Sunday, April 13, 2008

listen to....

now wat's the time??? almost 4a.m.. still can't sleep?? dunno y? still feel fresh like s@#$! And want go to take supper. but raining.. damn damn damn.. whole day raining. haha... at home now (cheras,KL)... most of my time here, accompanied by computer.. browsing thru Friendster, myspace hundred times.. downloaded quite a lot of movies and song... chat a lot via msn, ym.. BUT, less studying.. for my final this Monday 14 April 2008. jus dunno how i'm goin 2 die soon.. still don wanna wake up... sigh..

cos I'm goin crazy! is there anybody goin to save me? can anyone tell wat's goin on? tell me wat's goin on wif me? if i open my eyes, i'm goin to see something is wrong..... wif ME?

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