Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

aiks... suddenly so many people TAGGED me... chiang, lingzhou and yunloi.. erm.. that si mingsie forget me liao.. never tagged me.. so sad... only got fishy at her heart..

According to the rules,
After being tagged,
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  • Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
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7 Facts About dsloong That U Might Don't Know

  • my head came out from my mum's cibai on 28 October 1987 at 10am,
  • born in Sitiawan but stay at Ayer Tawar for 18 years. 2 year in Cheras, KL and now staying at Manjung
  • Since small I want to became Pilot. But when I in 11 years old, my ambition destroy. Because my eyes were rabun (sightedness). Guess see too many lenglui..
  • I like animal very much but I dont dare to touch IT
  • I like people to challenge me.
  • I talk very loud. I think this is hokchan style.. talk loud..
  • I like to Eat and Drink.. Eat Eat Eat...... makan makan makan!!!!


  • everyday I download thing. Music, Drama, TV Series , Anime. and PORN as well. I ever can supply the Porno to u all... Straight, Lesbian , Gay and Bisexual. Not forgetting animal and anime Porn (Hentai)
  • I like to keep fingernail. But my grandma alway ask me cut.
  • I very shy at girl one.. Even I dont have sel malu..
  • Alway sleep late. But once I sleep I lazy to wake up
  • Bath. I never take shower If I dont go out.
  • last minute guys.
  • when driving, I like to langgar traffic light. hehe :D


Alan Chen

Lee Chian Yin
Ling Yee Fang
Yu Chin Long
Tiong Jay Win
Ding Sook Wei


Loi Heng Chiang
Lok Yun Loi
Lim Ling Zhou


MinC said...

haha..not i forgot u..its i scare i kena tag too many times...i sayang u la

alex madina said...

mesti buat tag ke?
klau tak buat boleh tak?

Izo Candy said...

wah...animal porn pun ade?