Friday, April 25, 2008

AyerTawar's Ranger

Long time ago, this 8 person was very good friend. They came from a small town call AyerTawar. One day, this 8 person plan go to Langkawi for holiday.

Once there reach Langkawi, they went to swimming. They look happy and jump like crazy guy. Just out from Tanjung Rambutan. Suddenly, 3 person of the group was disappear. This 5 person keep looking them, shout here calling them name. MingSie!!! Alan Chen!!!! Siew Loong!! where r u? SieSie!! KeongKeong, LoongLoong.. please come out.. dont play hide and seek.

While looking them, suddenly there found a treasure box. Inside the box got 5 gold coins. Once there pick up, suddenly they transform to AyerTawar Ranger.

Once they transform, suddenly SieSie and KeongKeong come and attack them. but tat 5 ranger still lose. becoz siesie and keongkeong to power. Few minute later, that siewloong appear with green ranger uniform. He help the other 5. Now there got 6 rangers. At last the bad guy lose and start to run.

to be continue......

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