Monday, October 13, 2008


Erm.. today wake up at 3pm lo.. then online for while.. go toilet SHIT and straight go Sitiawan there buy Kong Biang.. Sitiawan famous food. Buy 10 small and 5 big. Total RM10.50. Then drive back to Ayer Tawar. While driving I eat kongpiang..

Then after eat kongpiang still hungry. so go kitchen and find food to eat. saw vegetable/ so bring to living room to eat lo.. Then my grandma said in refrigerator got bird nest to drink.. haha. so quickly go and grab it lo.. If not sure my brothers finish it. If he know.. haha...
So keesing (frustrated).. I pour the bird nest. about 1/3 la.. to my jean pant.. aiks...

Around 6pm I drive back Manjung lo.. online and watch movies.. At 7pm. I go boil corn.. eat 3 corn. My sister bought from cameron highland. Then around 9pm.. Hungry again. go refrigerator take the prawn out. And drive to Billion to buy thing to cook.

Tonight I cook Mee Goreng Thai and Sweet and Sour Soup.. Haha.. This 2 nia.. The mee taste very bad.. huhuh.. But what to do I Push my self to finish it.. hehe..

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アラン様 said...

If you didn't mention it's bird nest, I would have misunderstood it for something else. Haha. You know what I mean la. Hehe.