Saturday, May 31, 2008

Makan Whole days

This evening I went to malay wedding with my cousin, dennis and his dad. This was my first time attend malay wedding. Somemore alot military attend. Becoz the bridegroom is military doctor from TLDM, Lumut. If not mistaken.Nothing special la.. Just go to eat only. Becoz my uncle sponsor 50 chicken to them.

At night I went to dinner with my cousin and uncle. Becoz my grandpa sister husband bought us 3 ticket. The dinner is for the people at China. Something like derma money la.. U know how much I derma?? hehe.. just RM1. bcoz my pocket only got RM1 and other big money. RM50 and 10,000 rupiah. hehe...

After the dinner I meet my friend at Manjung. We go drink at behind Billion. I drink Limau Ice. After that go to Waterfront Bistro at Lumut. I drink a can coke. Then go buy 1.5 liter mineral water. Bcoz nothing to do.. Just drink la.. After lumut, I go to Mcdonald at Manjung. Eat nugget, fried and a milo until 0630. Then go back AyerTawar to sleep. Coz dont dare back manjung and sleep. Scare later my mum nagging at there.. hehe

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday's Yun Loi

Today yunloi birthday. She invited us go to her house for barbeque.

Happy Bday, Yun Loi

wah.. so many food.. yum yum..


Karate Cake

U like it? Banana+ Mas mellow + Chocolate

Start Working

This morning I start work at Oil Palm farm. Actually help my grandma harvest the small oil palm drop from the tree. And some , the Indonesian worker forget to bring back. Today go with my Indonesian maid. After that , I message (SMS) my cousin , Dennis .

dsloong: hey , want go kutip buah?
dennis: give me 30 minute.
dsloong: dont forget bring pail.

After 30 minute, he call me go to fetch him at his house at Taman Dindings. Work from 9am to 12pm because raining.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Bro

Tonight is my younger brother's birthday. Celebrate at Mcdonald in Manjung. Eat around RM200.
I bought for my bro a watch and my sister bought a cake.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KL Trip 28 May 2008

This morning I wake up at 0530. Waiting my dad give me money go KL.. While waiting, so ma online and watch series lo.. aiks.. wait until 0700. He wake up with my 2 brother. 1 going to work and another 1 go to school. huh... I late already. I promise my friend go Kampung Jering fetch him around 0600. What to do? My dad bangun lambat... haha

Conversation with my DAD

Inside House
Dad: go where?
dsloong: go KL.
Dad: How u go?
dsloong: Driving.
Dad: With who?
dsloong: Kampung Jering friend.
Dad: ok..
dsloong: give me money.
Dad: ok..(go take his wallet and grab RM300)

Outside House
Dad: (He walk go out and check the car tyre) Later go Isi angin. Because infront not enough pressure.
dsloong: Ok.
Dad: Drive slowly..
dsloong: yelah..... (sien already listen this word)

then i drive go out lo........

Reach Kampung Jering and call Chin Long (fishy).

dsloong: (grab the phone and call fishy) Hello
fishy : yeah...
dsloong: faster go out lo.. Late already
fishy: I already at outside.
dsloong: ok.. faster la..
fishy: ok la..

0745- Journey start. from Kampung Jering.

dsloong: oi.. u know isi minyak a?
fishy: know gua..
dsloong: gua.. r u sure?
fishy: can la.. apasal?
dsloong: my dad said infront tyre not enough pressure. later u tolong pump.
fishy: ok la.. ei.. u eat already?
dsloong: havent. why?
fishy: o.. if havent go infront my kampung there eat Nasi Lemak. u know there right?
dsloong: yeah.. but didnt open. If not I eat 1st then go fetch u.. haha
fishy: neiwasa. like tat la.. I still dont believe.
dsloong: dont believe . suak la.. (drive go out). u see la.. really no open. believe?
fishy: yeah yeah yeah.

So ma I drive find petrol station. At last found it. Dono what place is that. Damn the thing spoil. Cannot pump. Then I drive again. Heading to Tapah toll. Drive drive drive..... and look for petrol station. While driving, at traffic light there.. fishy ask me see something.. U see police car keluar asap.. oic.. On the way to Tapah, I saw a Petrol station at Kg Gajah. Ma drive in lo.. Then fishy go down and pump. 4 tyre. Then suddenly my mum call me.

Mum: hello
dsloong: a...... wat?
Mum: the car u drive to where?
dsloong: to KL
Mum: wah.. u so berani drive to kl.
dsloong: why not? dad also said ok wor.
Mum: go KL also never infront me
dsloong: Dad know wah... u still sleeping.. also last minute plan.
Mum: huh.. drive slowly la...
dsloong: yelah yelah
Mum: know how to said nia.. saman later who going to paid
dsloong: (silent) erm.... cincai la. (off the phone)

then continue my journey.. reach Tapah already. kinda boring. so ma talk to fishy lo.. on the way to KL. I tell fishy..

dsloong: ei.. I saw alot corpse (animal one. not human) hehe.. die at road
fishy: izzit?
dsloong: yealah.. u didnt saw meh. I alway drive and walk my eye look down one.
fishy: oic

dsloong: ei . want fool people?
fishy: who?
dsloong: er... yvonne lo.
fishy: ok
dsloong: (grab the phone and call her 012504XXXX) du du.. du du... du du..
yvonne: hello (sound like just wake up from sleep)
dsloong: oi.. wake up already?
yvonne: yeah.. why?
dsloong: around 10 minute will arrived ur place
yvonne: haiz (sound like she shock) I havent finish packing leh.. fishy said 0600 start journey
dsloong: aiya.. suddenly change plan ma.. dont believe ask fishy (pass the phone to fishy and set to loudspeaker)
fishy: hello..
yvonne: oi.. dsloong said thing is true a?
fishy: yealah.. (pass the phone to dsloong)
fishy and dsloong: (laughing) heheh hahaha ngek ngek..
dsloong: u faster la.. u know me la.. I cannot wait for people one.
yvonne: ok la...
dsloong : frankly tell u la........ we tipu u one.. haha
yvonne: huh.. u very mean meh.. make me shock nia.. where r u now?
dsloong: just reach Tapah road.
yvonne: ok la..
dsloong: bye
yvonne: bye lo... (off the phone)

wakakakak. me and fishy laugh.. so funny. Reach Tapah Tol around 0820. Ma take ticket. This is my 1st time take the ticket by my own. hehe Then talk to fishy again

dsloong: oi.. u hungry or not?
fishy: kinda la..
dsloong: want eat?
fishy: ok.. eat where?
dsloong: at Tapah there la.. (inside toll one)
fishy: there more expensive leh..
dsloong: huh.. abit nia la.. so stingy for what? (drive go in)

Then me and fishy go down... and look for food. There got alot stall

dsloong: ei ,, u want eat here r?
fishy: why?
dsloong: we go other place.. eat at cafe.
fishy: cincai u la..
(dsloong and fishy walk around..)
dsloong: damn.. havent open yet.. we walk back to stall there la..
fishy: ok..
dsloong: while walking. I tell fishy. this stall chicken rice not nice, dont eat. ei u want eat what?
fishy: u eat wat ma I eat wat lo...
dsloong: (walk to a stall and look the food) ei.. I think i eat this. fried rice
fishy: ok.
Mamak: yeah.. nak makan apa?
dsloong: bagi saya nasi. telur and ayam
Mamak: itu saje ke?
dsloong: yeah....
Mamak: encik ni nak apa?
fishy: sama mcm dia...
Mamak: ok
fishy: neiwasa.. my chicken meat so small nia.. u wan bigger.
dsloong: haha... berapa bos?
cashier: sume RM11
dsloong: (go to wallet and grab rm100) nah..
cashier: ada duit kecil x?
dsloong: tak ada a.. (actually got) fishy, u got money? paid 1st
fishy: ok..

After paid we find place to sit. and go to another stall buy drink. Buy Air Longan. Ma eat eat.. fishy eat so slow.. so ma i walk 1st lo.. 1st go to the shop buy chewing gum and mineral water. Then go to toilet. After that go buy fruit to eat. got one fruit. dono call what name. damn expensive. 2 for rm9. After buy I walk to fishy. Saw fishy wait me at outside.. Thinking to fool him again. But cant. because he realise me inside car already. U all want to know what I going to do? drive to petrol station and call him. ask him walk to there. hehe.. so ma he walk here... talk to him already

dsloong: oi.. u know check water r?
fishy: dono leh.. why?
dsloong: still want to ask why... check la.. mana tau later engine keluar asap like the police car just now.
fishy: ok . u go open
dsloong: ok.. (open)
fishy: oi.. u come here.. how to open?
dsloong: let me try. u go there pull the thing
fishy: ok
dsloong: (open it) u see.. i can open. how come u cant? didnt eat rice is it? (read in fuchow)
fishy: so many thing.. see which one?
dsloong: i also dono la..
fishy: aiya.. not need check la.. we not so lucky gue..
dsloong: ok lo (close infront bonnet)

we start our journey at around 0900. Drive drive drive. speed..around 140km/h - 160km/h. hehe.. suddenly I saw police traffic sit there take photo. huh.. ma faster break to 100km/h.. Luckly i saw if not sure get 1 more summon.. hehe...

Around 1020 I drive out from tol.. Paid. If not mistake i paid rm18.40. cant remember.. huh.. actually dont know jalan one.. so I call my cousin brother lo (dennis) thought wan ask how to go my house. but he didnt pick up. then I tell fishy. we cincai jalan la.. and follow sign board. walao ei.. got 1 road damn jammed. huh. 1st time I face to this. damn I told fishy. my driving skill damn geng one. this road, sup sup water one la for me.. hehe :P still can chia tua poa . :)
haha.. but I manage to pass this. geng leh.. Then I reach at Jalan Loke Yew. at there I drive wrong direction. damn.. dono how to drive already. drive here and there.. then stop at one traffic light. I open fishy side window . and lambai2 to the next car. Just wan to asked the road. How to go Cheras. He told me like this and that lo bla bla bla.. Then we pass by pudu raya. At here.. I know how to go already. Reach Jalan Hang Tuah. I call Yvonne again

dsloong: hello.
yvonne: where r u all?
dsloong: at puduraya. what time ticket u want to buy?
yvonne: i tought u driving wor.
dsloong: no la.. we bluff u want? what time..
yvonne: aiyo.... cincai u all la.. what time also can la.. around 4pm gue
dsloong: ok.. (off the phone)

Drive again. I reach Bandar Tasik Selatan. fishy, u want go ur place 1st or my place 1st. cincai u la... erm.. I think go to IMU 1st la.. settle yvonne and your thing 1st. Actually fishy go IMU to take his result. damn him. reach KL baru tell me.

1100- reach IMU. Drive into Vista Komanvel Block B. While go in, got a security ask us going for what? I reply find friend. ok. Which block there stay? fishy answer all. forget already what he reply. :P when we reach inside. I go find parking. Then we go down from car. I tell fishy u go to IMU 1st. I go find yvonne. ok?

Then I 3g call yvonne.

dsloong: hello. u guess where am i?
yvonne: dono
dsloong: at ur apartment la..
yvonne: really?
dsloong: dont believe u see la... (show her apartment)
yvonne: haha.. I tought u came by bus..
dsloong: no la.. we tipu u again.. aiya.. go out story to u again la.. which floor?
yvonne: this this ( also forget which floor) haha
dsloong: ok (off)

When reach her apartment (not her apartment, rent one). call her again..

dsloong: I outside la.. faster open the door
yvonne: ok ... (she open after i press bell)
dsloong: why take so long to open the door?
yvonne: i looking for the keys la
dsloong: (walk go in) wah.. ur apartment so messy and dirty.
yvonne: just clean la
dsloong: ur house got muslim
yvonne: no la. why?
dsloong: because I saw Jawi writing at door there. while i walking..
yvonne: o.. maybe last time one..
dsloong: (saw a monitor) this monitor who one?
yvonne: ex rental. all the thing at here they give to us
dsloong: ic.. (walk around lo)
yvonne: where is fishy?
dsloong: he go take his result at IMU lo..
yvonne: ic. ei u know how to put curtain pin?
dsloong: dono la.. anak orang kaya.. where got do this? haha
yvonne: very easy one la.. come i teach u
dsloong: dono la.. u do ownself la..
yvonne: so easy also dono do.. (she put on her self) ei.. this one dono, u know put on the curtain.
dsloong: this one i think i know gue... came i try..
yvonne: oi.. do slowly la.. don koyak my curtain k..
dsloong: wah.. help u also complain. I tell u ar... at home this all thing my maid do one..
yvonne: yealah...
dsloong: (walk go out from her room) (saw a cute selipar and wear it)
yvonne: oi.. why u wear this slipper?
dsloong: urs one meh?
yvonne: no la.. so cute.. come i take pic for u
dsloong: (pose)
yvonne: done..
dsloong: send to me so I can upload to my blog
yvonne: so hiew..
yvonne: haha

fishy call me and ask when am I. I told him at yvonne new apartment lo.. he came lo.. and wait for while. he told me later need go IMU around 1600 becoz havent out the result. Yvonne still packing. After finish need to help her take to her old apartment at 3rd floor. Go in.. and wait for her again. Ok. done. Then dennis call me

dennis: where r u now?
dsloong: at IMU la.. apasal?
dennis: I saw ur miscal ma..
dsloong: nothing already..ei where r u now?
dennis: at KL
dsloong: I tought u balik yesterday.
dennis: no la..
dsloong: when u go back ayertawar"?
dennis: later
dsloong: can help r?
dennis: help wat?
dsloong: come to my cheras house, help me bring back my PC to ayertawar
dennis: what time?
dsloong: i think around 1300 will reach my house.
dennis: ok start my journey go to cheras. Reach cheras before 1300. and start our work.

yvonne: wahlao. this is room or kandang babi?
fishy: kandang babi gue
dsloong: cincai u all la.. help me do work.. i bring u all come here became my kuli,. haha

pack pack pack.. lazy to tell so detail. around 1330 dennis come to my house and take my pc. then i ask her u know how to check the water? he teach me and explain all the car thing. break oil, this and that,

1500: at last done. and we start go having lunch at uncle there.. eat mix rice. yvonne treat. haha.. eat around rm14. After that we go to Mcdonald to sit. because fishy result out at 1600. I meet my ex mcd friend. they still working at there.

dsloong: ei.. apa khabar?
mawi: ok je
hafizi: ok
mawi: lama x jumpa. ko buat apa sekrg?
dsloong: balik kampung. ni datang nak ambil barang. pindah balik
hafizi: datang mcm mana
dsloong: (point my finger to the car)
hafizi: ikut kereta Mitsubishi Triton kan?
dsloong: yup. ei mawi, bagi aku coupon utk cakap big mac chant.
mawi: mana boleh. aku sekrg sdg break
dsloong: hafizi ko plak mcm mana?
hafizi: aku dah nak balik ni. nak masok macam mana?
(few minute, mawi friend came and bring me 7 coupon)
dsloong: thanks you. mawi. ni org baru ke?
mawi: yup.. sekrg ramai org baru.
dsloong: kejap. aku pergi jumpa kawan aku jap, ei
yvonne: yeah
dsloong: u want free big mac?
fishy: how?
dsloong: read the chant. i got 7 here.. my friend just give me.
yvonne: good idea.. give to me . I want practice first.
dsloong: oi , fishy u dont wan to try?
fishy: don wan la
dsloong: no ball..
yvonne: hahaha
dsloong: yvonne, ready?
yvonne: yeah..
dsloong: let go. fishy u stay here.. take care our thing.
yvonne: yeah yeah
fishy: for while la..
dsloong: cincai u la.. my thing not important. only got yvonne laptop..
yvonne: yeah wor.. my laptop u can said like this la..
dsloong: wait, i go find my friend 1st.
yvonne: ok
dsloong: ei.. mawi.. aku masok dulu baca big mac.
(inside Mcdonald)
dsloong: ei misya.. nak baca chant.
misya: jap erk.. Teck hin.. ada org nak baca chant
teckhin: ok.. tunggu tunggu. ei.. u again. how r u?
dsloong: ok la.. want to read.
teckhin: ei dont forget my java programming book still at u there
dsloong: yeah wor.. sorry.. forget to bring.
teckhin: ready..
dsloong: yup. yvonne. u read 1st la
yvonne: dont wan.. u la..
dsloong: ok lo...
teckhin: ready 1 2 3
dsloong: 2 all beef patties, special saucem lettuce, cheese , pickles, onions on the sesame seed bun
teckhin: 2 second. so geng

me and yvonne read. and manage to get 7 big mac. wah.. we straight take the big mac,.. i didnt realise teckhin tell me the voucher finish. my take now.. what to do? 7 big mac. how to eat? so ma call hsloke want to eat or not? he said don wan.. lazy to go.. Then got 1 couple. got the coupon, so I talk with them.. ei u give me ur voucher , I give u free big mac. deal?. They said ok.. 6 big mac to go. So i called Jenan

dsloong: ei Jenan where r u?
jenan: IMU. why?
dsloong: wait (pass the phone to yvonne)
yvonne: jenan r,, u want eat big mac?
jenan: ok.. where?
yvonne: later we go IMU find u.. ok?
jenan: what time?
yvonne: before 1600.ok r?
jenan: lazy leh
yvonne: u want or not? dont wan suak..
jenan: ok la.. u reach here.. call me..
yvonne: ok (stop)

Okay. Start my journey to IMU at 1350. take 10 minute to go there.. very near one. I park my car at the Vista Komanvel Block B again. same parking. start again our conversation.

dsloong: fishy , u go IMU take result. me and yvonne go paktor 1st. ok? dont jealous k.
fishy: wont la..
yvonne: huh. ei. dsl go call jenan
dsloong: u don how to call r? alway use my credit.
yvonne: aiya. u use postpaid.
dsloong: jenan we at downstair. nearby swimming pool
jenan: ok
dsloong: faster.. we bring ur big mac. special deliverly. need extra charge rm5 can r?
jenan: lancau.. and off d phone
dsloong: wah.. so alim also can said that word r.. jenan down already
jenan: oi..
dsloong: here ur big mac.
jenan: mana fishy?
dsloong: he go take result

then yvonne and jenan talk. u all know r? both of them talk dulai one.. haha. then someone call yvonne. said want to see masterbed room. so yvonne said ok.. u come here.. i bring both of u go view.. 2 also lenglui.. haha.. masterbed room? erm.. masturbate room? hehe :D both of them come.. and we go to yvonne apartment again. bla bla bla... finish view, we go down find fishy. fishy at car there.. at there i call my friend again keachen (jane)

dsloong: hello
jane: hello
dsloong: where r u?
jane: subang house. why?
dsloong: ask u go out yumcha la..
jane: today i lazy la.. next time la.. where r u?
dsloong: at IMU. wan go back ayertawar already. u want to follow r?
jane: don wan la
dsloong: u really don wan go out with me r?
jane: don wan lo..
dsloong: ok lo.. go back treat u eat ice kacang
jane: ok lo..
dsloong: k.. bye
jane: bye

Ok.. 1830. start our journey go back. follow subang toll. then we drop at sg buloh there take our lunch. yvonne and fishy eat big mac. I dont eat big mac because got cheese. forget to ask them do 1 without cheese. I eat nasi goreng ayam and coke. cost rm5. cheap or not? After eat i go take shower at sg buloh there.. free one? lucky i got bring my body shampoo and towel. while towel takeshi call me.

dsloong: hello
takeshi: where r u?
dsloong: sg buloh tol. take shower. why?
takeshi: o nothing la, tought want to ask u go for dinner
dsloong: sorry la.. next time k
takeshi: ok lo.. bye
dsloong: bye

After finish I shower, i go find fishy and yvonne. They inside dunkin donut. to buy donut lo.. haha.. after that we go to burger king eat onion ring and sundae cake. 2000 we start our journey balik kampung at ayertawar. Almost reach bidor, i call my dad follow which way. bidor or Tapah. he ask me follow bidor. so ma follow bidor lo. this time rm17.70. cheaper abit than this morning one.

2100: out from bidor. actually want follow teluk intan go back one. but dono why drive until to tapah.. damn.. so what to do. ma follow tapah balik lo. at Tapah there. salah jalan again. stupid sign board,, almost sampai teluk intan. still got 55km la.. then u turn back and follow kg gajah back. yvonne father a.. very annoying one.. keep call her.. sampai already or not.. haha :P. before reach ayertawar dono wat place got road block. huhuh.. faster i break down.. lucky I pass. if not got summon again.. haha..

we reach ayertawar at 2300 and go to ayertawar eat mee. not nice one., This time i treat one, i order mee udang and yvonne order laksa.. and 4 lengteh.. all eat rm8.20. then around 2330 I send yvonne go back. me and fishy plan again to play her again. she go down from the car and said wan ask her mum to open the door. (she go down). then i faster drive away. her laptop and bag still inside my car, and i told fishy faster switch off the phone. When we switch on the phone , both of us got 2 miscal. then at last she manage to call fishy. Fishy told me, she sound look angry. We lie her again. said I hantar fishy back kampung jering 1st. in fact , i going to taman dinding take my thing.

After take my thing, we go to yvonne house.. she walk out like big sister full of anger.. hehe.. she order us. take this and that. said lazy to go out.. After settle yvonne thing, i send fishy balik lo... at 0100 i reach my house at manjung.. huh.. need move all my thing.. after settle already 0300. online and watch drama.. then sleep until tomorrow.. wake up also 1400. the next day.

That is my journey to KL. full of crap. haha...


Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd sucide side movies

At last I found this file at youtube. bcoz my pc dont have
Thanks chiang for upload this..
This movies if not mistaken take 2 years ago at LUMUT.


yepi.. I graduate as prisoner already.. hehe :D
Not need to go back jail :D
Today whole night lecture by my dad.

He give me 3 choice:
1st -asked me go work as clerk at own company.
2nd- follow him go "tangkap ayam"
3rd - korek ayam taik :P

but i refuse.
I said I want to became King.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recommendation for my cousin in the US

Hey guy and gurlz,

My aunt just entered her daughter, Leanne for a Cover Model Contest for the Parents Magazine. Tell me what do you think of the photos. Leanne is extremely excited. Please recommend her via the gallery link if you think she has the potential. The most recommended photos could be featured in the weekly newsletter. Thanks for your support. Wish Leanne all the luck.

Here is some picture of her.

Spring 2008

Spring is here

My smile

Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza

If u think she is good please visit the link below here.. Thanks ^^

Gallery Link:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday's SIS

Today my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday She bring me go to Ipoh meet her college friend. And treat us eat. Today I eat Lamb Chop with black pepper sauce and Seafood Fried Rice with garlic. I drink large orange juice and regular apple juice. At last I order Chocolate Indulgence cake. ANd while going back I go buy another coke. Today total we eat around RM90. Eat so many but still not full.. Hungry.. help ~~ help~~ dono wan to eat wat. Now i eating kuaci while write blog.. hehe :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Mission (Mission Impossible or Possible)

Nowadays I saw a advertisement at my blog about Mcdonald. Kinda interest. Thinking to join. Guy and gurls come on give me idea what video should i make.. hehe

Big Mac Chant

“Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

How It Works

Just take a video of yourself doing the Big Mac Chant and you just could be the winner of RM10,000!

Once you video-ed yourself doing the Big Mac Chant, upload it unto and email the URL and your contact number to our friendly contest master at

Title your email Big Mac Chant! Once our hardworking moderators look through your entry and verify that it does not contain any thing rude/ wrong (you have to get the chant right), we will link it up here and you will be in the running for yes, the BIG prize of RM10,000!

Contest is valid only until May 28 2008.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

McDonald’s Big Mac Chant

Today I won 4 big mac at Manjung Mcdonald. They give me 4 voucher but I redeem 2. Still left 2. Actually I dont like to eat big mac one. What to do? Free one.. Makan la.. haha. Very easy to win one. Just read the chant within 4 second and u will got it. Actually I can get more than 4 big mac. Bcoz I got alot voucher to join the contest. My ex Mcd staff give to me one.. :D. The chant is :-

“Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

My Record
1st - 2.35 second
2nd - 2.54 second
3rd - 2.01 second
4th - 3.02 second

Friday, May 16, 2008


This morning I wake up early go do my IC and Lesen. Nothing special la..
wake up at 8am after my mum call me up from wet dream. almost climax. u know.. hope later night can continue it back.. hehe

take breakfast lo.. eat Mee Soup and Dry Mee . drink soya bean ice.
around 9am i arrive JPN. help hsloke take no lo... 1st 2 no is 09 and 10. But he damn late.. Finding key. I press another no for him 15. But he cant make it too.. Actually my case not need no one. straight take form and fill it up lo.. Damn the worker at there.. make us wake almost 2 hour. I lost my patient ma go out find cafeteria but thing to eat. Eat pizza and Milo O Ice.

Lucky no kena denda.. If not i need to paid RM110 and hsloke need to paid RM210. coz he lost before. Take picture this and tat lo. damn.. this time i sure my pic not handsome than previous one.. co charm lo...

We finish do all at 1145. And I ask hsloke go to JPJ 1st help me take no. And me go to take picture, After finish take pic, hsloke call me tat. IT WAS CLOSE. at 1145 to 1445. aiks.. wat to do.. Then hsloke call me again asked me go for lunch. I bring him go Billion there eat lo.. Eat Nasi Ayam. That time i very syok. Becoz hsloke's mum treat me makan.. haha

AFter finish eat , I go to Billion do my digi simcard. Lost that day with wallet. (kena samun). reload rm5 bcoz credit expired ma... Then ma go back AyerTawar lo.. so sien la.. I called Lingzhou. as usual la.. Go for Ice kacang lo. haha.. That timne he still having his lunch.

1305 I start my journey. go behind shell ice kacang but close. then ma change to jasmine lo.. this time i eat 2 packet kuaci and 3 drink.. haha.. Lingzhou came around 1315. but he didnt order. so ma chit chat with him about my future lo... (secret cannot tell u all) <--
u all pandai2 la... haha..

Finish eat around 1414.. still got alot time to go.. ma drive slowly to JPJ lo.. then my younger bro call me. ask me go fetch him at Sitiawan. behinf yoahan hotel. reach there dy. my mum call me, that she already fetch him up.. then i start my journey to JPJ.

At JPJ there... walao ei.. so many people stand at door there.. bcoz havent open ma.. d door open ngam ngam 1445. once d door open , all people berebut go in.. . I take no 10. then suddenly got i ppl give me form. asked me go photostap my IC. ma i Go lo.. when i back.. holy shit la.... the no go to 20++ dy.. aiks.. ma take another no lo.. 96. need to wait lo.. few minute I ulang alik at there, got one old man give me his no.. is 50. i also dono why he gave me..

When my turn i give the worker all my thing lo.. but she return me police report.. tought not need denda like do IC.. but no. need to paid rm20. after finish all , i balik rumah lo.. at manjung. But no key masok.. I called my mum , where is she? she told me.. already sampai ayertawar house.. Then i drove back lo.

that all for today..
haha.. my bahasa all rojak dy.. lazy to use good english. lol.. Like tat people read will feel funny lo..

Funny bo??? if funny leave msg at my cbox.. haha :D

Happy Teacher's Day

MESAT Teacher

*Ong Kee Seng - please la.. dont rotan me again.. I will be good next time
*Ahmad Keflee - no more chicken for u anymore. u can look other sponsor
*Liew Lean Ching - stop kelip2 ur eyes la... also can't seduce student one.
*Ong Soon Lin - Plz la.. shave ur pubic hair. too sexy u know..
*Sharifah - hey.. stop beranak la.. too many u know.. 1 years 1.
*Hor Peng Kuan - u very de dulai la... plz return all the money
*Ding Kong Leong - aiks.. stop give ppl extra homework la.. I very lazy to do one.. and stop gossip ppl.
*Mariam - stop merajuk la.. We very happy when u run from class. yepi...
*Sharina - you is the best.. haha. pretty and sexy.
*Wong Ting Siong - aiks.. so fast bersara? sorry la.. cannot attend ur farewell party bcoz i bersara faster than u.
*Yong Keh Chuan - teacher... CNY we go ur hse gamble again.. haha.. 3 card.
*Amir - Janganlah mcm amir... finish bio class.. mek mekkkkkk mekk (goat sound)
*Azmi - diet la.. ur kolong very big dy..
*Puan Aini - wo ai ni.... ur name so nice.
*Shukri - stop calling us mangkuk. u know ur nick we call u sup ayam. (soup ke)
*Wong Ah Ho - ur kedai ar.. damn expensive wor.. potong ppl kepala one
*Halimatun - I like her. becoz she alway ponteng class. very good
*Muhid - stop shake ur ash.. we lazy to salin all ur note
*Nava - d darker teacher at MES
*Thara - aik.. every weekend give class tambahan. but end with ntg. u teach very slow la..
*Rosnita - haha.. u is doraemon lol..
*Tarmizi - plz la.. stop smoking..
*Anbu - o.. u bersara too. he r.. is my form 1 english teacher
*Nazrul - heard he is most handsome teacher in MES. haha :D
*Zamri - erm.. teach KH after Azzam left
*Azzam - o.. teach us KH.. also dulai teacher.. haha.. but very funny
*Safura - our school most alim one.. bcoz she teach agama
*Wan Ruziana - do u think she is bermoral? coz she teach us moral
*Shiela - I think she is most pretty teacher in school. for india only. she teach sains
*Kamaleswary - i dono this teacher.. but i know she teach GEO
*Samiata - this binachi a.. teach math one
*Sharifah Kamalia - this teacher voice very low one
*Sharifah Jamaliah - so good teacher. but she teach girl only. haha. her face look fierce but very good one

*forget alot teacher name. I will put edit again if i remember. Cikgu, Jgn marah aku.. Just play2 only..

2004 Teacher's Day Picture.. hehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Indochina Trip 5-19 January 2009

Today I just book ticket to IndoChina. so rush.. should be yesterday dy book. but no credit card.. at last we found survivor. Miss Yeefang.. She got credit card lo.. At usual me again need to call here and there. Call to Chiang at Korea and Yeefang at Australia. Lucky YeeFang not kamsiap like chiang. She still can call me.. hahaha :D Dono this time how is my phone bill.

My Flight detail :-
Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) to Hanoi (HAN)
Economy Promo
Monday, 05 Jan 2009 Flight AK 760
Depart Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 06:30
Arrive in Hanoi (HAN) at 08:45

Bangkok (BKK) to Phuket (HKT)
Economy Promo
Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 Flight FD 3031
Depart Bangkok (BKK) at 13:10
Arrive in Phuket (HKT) at 14:30

Phuket (HKT) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL)
Economy Promo
Monday, 19 Jan 2009 Flight AK 877
Depart Phuket (HKT) at 16:05
Arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 18:20

The flight fare for 2 pax ..

Today while YeeFang book ticket.. Something the page no load.. ma she refresh lo.. wtf.. became double booking. She quickly msg me.. I think she bluff me one... But it real thing after she sent me the email. Walao eh..... So ma quickly I go find airasia no and call.. So cibai one the center. Dont pick up. so buzy one.. somemore call to singapore center also same....

No choice.. I quickly go to Giant at Taman Connought becoz at there got 1 AirAsia shop.. But it cant help. The salegirl ask me go to KL Central bcoz she said there maybe can do. Suddenly my cousin call me lo.. Becoz he saw alot of my miscal gue.. He ask me apasal? I also story from A to Z. He teach me call the bank to cancel lo... Then ma I call YeeFang again tell her this and that. . Then I rush go KL Central lo. Lucky got bus for me to go.. If no.. Taxi again. U know la.. since i kena samun, damn pokai dy. haha..

I using KTM go to KL Central. Then Yeefang call me that, she going to bank cancel one of the transition. But she dono which one she cancel. aiks.. That time I already at KL Central. I go take the number.. neiwasa so many ppl.. my no is 1437. and no now is 1360.

While waiting I go buy thing to eat. U know la.. I kaki makan and minum one.. hehe... at last my turn. (now still thinking want to do dialogs or not) erm.. dont think i will do. bcoz cant remember alot or scene.. hehe :D.
so ma i story from A to Z to her lo.. At last I can cancel already. Then , I take KTM go back to Tasik Seatan. Then take Taxi to my house..

**Ps : Chiang I wan claim from u this all money.. haha**

Ok.. let talk about my plans.
Malaysia > Hanoi > HochinMin > Combodia > Bangkok > Phuket > Malaysia

Vietnam and Combodia we take 10 days. Mean 15 January we going to Bangkok. 17 fly to Phuket lo.. and 19 balik kampung.
Malaysia - Hanoi = flight
Hanoi - HochinMin = take bus
HochinMin - Cambodia = take bus too
Combodia - Bangkok = take bus lo..
Bangkok - Phuket = flight
Phuket -Malaysia = flight

Chiang no more Chia Duai Pao hehe.. ticket book dy.. must plan good good one. no more omong kosong dy.. haha

Chia Duai Po = cakap besar

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cut Hair

Tonight around 1910 , I go eat with Takeshi again at Ayam Maya.. Eat same thing like yesterday. After eat, I go to cut my hair at Giant. wah ..damn long.. 4 month didnt cut my hair.

Before cut my hair

After cut my hair

which one better? Before or after.. hehe...

After that I go Balai Police Maluri do another police report. do correction lo... and add some missing thing.

At Balai Police Maluri.

After finish the thing, I go eat again with hsloke.. 3 cinese tea ice and 2 coca cola. hsloke eat nasi goreng add rice. but cant finish. and i eat something also like paprik. but pork one.. hehe

Police Report



Balai : Cheras
Daerah : Cheras
Kontinjen : Kuala Lumpur
No Report : Cheras/009777/08
Tarikh : 13/05/08
Waktu : 1112AM
Bahasa Diterima : B.Malaysia

Butir-butir Penerima Repot
Nama : Suhana BT Idris No Personel: R136195 Pangkat: L/KPL
Butir-butir Jurubahasa (Jika Ada)
Nama: -- No K/P (Baru): -- No Polis/Tentera: --
No Paspot: -- Bahasa Asal: --
Alamat: --

Butir-butir Pengadu
Nama: dsloong
No K/P (Baru): 87102808XXXX No Polis/Tentera: -- No Paspot: --
No Sijil Beranak: --
Jantina: Lelaki Tarikh Lahir: 28/10/1987 Umur: 20 tahun 7 bulan
Keturunan: Cina Warganegara: Malaysia
Pekerjaan: Pelajar
Alamat Tempat Tinggal: Taman Connaught
Alamat Ibu/Bapa: --
Alamat Pejabat: -- No Tel (Pejabat): -- No Tel (HP) : 012-525XXXX

Pengadu Menyatakan:-
Pada 13/05/2005 jam lebih kurang 0300 Hrs semasa saya bersama kawan saya Nama: hsloke sedang jalan di menara gading, Taman Connaught telah berhenti lebih kurang 6 buah m/sikal di naiki oleh lebih kurang 10-13 orang. Beberapa orang turun dari m/sikal memegang topi keledar menghampiri saya dan kawan saya lalu menyerang saya dan kawan saya. Mereka rampas barang saya dan kawan saya terus menaik m/sikal pergi dari situ. Barang milik saya yang diambil ialah :-

*Kad pengelanan
*Lesen B2, D
*Kad ATM 2 Maybank 1 BSN
*Wang tunai RM30/-

Milik kawan saya hsloke
*Kad pengenalan
*Lesen memandu kelas B2, D
*Wang tunai RM100/-
*Kat ATM CIMB dan RHB Bank
*Handphone nokia 6680 No. 012-543XXXX

Anggaran kerugian lebih kurang RM730/-, saya mendapat kecederaan di muka. Kawan saya mendapat kecdereaan di siku tangan kanan, kaki kanan serta muka. Sekian laporan saya.

Tandantangan Pengadu: Tandatangan Jurubahasa (Jika ada): Tadantangan Penerima Repot:

dsloong polis

……………………… .. ………………. .……………

This is the report. copy from the original one. see so many mistake. including date, grammar and spelling too. Reach Police station at 10am but finish at 1230. haiz.. so long. everytime i see.. Today meet with Insp. Fazlee. Just now meet him , he just finish mandi. wear short.. haha...

CONVERSATION with Insp. Fazlee

1st scene
dsloong and hsloke went into the Insp Fazlee room. (knock knock the door)
Fazlee : masok. apa yg boleh saya bantu?
hsloke : pasal kes kena samun
Fazlee : sebelom tu korang ada duit pecah utk RM50 RM10 5 keping.
dsloong: ada. (searching search only got rm48. after gorek my pocket and hsloke pocket. and also abis search my bag too) sorry a.. kurang rm2 a... mcm mana ni?
Fazlee : x pe la

2nd scene
dsloong : hello
Fazlee : hi. ko pelajar UCSI ke?
dsloong : ye...
Fazlee : Ni mcm kenal je. Prh sampai sini ke?
dsloong : yup. byk kali.
Fazlee : pasal apa?
dsloong : banyak kes. nak tau yg mana 1?
Fazlee : ayoyo..... ni sebelom ni bawah kes sape?
dsloong : sarjan shukor. dan seorg lagi x ingat nama pe..
Fazlee : @!#$%^&

3rd scene
Fazlee : ni kes berlaku bila?
hsloke : pagi td. lebih kurang jam 3am
Fazlee : di mana?
hsloke : depan esso. kat tepi jalan
Fazlee : bape motor?
hsloke : ada 6 / 7 buah motor
Fazlee : motor apa?
hsloke : skooter,
dsloong: 125z, lagenda dan ada yg x pasti lagi
Fazlee : bawah senjata x?
hsloke : x de. mereka guna helmet
Fazlee : cedera mana?
hsloke : aku kat siku and kaki.
dsloong : aku kena helmet . lebam kat muka.
Fazlee : ni korang kenal/cam mereka x?
hsloke : x kenal. x cam
dsloong: mcm mat rempit je,
Fazlee: bape lama kejadian ini berlaku

hsloke and dsloong discuss,.

dsloong: agak ada 10 minute kot
hsloke (bisik to dsloong at chinese) : no la.. where got so long
dsloong: cincai la.. agak-agak one
Fazlee : ok. Barang apa yg hilang?
hsloke : aku hilang dompet dan handphone
dsloong: dompet je
Fazlee : dsloong kenapa ko x hilang handphone
dsloong: sb aku campak handphone aku ntah ke mana2. lagi baik bagi rosak drpada bagi dia.. nasib baik x rosak..
Fazlee : saya akan cuba siasat kes ni dan buat rondaan kerap.

hsloke bisik to dsloong : like can believe one... do so many pattern. sure no hasil one (in mandarin)

dsloong: kalo nak buat Lesen mcm mana?
Fazlee : ko bawah report ni ke JPJ. kalo ada masalah ko call balai police cheras. and sambung ke talian Insp. Fazlee jika ada masalah,

Fazlee: ni tolong sign. ada 3 muka surat nak sign
hsloke : ok..
dsloong: u dont wan read 1st and sign
hsloke : not need la...
Fazlee : dah abis sign
hsloke : count 1 2
Fazlee : last page tu
hsloke : ok. (sign)

dsloong: tuan toilet kat mana?
Fazlee : har!!
hsloke : toilet.
Fazlee : o.. dah belakang je

dsloong and hsloke : terima kasih tuan.

the scene 3 story something like tat. cant remember all. but it true.
scene 4
hsloke and dsloong quarell. blame each and other.. all ur fault la..

hsloke: aiya.. later i treat u makan la..
dsloong: why leh?
hsloke : also my fault.
dsloong: i eat alot wor...
hsloke : cincai u la

hsloke and dsloong walk go to LRT Maluri.

dsloong buy the ticket for 2 people.
while waiting train they blame each and other again

train coming..
dsloong: faster la. train come . me already walk masok train. haiz..
hsloke : oi.. not this la.. u see go to sentul timur
dsloong : (blur blur go out again) oi.. btol la.. u tipu me..
hsloke : (think for while) erm.. yawor.. haha.. u kena tipu by me.
dsloong : cincai u la

train coming. we go to chan show lin transit to sri petaling line

hsloke: so fast train come
dsloong : yaloh

reach tasik selatan stesten.
dsloohg; by taxi or bus?
hsloke : taxi la.. lazy to wait
dsloong : cincai u la

take cab. and go to tmn connought.

dsloong: (take newspaper at taxi) wah.. cikgu marah baling kerusi kat muli
taxi driver: jd cikgu pun x senang. tension byk
hsloke : yaloh..
taxi driver : u all tau baca bahasa ke?
dsloong/hsloke : yup.
taxi driver : mcm kite malay reti malay dan english je. korang tau chinese
dsloong/hsloke : kite x tau baca bahasa cina a..
dsloong: kite skool methodist.
taxi driver: o.. mcm tu. ni nak berhenti mana?
dsloong : kat jambatan sebelah bhp petrol station
taxi driver: ok.. sume rm3.70
dsloong: u paid or i paid
hsloke : i paid la.. i got small change (give him rm5)

dsloong and hsloke go to another side by bridge eat chicken rice.
hsloke paid makanan
dsloong paid minuman

after finish lunch i go to key. because my key lost. kena curi by robber. hehe

balik rumah
close curtain



Today damn lucky. After finish eat Mcdonald with hsloke at Taman Connought, we walk back. That time around 0300 plus la... not really sure... Wah.. suddenly, got about 5-7 motor came. 1st they disturb us. hsloke thought is my friend. So he ignore it. actually not.. :( . Suddenly they attack us.

First they , snatch hsloke necklace. But they throw alway. I also dono why.. hehe.. Then, they flying kick at hsloke head. make hsloke fall. I ran away and shout hueisen run faster... But the robber cashes me like play "aci duduk". I quickly take my handphone and throw alway into a bunch of tree.

Damn the robber, snap me with the helmet. But not pain.. no energy one. so weak!!! hehe.. But after that , got side effect. I shout to the robber. U can take my money!! but identify card, please return to me!!!... the robber dono deaf or wat. Just pretend don hear anything.. FUCK U la...!!

I think hsloke injured. Because his hand bleeding and nose too.. But me jus lebam.. and my glass pecah. lost 1 glass. The thing we lost are, hsloke handphone , our wallet, my house key and 1 box dunhill.. aiks......

My spectacles lost 1 cup. hehe

After they finish robbed, they ran away. and we go to ON THE RUN at ESSO there. They told us we r 3rd case for today. first one around 10am. 2nd and 3rd. about the same time. The second one case, the girl go pump petrol.. suddenly someone pecah the car window. and snatch the girl bag. inside the bag got handphone and wallet.

I call 999 but useless. stupid line.. suddenly, they hang up the phone.. We so scare and wait at On the run until 0600 and walk to Pondok Polis at Taman Connought. But the police damn lazy , asked us go to Maluri station. said this and tat.. dono bubbling about wat.. haha.. we jus said yes yes yes nia.. hehe

0630 i arrive home.. i climb go into my house because no key and wait for my housemate open the door and borrow his keys. My room keys, I use hsloke ayertawar house key to open. so ucky.. if not, i dono how to go in, pecah masok my room.. hehe... until now my head still dizzy. dono why. maybe the glass power or blood clog. hsloke told me at msn one.. aiks.........

2nd time i being rob. sien la.. no other people is it? alway find Lai Hoe cucu.. Lai Hoe song very poor at KL la.... dont robe me at AyerTawar pulak... hehe :D

just kidding


Tonight I go to Leisuremall with Takeshi. After dinner at Restaurant Ayam Maya. I eat Nasi Paprik, drink Limau ice and ice kosong. And he eat Roti Sardin and Milo Ice.

After that go to Leisuremall. He go to pharmacy dono buy what vitamin. Then we walk at Leisuremall. Actually go find Yeefang birthday present. Tought buy somethng geli one.. .like rat or snake.. but cant find it.

After that , go to Giant buy some snack. Kuaci and Ubi Kentang goreng, Apple juice (giant brand) damn manis one... 2 giant mineral water.. and at last go in buy another tin coca cola.

Damn Takeshi.. so kiamsiap one. parking money also need i paid one.. Next time no money pay parking, dont drive car.. haha :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

AdSense - Reports (May)




Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother Day

This year Mother Day I didnt go back Kampung. Becoz lazy.. hehe... Sorry mum.. If I go back also ask money from u.. not buying any gift to u... haha

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Extra money????

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Ayer Tawar's Pretty Women

Dinner at Dome

Today I dinner at DOME at 2030.
I order Lemonade Berry Juice cost Rm9.00
Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta cost RM20.50
Chocolate Brownie Log cost RM11.00
not including tax.

Damn.. I take Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta pic. but dono at where. dont have inside my phone.. Then ma i go internet find d pic lo.,, not original.. :P

Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Lemonade Berry
- Cranberry juice, lime juice and sprite

Chocolate Brownie Log