Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysia -> Hangzhou -> Beijing -> Suzhou -> Shanghai -> Hangzhou -> Guangzhou -> Hanoi -> Cambodia -> Phuket -> MALAYSIA (Planning Progress)

Planing to go China this August 2008 with my friend at Korea. But he is ayertawarian with his 2 friend.
But got a lot of problem after chat with my KUKU (Auntie)

She asked me think twice what am I doing. And she not recommenced me go alone from Malaysia. After think, I realize that have many problem if I do so.
  • difficult to meet up with my friend came from Korea unless I meet them at airport.
  • It is going to a trouble meeting up unless you have a cell phone or know where they stay.

Beside that , she told me don't go so many other countries or go to multiple routes in order to reach my destination. It is just too risky. She ask me find someone who is interested to go with me from Malaysia.

She told me:

First of all, you really need to be careful because you take risk to travel alone through multiple routes and I believe it's going to be too costly for you to travel from Malaysia while your friends travel from Korea doesn't cost them too much. I would think twice what I am getting myself into if I were you

What you all think? Any suggestion?

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