Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lucky Day

Tonight I go eat supper at Lumut with my friend. I eat tomyam campur, telur dadar and nasi putih. As usual i drink limau ice.
After drink I go Teluk Batik with my friend by motorcycle. Just makan angin. When we go back, there got road block. But we pass.

After that, we went to Uncle Ramli for drink. I drink Milo O Ice and eat burger daging special. Around 0300 ++ we finish drink and want go back. Unfortunately, a policemen stop us. Holy shit, that time both of use didnt wear helmet. Somemore motor dont have road tax.

Aiks.. what to u think??.. ma kena summon lo.

Place : Di hadapan Billion, Sri Manjung
Date : 01-05-2008
Time : 0330
Offence : Tidak memakai topi keledar (pembonceng)

You are hereby ordered to appear in person or by a counsel di hadapan Makhamah Majistret di Makhamah Sri Manjung pada 04 July 2008 time 0830.

What a lucky day. I hit jackpot.

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