Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ling Zhou with pig

Today, as usual we go eat ice kacang again.
After eat LingZhou said want go take picture with chicken at my chicken farm. Behind MES school. Unfortunately, all chicken been caught and sell to AYAMAS and KFC.

And we ma go back lo.. send lingzhou back. He suggest want go see JPJ take speed track at my house. One he arrived my house, the JPJ finished work. And he decide go see pig again behind my house.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to KL

0630 - wake up and back to AyerTawar from Manjung
0715 - go eat breakfast at Taman Dindings. Eat Roti telur bawang, nasi lemak and Milo O ice. After that went to mart to buy reload card. Rm10 Maxis.

0740 - Lingzhou and his biao mei come with BMW 523i. And start our journey to Kuala Lumpur.

We use Tapah toll. Around 0900, we drop by at Tempat Rehat Tapah eat breakfast again. I eat Nasi Ayam and Limau Ice. The Nasi Ayam at there don taste nice. Like shit.. :D

Around 1100, we reach KL. After we out from Sg Besi tol, we stop at the petrol station there to wait a bus because LingZhou dono how to go Pudu Raya.

We follow the bus once we out from sg besi toll. :p

1130 - We reach pudu raya already. Then we go to ST college to take LingZhou biao mei certificate. Damn the teacher at there. Don want to sign. Take a long time. Me and Lingzhou was boring. So ma go out lo... We walk around Petaling Street and buy 2 longan drink. I treat. hehe...
Then we walk to Kota Raya. But not thing to do.
Petaling Street

So I suggest go drink coffee at Starbuck. LingZhou told me this is his first time drink at Starbuck.. heheheh :D . We buy 2 Dulce de Leche Frappuccino. Cost rm31.50 including stupid tax.

Too much Chocolate powder. Look like shit. Izzit?

After finish drink we go back to LingZhou biao mei college.. HAiz.. need to wait. At last around 1400 we take the cerf.

Then we start journey to Wangsa Maju to move LingZhou biao mei stuff to Subang Jaya.
LingZhou biao mei house.

1500 - We reach at Wangsa Maju. And start our work. Holy shit. her house got alot dog shit. Dono i got step it or not. We move all her stuff from 3rd floor. Alot of thing. Especially, shoe and bear.

The thing to move. Still got alot at upstairs.

Need to move 2 time. Because too many thing. 1st time to Lingzhou house. Also at Wangsa Maju. Omg, this one more teruk. 4th floor. Aiks.. what to do.. she bring us go Kl became her KULI. After finish move, Lingzhou take shower and drive without wearing shirt to his biao mei house.
LingZhou house

1600 - start journey to Subang Jaya. They pass by Titiwangsa Station. I ask LingZhou to drop me at there.

1610 - I meet up with Jay at sentul. Just chit chat.
1630 - Because too rushing, I told Jay I need to go back house at Taman Connought.

1700- I reach Lrt Tasik Selatan. And i take taxi to my house at taman connought. So traffic jam. Actually just go back take my photo album nia.. alll got 5 album.

1730 - I go eat dinner at my house area. Eat char siew rice and 2 chinese tea.

1800 - Start journey to KTM. I go meet my friend Azzam at Lrt Tasik Selatan because he working at there.

1810 - I reach KTM Tasik Selatan station . And buy ticket to Subang Jaya. Wah... take so long to wait. And alot of people at there. I called LingZhou where is he. He told me still at Carefour Subang Jaya. I told him need to wait long time. Aiya.. all people also know la that KTM very slow one.

1830 - KTM came. Then LingZhou phone me. Ask me wait him at LRT Kelana Jaya. huh.. I told him that better than meet him at Subang Jaya. Because I need to transit at KL Central. If go to Subang Jaya by KTM.

1850 - I drop at KL central but i check out and go for PUTRA Line .

1900 - Train came.

1925 - I arrive at LRT Kelana Jaya. And I call them. They told me On the way to the station. Because too jam.

1935 - They came. And start our journey back to Perak.

When go back time, at Tempat Rehat Rawang there, LingZhou switch with her biao mei. His biao mei drive. So scary one.... And drive very fast . About 150km/h.

LingZhou biao mei Dog. Sorry not clear. Capture on night. hehe

This dog sit beside me from KL - AyerTawar.

2100 - Reach Tapah Road. I keep call my dad but he didnt pick up. Dono 'hiew' where. hehe.

2200 - reach AyerTawar.. damn boring.. cant online.

0000 - Take shower. and use my grandma waja car to Manjung. Boring eat alone, ma go telephone my friend and ask him want go eat supper with me or not. We go eat behind Billion. I eat nasi goreng paprik and he eat TOMyam campur.

After eat, I send him go back and i go round round At Manjung. Got one car , dono who keep following me .,. But at last i avoid from him.

0200 - Reach AyerTawar . so tired. and sleep..

That is my 1 day trip to KL. hehe

biao mei - cousin sister.

Monday, April 28, 2008

First time to UNIKL at Manjung

Today my friend bring me go visit UNIKL. After eat at Mamak nearby my house. Around 2300 by motor.. damn.. my back so pain...

The better question to ask

Accident again

The car condition after accident.

Date : 27 April 2008
Place : Manjung
Die : None
Injured : None

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ong Soon Lin

Ong Kee Sing

Today I want tell u all my good record at My secondary school.
Hello teacher.. Miss me?? ngek ngek..
Long story la... Dono how to start. Let me think. erm......

Date of Chemistry Paper (SPM Trial Exam 2004)
Place : SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar, Perak
Time : Morning
Victim: Ong Soon Lin and Ong Kee Sing

I try to slap that Ong Soon Lin because of her mouth. Everytime complain about me.
So i beh syok.. Straight go find her. Damn Ong Kee Sing, he saw me and try to stop me.
At last i didnt slap ong soon lin but i elbow ong kee sing. Lucklily i smart. I call my parent before go for it. If not sure I drink coffee with Policemen again.

I think both of them too Ong that time.
Luck in chinese call ONG.

Friday, April 25, 2008

AyerTawar's Ranger

Long time ago, this 8 person was very good friend. They came from a small town call AyerTawar. One day, this 8 person plan go to Langkawi for holiday.

Once there reach Langkawi, they went to swimming. They look happy and jump like crazy guy. Just out from Tanjung Rambutan. Suddenly, 3 person of the group was disappear. This 5 person keep looking them, shout here calling them name. MingSie!!! Alan Chen!!!! Siew Loong!! where r u? SieSie!! KeongKeong, LoongLoong.. please come out.. dont play hide and seek.

While looking them, suddenly there found a treasure box. Inside the box got 5 gold coins. Once there pick up, suddenly they transform to AyerTawar Ranger.

Once they transform, suddenly SieSie and KeongKeong come and attack them. but tat 5 ranger still lose. becoz siesie and keongkeong to power. Few minute later, that siewloong appear with green ranger uniform. He help the other 5. Now there got 6 rangers. At last the bad guy lose and start to run.

to be continue......

AyerTawar's 女杀手

女杀手 = Lady Killer..
This video edit by AyerTawarian
This video about Ayertawar lady killer. Always seduce Ayertawar guy . No matter old or young all they sapu. At last each lady killer found their boyfriend and leave happily ever after.

chiang yvloi
zen hing yeefang

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AyerTawar's Next Top Model.

This is 1st draft. Haven't habis do la... Bad right? Never mind next time I do more better than this. wakakkaaka... Hope you all (chiobu) can give me more sexy (chio) picture to put in lo.. you all arrrrrr.. can send me the sexiest picture through my email at or also can upload at friendster too.. sorry for those name tarak inside wor.. coz dont have ur picture lo..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ayertawarian Gathering (2006)

this gathering held by yeefang. Because she get JPA scholarship to Australia. Yeefang treat us eat at Mcdonald.

Occasion: Gathering
Date: 02 December 2006
Venue: Mcdonald (Manjung) & dsloong house (Perak)
Host: Jenan Ngo
Participant: Zen Hing, Siew Loong, Yee Fang, Huei Sen, Wei Kien, Wee Lun, Kuan Siong, Chin Long,

Lunch at Cheras (2006)

lunch at taman connought, cheras..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

McDonald (18SX)

This McDonald located at Taman Connought , Cheras. Store #183. I work at here last years. U see how cruel there are.... Especially the manager at there.. Because of the girl transfer to other McD. need to mandi air sabun? actually what u all think? like rape? hehe.,.. tolong tolong...

Monday, April 21, 2008


Chiang said " u want your head inside a? nah!! everyday bising ask me potong your head and paste inside.."


aaah........... damn boring.. nothing to do now... no people chat. as usual chat with alex and jane lo.....
keep looking people profile at myspace and friendster. hope someone will send me comment..
now just 2am.. need to wait 3 more hour to fetch my sister back.
going back ayertawar again wait her... someone please help me..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Accident 2006

if i not mistaken

This Toyota Hilux car not more than a year old was crash into a ditch by me on December 2006.

story is something ... (Now already 4am. still cant sleep. guess i going to crap again. and find old picture to blog it. poor grammar!.. someone please help me to correct it!!)

Once upon the time,. My dad ask me to send to 2 Indonesian workers from palm oil farm back home at chicken farm. This is because the rear tyre was not enough pressure.
. And suddenly I lost control. The moment i crashed into the ditch, I start to panic. And don't know what to do. I keep call my dad. But he didn't pick up the phone. At last I decide call my Uncle (my father younger brother). I try get out from the car but the door can’t open. Suddenly got a old men asked me to open the window and I can get out from the car through the window. Few minute later, my family with policemen to take report. But my dad told the policemen that he was driving the car. I was too lucky because I don't have any injured but my 2 worker jump down from the car. 1 of them had bad injury. Until now I still don't know how the condition.

Few months ago, the car was back from warranty. The engines have big damage until need to change new one (if not mistaken). Until now 2008 ,the car can still drive as usual but less pick up

My House

My house at Venice of Perak

Hsloke and Ling Zhou Birthday

sorry C Liping. Forget put ur name. Never mind wait chiang edit 1st

funny pose. Protect ball. :P



Ngie Chong

Siew Loong

Ing Kiong

Chin Long

Alan Chen

Siew Kang

Murder cake

Actually hsloke birthday on 12 April 2008 and LingZhou on 26 April 2008.
But we celebrate on 19 April 2008. hehe..

Occasion: Birthday
Date: 19 April 2008
Venue: Mcdonald Manjung (Perak)
Participant: Chin Long, Siew Loong, Alan Chen, Ngie Chong, Ing Kiong, Ling Zhou, Huei Sen, Siew Kang (my bro),

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Take a look....

I'm just thinking how to have fun in University. University is a place for stupid person, those who are stupid will read books, clever people don't.


Q: What is different between pulling a curtain and a panties?

A: When you pull a curtain , it means that the show is over.
But pulling down a pantie mean IT'S SHOW TIME.


Q: What is the smallest hotel in the world?
A: A pussy . Because u have to leave even the bags outside.


Q: If girl wear mini skirt they look sexy.
How about it look like if boy wear the same?
A: It will look like a CHURCH BELL


Q: What did the dick say to the condom?
A: Cover me! I`m going in!!


Q: Mcm mana nak makan nasi kosong tapi rasa telur?
A: korunk makan nasi pastu pegang telur sendiri

Book Cake

Nothing much special. Go eat ice kacang again loo,. Can said everyday go eat ice kacang with lingzhou since I back from KL.
After that, I go to Sitiawan with LingZhou and my brother to book cake at Secret Recipe. Damn expensive rm73.50 for 2kg Black Forest cake.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Puberty is when you grow hair on your whoohaha.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pig Behind My Old House

This video take on 16April 2008 .
Location: Behind my old house.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Hometown

Today I go back to my hometown at AyerTawar, Perak by bus. Damn.. I carry alot thing. 2 LCD monitor, 1 cpu, 1 speaker and many more...... look like a Chinaman just came from China bring big plastic bag. u know what i mean? next time i upload the bag photo for u all to see.

Today i sit Konsortium Bas. take 3 hour and half to reach. from Pudu Raya, KL to Manjung , Perak.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Final Exam

dono how to said la.... too bad... many question dono do. especially java programming lo..... but still hope can pass....

Monday, April 14, 2008


OMG.. so fast 14th April 2008. Damn damn... i got 2 more paper to go today. Java Programming and Object Oriented Modeling.. Havent finish study also.. waiting to die here.. Plz someone help me........... goshhh......... hope i can pass for today.. wish me luck..

PC Fair 2008

Today I went to PC fair . Buy 2 LCD Monitor. One for me and one for my cousin brother. He buy 22" and I buy 19". No money to buy 22" cost RM950 free 4GB pendrive. aiks... My 19" just rm599 and free 1 portable speaker.
Damn my old monitor.. Suddenly no display at screen. Waste again my money to buy new one. Aikss... what to do.. My hand to "itchy" simply hit the keyboard. So regret to do that.

Samsung SyncMaster 943BWX 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor


  • Display Panel: 19" color active matrix LCD (TFT)
  • Resolution: 1440 x 900 Native
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Brightness (Typical): 300 cd/m²
  • Viewing Angle (H/V): 170°/160°
  • Cabinet Color: Black
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.28" x 14.07" x 7.48"
  • Video Inputs: Analog RGB, DVI-D
  • Environments: PC and Mac compatible
  • Warranty: Three Year Covering Parts and Labor

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysia -> Hangzhou -> Beijing -> Suzhou -> Shanghai -> Hangzhou -> Guangzhou -> Hanoi -> Cambodia -> Phuket -> MALAYSIA (Planning Progress)

Planing to go China this August 2008 with my friend at Korea. But he is ayertawarian with his 2 friend.
But got a lot of problem after chat with my KUKU (Auntie)

She asked me think twice what am I doing. And she not recommenced me go alone from Malaysia. After think, I realize that have many problem if I do so.
  • difficult to meet up with my friend came from Korea unless I meet them at airport.
  • It is going to a trouble meeting up unless you have a cell phone or know where they stay.

Beside that , she told me don't go so many other countries or go to multiple routes in order to reach my destination. It is just too risky. She ask me find someone who is interested to go with me from Malaysia.

She told me:

First of all, you really need to be careful because you take risk to travel alone through multiple routes and I believe it's going to be too costly for you to travel from Malaysia while your friends travel from Korea doesn't cost them too much. I would think twice what I am getting myself into if I were you

What you all think? Any suggestion?

listen to....

now wat's the time??? almost 4a.m.. still can't sleep?? dunno y? still feel fresh like s@#$! And want go to take supper. but raining.. damn damn damn.. whole day raining. haha... at home now (cheras,KL)... most of my time here, accompanied by computer.. browsing thru Friendster, myspace hundred times.. downloaded quite a lot of movies and song... chat a lot via msn, ym.. BUT, less studying.. for my final this Monday 14 April 2008. jus dunno how i'm goin 2 die soon.. still don wanna wake up... sigh..

cos I'm goin crazy! is there anybody goin to save me? can anyone tell wat's goin on? tell me wat's goin on wif me? if i open my eyes, i'm goin to see something is wrong..... wif ME?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008


This video make by Terry Neoh.. One of the ayertawarian member too..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Police Report

Pada 10/04/08 lebih kurang 1700hours ketika saya berada di rumah sewa alamat seperti diatas saya telah masuk kedalam bilik saya dan membiarkan keadaan di dalam rumah gelap kerana suiz utama telah tertutup akibat hujan yang terlalu lebat. Ketika itu rakan-rakan serumah seramai 5 orang tiada di rumah. Pada jam 1900 hours saya terdengar pintu bilik saya seperti mahu di buka dari luar. Tidak lama kemudian rakan serumah saya telah buka pintu bilik saya dengan menggunakan tukul besi. Dia masuk dan terus “on suiz” di dalam bilik saya dan lepas itu dia keluar dan mengunci semula pintu. Dalam hal ini, saya syaki dia yang telah memecah masuk bilik saya ketika saya tiada di rumah kerana selama in perhubungan kami berdua tidak baik. Seingat saya telah 5 kali bilik saya di pecah masuk dan setiap kali biik saya dimasuki orang, satu barang akan hilang. Saya pernah ternampak dia menggunakan barang milik saya yang hilang. Di antara barangan milik saya yang telah hilang adalah :-

1 black body glove underwear
1 british india belt
- 2 256 DDR ram
- 1 40GB hard disc
- 1 nike cap
- 1 billabong cap
- Coins
- Money
- Fruit
- Egg

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

stupid notice

be alert: keep the floor clean, no shoes into the room. violater denda rm100

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Education


EXPRESS HIGHWAY. (1994 to 1999)


(2000 to 2004)


(2005 to 200X)