Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day

Today public holidays. I didn't go back to Ayer Tawar because lazy. And no friend at AyerTawar want accompany me go eat ice peanut.
I woke up at 1100. Online for while. But so sien.. And start messaging my Manjung friends. Find people accompany me go eat lunch.

At last I found one. I went out from my house around 1420. And go fetch him.
We go eat at Malay Restaurant (forgot wat name. :P) nearby Billion there. Eat Nasi Ayam and Limau Ice. After that we go tapau Laksa for his friend behind Manjung Bus Stop.

Send the Laska to his friend at MPM.

After that we go to Teluk Rubiah. Just walk and chit chat. Take some boring picture too.. hehe :P. Kinda boring at there.

Like the bicycle. So cute. ^^

After Teluk Rubiah Resort, we go to TNB at Manjung. Just round2 at outside because I dont have pass to go in.

I suggest go eat ice kacang at Lumut. Once we reach there, we saw an event. About Batik thing and kraf tangan. Nothing to see one. So I go find parking. Damn too many people. No parking. At last I found a parking lot at Esplanade's (dono correct spelling or not). After finish see the thing, we go eat ice kacang.

At Ice kacang there alot people rebut customer one. I show the video to u all.
This ice kacang look nice. But not delicious

Before go back I tapau an orange juice to drink becoz so kesian at the stall. No people but at her stall.. :P

That is my journey for today.

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