Friday, May 16, 2008


This morning I wake up early go do my IC and Lesen. Nothing special la..
wake up at 8am after my mum call me up from wet dream. almost climax. u know.. hope later night can continue it back.. hehe

take breakfast lo.. eat Mee Soup and Dry Mee . drink soya bean ice.
around 9am i arrive JPN. help hsloke take no lo... 1st 2 no is 09 and 10. But he damn late.. Finding key. I press another no for him 15. But he cant make it too.. Actually my case not need no one. straight take form and fill it up lo.. Damn the worker at there.. make us wake almost 2 hour. I lost my patient ma go out find cafeteria but thing to eat. Eat pizza and Milo O Ice.

Lucky no kena denda.. If not i need to paid RM110 and hsloke need to paid RM210. coz he lost before. Take picture this and tat lo. damn.. this time i sure my pic not handsome than previous one.. co charm lo...

We finish do all at 1145. And I ask hsloke go to JPJ 1st help me take no. And me go to take picture, After finish take pic, hsloke call me tat. IT WAS CLOSE. at 1145 to 1445. aiks.. wat to do.. Then hsloke call me again asked me go for lunch. I bring him go Billion there eat lo.. Eat Nasi Ayam. That time i very syok. Becoz hsloke's mum treat me makan.. haha

AFter finish eat , I go to Billion do my digi simcard. Lost that day with wallet. (kena samun). reload rm5 bcoz credit expired ma... Then ma go back AyerTawar lo.. so sien la.. I called Lingzhou. as usual la.. Go for Ice kacang lo. haha.. That timne he still having his lunch.

1305 I start my journey. go behind shell ice kacang but close. then ma change to jasmine lo.. this time i eat 2 packet kuaci and 3 drink.. haha.. Lingzhou came around 1315. but he didnt order. so ma chit chat with him about my future lo... (secret cannot tell u all) <--
u all pandai2 la... haha..

Finish eat around 1414.. still got alot time to go.. ma drive slowly to JPJ lo.. then my younger bro call me. ask me go fetch him at Sitiawan. behinf yoahan hotel. reach there dy. my mum call me, that she already fetch him up.. then i start my journey to JPJ.

At JPJ there... walao ei.. so many people stand at door there.. bcoz havent open ma.. d door open ngam ngam 1445. once d door open , all people berebut go in.. . I take no 10. then suddenly got i ppl give me form. asked me go photostap my IC. ma i Go lo.. when i back.. holy shit la.... the no go to 20++ dy.. aiks.. ma take another no lo.. 96. need to wait lo.. few minute I ulang alik at there, got one old man give me his no.. is 50. i also dono why he gave me..

When my turn i give the worker all my thing lo.. but she return me police report.. tought not need denda like do IC.. but no. need to paid rm20. after finish all , i balik rumah lo.. at manjung. But no key masok.. I called my mum , where is she? she told me.. already sampai ayertawar house.. Then i drove back lo.

that all for today..
haha.. my bahasa all rojak dy.. lazy to use good english. lol.. Like tat people read will feel funny lo..

Funny bo??? if funny leave msg at my cbox.. haha :D

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