Friday, April 25, 2008

AyerTawar's 女杀手

女杀手 = Lady Killer..
This video edit by AyerTawarian
This video about Ayertawar lady killer. Always seduce Ayertawar guy . No matter old or young all they sapu. At last each lady killer found their boyfriend and leave happily ever after.

chiang yvloi
zen hing yeefang


looi said...

The best video of alan. The song and d pic suit 99.9%!!! haha. Well done alan!!!!

yvloi said...

Good edit of video I must say.. Haha.. U knw ma, the first time i ever watch it, my jaws touch the floor!! Then, I kept on laughing non-stop!! Cuz it's reli too funnie!!
Tiba-tiba can become 女杀手... Hahahaha!!! LMAO..
Credit goes to Alan..

Anonymous said...

a nice video...i like d song...classic does aitawar galz...hahaha