Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perkahwinan Melayu

Today is Shikin married. Mcdonald manager la.. so she invite us lo.. go they and eat.. take some pic also...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is the old stuff which I left out in my blog for the year 2008, so now want to post up...

Well, actually not consider as a holiday trip because it's just a journey out to Singapore to buy my bag and sunglass. But at last I just buy bag. Not enough money to buy sunglass.

This all begin when I said want to go Singapore to buy my stuff for the Vietnam trip. Then I invite Yunloi, Chin Long, Chiang and Kuan Siong lo.. They said no problem. That si Chiang I dono take how long to pujuk him go. But yunloi mum dont allowed she follow us. Said I driving very dangerous. At last her mum bring her go. We meet her at Mallaca lo....

So I start my journey lo.. Reach at Muar around 1800. Drive to Muar becoz want to send the chicken to my aunt. To do Loh Mai Kai. After that , asked my auntie send us to Melaka to meet Yunloi lo.. Then before meet Yunloi, my aunt bring us eat dinner.

Just start my journey from Manjung

at Perhentian Tapah. Drop by and have lunch. Then buy some fruit

my record . But I think I drive until 190km/h

At Muar

This is Bukit Pasir town. All the aerial in Muar high high~~~ to receive Singapore channel

my cousin.

Meet Yunloi, then we walk around the street and take some picture lo... Then we go to eat satay celup. Melaka famous food. This time Yunloi's mum treat us eat. If i know she going to treat , of course I going to paw her kaw kaw.. lolx


Infront of red house

After we had our dinner in Malacca, we continued our journey to Singapore. There's some jam at the new Johor Custom and as such we reached Woodlands kinda late, at about 2:30a.m. if I'm not mistaken. So have some rest at yunloi aunt's house before go shopping.

21 November 2008, whole day go for window shopping and didn't go to any interesting places except at night. We went to Orchard Road and have some shots of the Christmas decoration there. Then we depart with Yunloi lo.. and I bring them to my cousin house sleep. Then the next morning we packing and continue to buy my bag. At last I bought it., Cost me 335 sing dollar. damn expensive.. after that I went to Little India,.. Mustafa Center help my friend buy perfum and sauna thing. That time I walk alone lo.. Because 3 of them was too tired.. After buy all this thing , we go back to Johor Bharu lo.. Take bus.

Last day at Joanne house

Reach JB, no bus go back to Muar. So I called my Mee Ling EEt lo... Then stay at her house. The next morning she send us go to Larkin Bus Station. Reach muar lo.. Then put our stuff into the car 1st. and eat some pau and taipoa back too.. Then take motor go to eat our dinner at Bukit Pasir. eat mee.. after that we start our journey to Kuala Lumpur.

At KL , I meet lcyin at Masjid Jamek lo.. Then we walk to Mcd Bukit Bintang to meet, chiang, kslooi, fishy and winnie.. That time lcyin keep complain.. said very far..

with winnie. last seen years 1999

at lowyat

After that, we went to lowyat, because my sister want to by external hard disc and lcyin bought 4gb pendrive. Then we drive to 1Utama. Plan going to meet chang liping, but too late. so we cancel. and drive to my relative (kuku) house . pass my sister external hard disc. Then I send lcyin back to UM. That time we drive wrong way.. At last I ask chiang drive for mel. because I was headache. I laid behind the car. Bonet there... Then drive to UM, lcyin want to treat us eat KL Gate Burger.. But it dont Open .. so sad... So after send lcyin back to house. we drive back to Ayertawar. I drive half and chiang drive until reach home..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Teluk Batik

Today nothing to do lo. After go 252 with Lingzhou thought want go to Beruas Pupu and eat Laksa at there lo. Then suddenly change plan. go teluk batik lo.. play banana boat. cost Rm42. 1 person RM7. So all got 8 people (dsloong, Jenan, Lingzhou, iek , kehjuinn. jaywin, hokhing and another one dono name what) lo.. But only 6 people play. (dsloong, kehjuinn, iek, jaywin, hokhing and another one dono name what).. hehe... After that we went to Mcdonald lo..