Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open House (1E and 2D)

Tonight my friend Noor sms me.. said got Open House at Shikin house. Ask me want to go or not? Then I reply.. Free Food. Of Course la.. hehe...

Around 8.30pm, I move out from my house. So call Noor lo.. Just want to ask where is she now. She said At Nadrah house. Also at Fasa 1E. She also do Open House. Invite me go in lo.. So I eat some cookies and 3 bowl of curry mee.. Drink Orange juice only.. When eating, feel so shy.. because around me all is Girl. haha.. 6 girl surround me...

Around 9.30pm we move out from Nadrah house and heading to Shikin house at Fasa 2D. Her house so crowded. Alot people at there lo.. Meet alot Mcd friends at there.. So go in lo... Eat again. This time i eat Fried Rice, Fried Mee, Kuetiow Soup, Watermelon, and mutton. haha.. then take some pic with them lo... That time drink 3 bottle of mineral water 500ml and 2 glass of orange juice.. Around 1030pm all of us start going back lo.. Because got other guest coming.. :D


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