Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trip to Penang

0800 - my sister wake me up. but I sleep again until 1000. Coz my youngest brother disturb me. By calling me.

1000 - eat my breakfast. mee soup only. then take shower. and wait my dad.

1037 - start car engine.

1100 - drive back to AyerTawar. Just want to pump diesel. can claim from company.. hehe.

BHP Station at AyerTawar

1110 - start my journey to Penang. follow Changkat Kruing tol.

1250 - Out from tol.

1300 - drive to Penang Bridge.

Taken inside car when reach penang bridge.

1320 - We reach at Ayer Itam. So many people. And hard to find parking. We eat our lunch at Ayer Itam. Eat Laksa, Keropok, Fish ball, Sausages and sugar cane drink. After finish eat I go buy Dried meat with floss Bun. yummy.. :P

The Laksa Stall

Penang Laksa

Keropok, fish ball, Sausages

Dried meat with floss bun (not halal)

1340 - After eat we go to Kok Lek Si Temple. What a hot day. On the way to temple, there got alot small stall. Selling many thing. Most of the thing from Thailand. heh Also got people sell vegetable. To feed the turtle.. somemore got alot of beggar at there.

*Sorry I dono read chinese. Just picture. No explanation. hehe

Penang town view from temple

Beggar at the temple.

Turtle pond

People fed turtle eat

1424 - We back to car. And start our journey to Queen’s Bay Mall. So sien at there. The mall so big.. I think bigger than 1U.

Queensbay Mall

1530 - Just walk around. Then drop by at maxis roadshow. Got games to play. So ma join lo... So lucky. I won first price. The prize is backpack bag and cap.

1550 - Go find my family. And drink Dulce de Leche Frappuccino again

Dulce de Leche Frappuccino

1800 - We finish shopping at the mall. Actually I dont shop. My mum and my sister only. I go paid parking money. Just Rm1 nia.. hehe..

1820 - We reach Plaza Gurney mall. But we didnt go in first. We go eat first. This time I eat alot. Want to know what I eat. ngek ngek.. Eat about RM100. For 1st round, we eat egg with oyster, kuih muih, sotong bakar, ikan bakar, 2 laksa, char kuey teow, kam puan and rojak . Drink - Lime juice, soya bean and orange juice. I drink one. Second round, I ordered Prawn mee, Jagung, Char kuey teow and 2 Lime and sour plum juice.

First Round
Egg with oyster - Rm9

Sotong fried with sambal - dono how much. Not i paid .

Ikan Bakar

Yum kuih-muih. another one har kao. forget take picture


Second Round
Prawn mee

Char kuey teow


1910 - finish eat. so full. until want to vomit..

1920 - we go to Plaza gurney
Plaza Gurney

2000 - We go out from Plaza Gurney because nothing to see.

2025 - We arrive jetty. We go lucky because not need to wait for the ferry. Take ferry to Butterworth. We take some picture when we inside ferry.

Me and my brother inside car

Me and my brother at ferry (me so chub dy.. hehe)

Inside ferry video

2044 - Ferry depart. And start our journey back to Manjung, Perak.

2200 - Out from Changkat Kruing toll. paid rm10.50

2300 - Arrive home.

That is my 1 day trip to Penang. hehe

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