Thursday, October 16, 2008


dis gurl.. phoned her and chatted wif her for bout 45 minutes.with d reason that I has too much credit..n she is the last choice since no one want to pick up my phone. lolx.. I said wan2 marry her wif only 2chicken. But she dont come and take.. somemore said I`m stingy.. :-( so sad................ This girl a.. really noob at IT. dono how to burn cd.. need ask me to help her how... then help her recovery her laptop lo. since she was noob then she recovery for 2 time.. haha.. even also dono what is reboot.. .. but she really hav communication problem with me. she have to speak malay with me... and I relpy her with fu zhou... this girl a.. also got a bit hamsap... talk alot dulai with me one.. so beware of her.... see her wen lu (polite).. but her heart more dulai then me... forgot to record our conversation.. haha :D

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