Saturday, May 31, 2008

Makan Whole days

This evening I went to malay wedding with my cousin, dennis and his dad. This was my first time attend malay wedding. Somemore alot military attend. Becoz the bridegroom is military doctor from TLDM, Lumut. If not mistaken.Nothing special la.. Just go to eat only. Becoz my uncle sponsor 50 chicken to them.

At night I went to dinner with my cousin and uncle. Becoz my grandpa sister husband bought us 3 ticket. The dinner is for the people at China. Something like derma money la.. U know how much I derma?? hehe.. just RM1. bcoz my pocket only got RM1 and other big money. RM50 and 10,000 rupiah. hehe...

After the dinner I meet my friend at Manjung. We go drink at behind Billion. I drink Limau Ice. After that go to Waterfront Bistro at Lumut. I drink a can coke. Then go buy 1.5 liter mineral water. Bcoz nothing to do.. Just drink la.. After lumut, I go to Mcdonald at Manjung. Eat nugget, fried and a milo until 0630. Then go back AyerTawar to sleep. Coz dont dare back manjung and sleep. Scare later my mum nagging at there.. hehe

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