Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday's Chloe Yeap

Tonite Chloe birthday lo.. She invite us go lo at 8pm. Behind her house at Ayer Tawar. As usual need to buy present again. I go out from my house around 6.30pm lo.. 1st I going to Rubber shop. Thinking to buy dildo.. haha.. But too expensive to share 3 people.. Keep calling Chiang from Korea and Ling Zhou at Kampung Kering. Around half and hour inside there lo.. But didn't buy anything

Then move out to The Store.. Buy Teddy Bear and Condom.. Like pic below here... And 1 more card write. Happy Birthday to You... 1 box of condom got 3 ^^. Each one represent us dsloong, chiang and Ling zhou for ur future use.. hehe. walau eh.. take half and hour to balut the present. while walking here and there.. suddenly i realize I missing my car key... so keep run here and there to find. at last I found it at Balut Present counter there.. lol..

Time already show 7.45pm,. No time already go back take shower. So straight drive back to Ayer Tawar lo.. Take about 10minute to reach. On the way back to Ayertawar.. I almost have 2 accident. 1 is motor and another one either crash People or lorry.. Haha.. so dark.. cant see a person beside there... phew.. almost lose control that time.... Reach Ling Zhou office already.. so ma call him lo.. walao eh.. he still at Kampung Jering.. SO I walk to Restaurant 88 find food to eat.. Saw Edu at there (my Indonesian worker, potong babi one) so eat together with him lo...

Ling Zhou reach .. so we together go Chloe house lo.. so eat again.. Got Mee goreng, sandwich, Chicken Curry. Jelly, Cake and nugget. Someone got 1 manisan.. something like Kacang Hijau one.. That time I drink alot of water... I think got 8 box or Yeos product and 1 coke.. haha.. Free one.. SO drink la..

Then I barbeque lo... I do Ikan Bakar, squid and Prawn lo... Bakar all... The Ikan Bakar I failed It.. so not nice.. But for squid and prawn quite famous.. haha.. I burn all .. finish all... Especially that lingzhou.. he ate 3 and i ate 1.. haha... Then take picture with Chloe.. That camera not belong to me.. SO need to wait her to send the picture to us..

After the party go to hsloke's house eat again.. Eat 2 char siew pau and Nut.. Drink about 8 packet mineral water 230ml one... eat 1 sweet... Paid hsloke's debt.. RM50

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