Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today damn lucky. After finish eat Mcdonald with hsloke at Taman Connought, we walk back. That time around 0300 plus la... not really sure... Wah.. suddenly, got about 5-7 motor came. 1st they disturb us. hsloke thought is my friend. So he ignore it. actually not.. :( . Suddenly they attack us.

First they , snatch hsloke necklace. But they throw alway. I also dono why.. hehe.. Then, they flying kick at hsloke head. make hsloke fall. I ran away and shout hueisen run faster... But the robber cashes me like play "aci duduk". I quickly take my handphone and throw alway into a bunch of tree.

Damn the robber, snap me with the helmet. But not pain.. no energy one. so weak!!! hehe.. But after that , got side effect. I shout to the robber. U can take my money!! but identify card, please return to me!!!... the robber dono deaf or wat. Just pretend don hear anything.. FUCK U la...!!

I think hsloke injured. Because his hand bleeding and nose too.. But me jus lebam.. and my glass pecah. lost 1 glass. The thing we lost are, hsloke handphone , our wallet, my house key and 1 box dunhill.. aiks......

My spectacles lost 1 cup. hehe

After they finish robbed, they ran away. and we go to ON THE RUN at ESSO there. They told us we r 3rd case for today. first one around 10am. 2nd and 3rd. about the same time. The second one case, the girl go pump petrol.. suddenly someone pecah the car window. and snatch the girl bag. inside the bag got handphone and wallet.

I call 999 but useless. stupid line.. suddenly, they hang up the phone.. We so scare and wait at On the run until 0600 and walk to Pondok Polis at Taman Connought. But the police damn lazy , asked us go to Maluri station. said this and tat.. dono bubbling about wat.. haha.. we jus said yes yes yes nia.. hehe

0630 i arrive home.. i climb go into my house because no key and wait for my housemate open the door and borrow his keys. My room keys, I use hsloke ayertawar house key to open. so ucky.. if not, i dono how to go in, pecah masok my room.. hehe... until now my head still dizzy. dono why. maybe the glass power or blood clog. hsloke told me at msn one.. aiks.........

2nd time i being rob. sien la.. no other people is it? alway find Lai Hoe cucu.. Lai Hoe song very poor at KL la.... dont robe me at AyerTawar pulak... hehe :D

just kidding

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