Sunday, October 26, 2008

City Kopitiam

Today kinda boring lo.. so call kslooi that i going to return his table to him. So I drive to Kampung Jering using my grandma car. Proton Waja. After that , I asked kslooi want follow me go eat or not. He said no problem lo.. since so boring. After that I drive to LingZhou house. want to pull him out.. But he not at home. He follow his dad go Farm at Air Kuning. Then move to Fishy house. He also not at home. Follow his brother go Sitiawan.

After that drive back to AyerTawar and go to Yunloi's house lo..want to return Barbeque Stick to her.. Then alse ask her want to follow us or not... . Then she said okay and I continued his journey to take Wei Kien and Alan.

While waiting for Alan, we went to Cikgu Azmi's house to visit him. So we stopped by there kinda long lor...eating and chit chatting. Forgot to take photos...hehe... Too busy talking and Ling Zhou also joined us there. Then at 6:00 p.m. we departed from Cikgu Azmi's house to Seri Manjung.

There were altogether 6 of us. Pity Kuan Siong, Alan, Wei Kien and Ling Zhou lor...they have to squeeze at the back seat because Yunloi the only girl so she sit in front lor... So we reached City Kopitiam in Seri Manjung, ordered our drinks and food. Siew Loong recommended the tom yum in coconut and as such all of us ordered the same thing except Wei Kien.

After finish eating, it's about 7:30 p.m. if I'm not mistaken. No programme anymore, so I sent them back. All the way I picked them up in Ayer Tawar...took them to Seri Manjung...sent them back in Ayer Tawar...then myself back to Seri Manjung... " I'm Really a good driver" yunloi said...haha...

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