Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Tonight I go to Leisuremall with Takeshi. After dinner at Restaurant Ayam Maya. I eat Nasi Paprik, drink Limau ice and ice kosong. And he eat Roti Sardin and Milo Ice.

After that go to Leisuremall. He go to pharmacy dono buy what vitamin. Then we walk at Leisuremall. Actually go find Yeefang birthday present. Tought buy somethng geli one.. .like rat or snake.. but cant find it.

After that , go to Giant buy some snack. Kuaci and Ubi Kentang goreng, Apple juice (giant brand) damn manis one... 2 giant mineral water.. and at last go in buy another tin coca cola.

Damn Takeshi.. so kiamsiap one. parking money also need i paid one.. Next time no money pay parking, dont drive car.. haha :D

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