Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ong Soon Lin

Ong Kee Sing

Today I want tell u all my good record at My secondary school.
Hello teacher.. Miss me?? ngek ngek..
Long story la... Dono how to start. Let me think. erm......

Date of Chemistry Paper (SPM Trial Exam 2004)
Place : SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar, Perak
Time : Morning
Victim: Ong Soon Lin and Ong Kee Sing

I try to slap that Ong Soon Lin because of her mouth. Everytime complain about me.
So i beh syok.. Straight go find her. Damn Ong Kee Sing, he saw me and try to stop me.
At last i didnt slap ong soon lin but i elbow ong kee sing. Lucklily i smart. I call my parent before go for it. If not sure I drink coffee with Policemen again.

I think both of them too Ong that time.
Luck in chinese call ONG.

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