo session at her house before we left...

The fourth house we went to was Surianti's house. Her mother prepared curry mee for us and was so 'laku' (delicious lor...)... What she prepared was finished up by all of us...hahaha... At her house, suddenly Azahar appeared from some where and also joined us as well. All of us was shocked because of his hair style...hahaha... Then took photos again outside Surianti's house before we went to the last destination of our Hari Raya journey.

Lastly, we went to Cikgu Ramlah's house. There was a 'kenduri' being held for her daughter as she will be leaving Malaysia to India and further her study there. So at there, it was a lunch meal for us I guess... Spent some time at there and everyone was so busy chatting with each other (last destination lor...busy chit chatting before going home). Feeling kinda tired and everyone wanted to go home already so we bid farewell to each other and hoping that we get to meet again the sooner will be during this coming Deepavali and the latest will be during the Chinese New Year next year.

So all went back home after a 5 hour Hari Raya journey (Ayer Tawar area only) and the conclusion for this last there were 15 of us with 4 cars and 1 motorcycle. Only get to visit a few houses this time because there were a few teachers and also friends that we wanted to visit but they were at 'kampung'. So hopefully next time get to visit more houses and take a shorter time...

by Lok Yun Loi

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