Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trip to KL

0630 - wake up and back to AyerTawar from Manjung
0715 - go eat breakfast at Taman Dindings. Eat Roti telur bawang, nasi lemak and Milo O ice. After that went to mart to buy reload card. Rm10 Maxis.

0740 - Lingzhou and his biao mei come with BMW 523i. And start our journey to Kuala Lumpur.

We use Tapah toll. Around 0900, we drop by at Tempat Rehat Tapah eat breakfast again. I eat Nasi Ayam and Limau Ice. The Nasi Ayam at there don taste nice. Like shit.. :D

Around 1100, we reach KL. After we out from Sg Besi tol, we stop at the petrol station there to wait a bus because LingZhou dono how to go Pudu Raya.

We follow the bus once we out from sg besi toll. :p

1130 - We reach pudu raya already. Then we go to ST college to take LingZhou biao mei certificate. Damn the teacher at there. Don want to sign. Take a long time. Me and Lingzhou was boring. So ma go out lo... We walk around Petaling Street and buy 2 longan drink. I treat. hehe...
Then we walk to Kota Raya. But not thing to do.
Petaling Street

So I suggest go drink coffee at Starbuck. LingZhou told me this is his first time drink at Starbuck.. heheheh :D . We buy 2 Dulce de Leche Frappuccino. Cost rm31.50 including stupid tax.

Too much Chocolate powder. Look like shit. Izzit?

After finish drink we go back to LingZhou biao mei college.. HAiz.. need to wait. At last around 1400 we take the cerf.

Then we start journey to Wangsa Maju to move LingZhou biao mei stuff to Subang Jaya.
LingZhou biao mei house.

1500 - We reach at Wangsa Maju. And start our work. Holy shit. her house got alot dog shit. Dono i got step it or not. We move all her stuff from 3rd floor. Alot of thing. Especially, shoe and bear.

The thing to move. Still got alot at upstairs.

Need to move 2 time. Because too many thing. 1st time to Lingzhou house. Also at Wangsa Maju. Omg, this one more teruk. 4th floor. Aiks.. what to do.. she bring us go Kl became her KULI. After finish move, Lingzhou take shower and drive without wearing shirt to his biao mei house.
LingZhou house

1600 - start journey to Subang Jaya. They pass by Titiwangsa Station. I ask LingZhou to drop me at there.

1610 - I meet up with Jay at sentul. Just chit chat.
1630 - Because too rushing, I told Jay I need to go back house at Taman Connought.

1700- I reach Lrt Tasik Selatan. And i take taxi to my house at taman connought. So traffic jam. Actually just go back take my photo album nia.. alll got 5 album.

1730 - I go eat dinner at my house area. Eat char siew rice and 2 chinese tea.

1800 - Start journey to KTM. I go meet my friend Azzam at Lrt Tasik Selatan because he working at there.

1810 - I reach KTM Tasik Selatan station . And buy ticket to Subang Jaya. Wah... take so long to wait. And alot of people at there. I called LingZhou where is he. He told me still at Carefour Subang Jaya. I told him need to wait long time. Aiya.. all people also know la that KTM very slow one.

1830 - KTM came. Then LingZhou phone me. Ask me wait him at LRT Kelana Jaya. huh.. I told him that better than meet him at Subang Jaya. Because I need to transit at KL Central. If go to Subang Jaya by KTM.

1850 - I drop at KL central but i check out and go for PUTRA Line .

1900 - Train came.

1925 - I arrive at LRT Kelana Jaya. And I call them. They told me On the way to the station. Because too jam.

1935 - They came. And start our journey back to Perak.

When go back time, at Tempat Rehat Rawang there, LingZhou switch with her biao mei. His biao mei drive. So scary one.... And drive very fast . About 150km/h.

LingZhou biao mei Dog. Sorry not clear. Capture on night. hehe

This dog sit beside me from KL - AyerTawar.

2100 - Reach Tapah Road. I keep call my dad but he didnt pick up. Dono 'hiew' where. hehe.

2200 - reach AyerTawar.. damn boring.. cant online.

0000 - Take shower. and use my grandma waja car to Manjung. Boring eat alone, ma go telephone my friend and ask him want go eat supper with me or not. We go eat behind Billion. I eat nasi goreng paprik and he eat TOMyam campur.

After eat, I send him go back and i go round round At Manjung. Got one car , dono who keep following me .,. But at last i avoid from him.

0200 - Reach AyerTawar . so tired. and sleep..

That is my 1 day trip to KL. hehe

biao mei - cousin sister.

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