Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eat Eat Eat....

19 October 2008
- hungry again. so go refrigerator take this pyramid kuih and heat lo... do by my grandma.. non halal.. hehe

20 October 2008
- feel hungry after catch chicken at segari. That time my cousin drive jeep the tyre explode. . so he and some Indonesian worker take a ride with me lo... Go restaurant 88 at Ayertawar. eat alot.
Nasi Goreng Tomyam, Mee Rebus, 2 Roti Kosong, 1 Roti Planta and some meat. Drink 2 chinese tea and 1 Lime juice.

21 October 2008
- this morning around 8am bring Indonesian go eat breakfast at "aa Boh Kampuan" (Short Girl Dry Mee) behind Disneyland AyerTawar there lo.... this morning go eat kampuan and "wan tan with Lui kong.." haha.. dono in english call what.. hehe :D After eat we go chicken farm take Baja..

around 10am I go behind Looking Good eat Chee Keong Fan again. After dinish do work at Sitiawan Farm.. I go to buy Kong Biang again.. hehe.. This time I bought 20 small.. And eat 7 pieces...

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