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Indochina Trip 5-19 January 2009

Today I just book ticket to IndoChina. so rush.. should be yesterday dy book. but no credit card.. at last we found survivor. Miss Yeefang.. She got credit card lo.. At usual me again need to call here and there. Call to Chiang at Korea and Yeefang at Australia. Lucky YeeFang not kamsiap like chiang. She still can call me.. hahaha :D Dono this time how is my phone bill.

My Flight detail :-
Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) to Hanoi (HAN)
Economy Promo
Monday, 05 Jan 2009 Flight AK 760
Depart Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 06:30
Arrive in Hanoi (HAN) at 08:45

Bangkok (BKK) to Phuket (HKT)
Economy Promo
Saturday, 17 Jan 2009 Flight FD 3031
Depart Bangkok (BKK) at 13:10
Arrive in Phuket (HKT) at 14:30

Phuket (HKT) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL)
Economy Promo
Monday, 19 Jan 2009 Flight AK 877
Depart Phuket (HKT) at 16:05
Arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 18:20

The flight fare for 2 pax ..

Today while YeeFang book ticket.. Something the page no load.. ma she refresh lo.. wtf.. became double booking. She quickly msg me.. I think she bluff me one... But it real thing after she sent me the email. Walao eh..... So ma quickly I go find airasia no and call.. So cibai one the center. Dont pick up. so buzy one.. somemore call to singapore center also same....

No choice.. I quickly go to Giant at Taman Connought becoz at there got 1 AirAsia shop.. But it cant help. The salegirl ask me go to KL Central bcoz she said there maybe can do. Suddenly my cousin call me lo.. Becoz he saw alot of my miscal gue.. He ask me apasal? I also story from A to Z. He teach me call the bank to cancel lo... Then ma I call YeeFang again tell her this and that. . Then I rush go KL Central lo. Lucky got bus for me to go.. If no.. Taxi again. U know la.. since i kena samun, damn pokai dy. haha..

I using KTM go to KL Central. Then Yeefang call me that, she going to bank cancel one of the transition. But she dono which one she cancel. aiks.. That time I already at KL Central. I go take the number.. neiwasa so many ppl.. my no is 1437. and no now is 1360.

While waiting I go buy thing to eat. U know la.. I kaki makan and minum one.. hehe... at last my turn. (now still thinking want to do dialogs or not) erm.. dont think i will do. bcoz cant remember alot or scene.. hehe :D.
so ma i story from A to Z to her lo.. At last I can cancel already. Then , I take KTM go back to Tasik Seatan. Then take Taxi to my house..

**Ps : Chiang I wan claim from u this all money.. haha**

Ok.. let talk about my plans.
Malaysia > Hanoi > HochinMin > Combodia > Bangkok > Phuket > Malaysia

Vietnam and Combodia we take 10 days. Mean 15 January we going to Bangkok. 17 fly to Phuket lo.. and 19 balik kampung.
Malaysia - Hanoi = flight
Hanoi - HochinMin = take bus
HochinMin - Cambodia = take bus too
Combodia - Bangkok = take bus lo..
Bangkok - Phuket = flight
Phuket -Malaysia = flight

Chiang no more Chia Duai Pao hehe.. ticket book dy.. must plan good good one. no more omong kosong dy.. haha

Chia Duai Po = cakap besar

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