Friday, October 24, 2008

KL Trip

This morning wake up at 3am lo.. but my alarm set up at 5am. Because cant sleep.. huhuhu :D. dono why lo.. maybe because too excited.. Then wake up online and watch movies. until about 5am. So start to take shower and pick up my stuff. About 5am I move up from house. and go to Mcdonald. To eat Big Breakfast and drink Coffee.. Too bad. I cant finish the coffee without cream and sugar because it was too Hot. Dont have ice due Mcdonald dont have water.

After finish eat. The time show before 15minute reach 6am. SO I quickly drive back to Ayer Tawar because I promise Alan Chen we going to KL at 6am. Reach Alan Chen house. Quickly call him.. He came out with his sleepy face.. haha.. Pity at him.. I push him to follow me.. haha :D
hurm,... (nothing to story)
until reach a road to Kg Gajah (forgot what kampung la) there got flood.. damn.. It very long somemore.. huhuhuh :P. somemore I drove Triton Car.. The water almost close half of my tyre.. But also funny la .. when drive fast thru the water.. hehe :D Below here got 2 video for u all to see.. Sorry because bad quality. using handphone camera.

On the way to Kg Gajah.. I nearby have accident. Dont realise infront got thing. Luckly my car high. If not I dono what happened la.. haha.. hurm.. somemore I drive 2 way wrong. One is when I going to Kg Gajah. and another one when going to Tapah.

When we inside the toll. I ask Alan Chen want to eat or not. He reply said "Cincai lo" so I drive to Tapah Rest place they and eat lo.. We eat at Daily Fresh lo...
I eat combo D - Waffle Cake - Ice Kimo - Cup Corn - Ice Lemon Tea Alan eat Combo A - Waffle Cake - Ice Lemon Tea

After eat go Toilet pangsai (shit) and start our journey. hehe.. This time I drove highway at 120km/h - 170km/h. in raining time. :D hehe... reach Sungai Besi toll around 9am la.. damn slow this time drive.. all the stupid road la.. make me confuse and drive wrong.. This time go KL toll fare is RM19.40. Tapah - Sungai Besi.

When reach out toll we keep see signboard lo.. The 1st place we go is Taman Connought. Because I want to find my old friend.. Mcdonald friend. Meet Mimi, Mawi and some other person la.. forgot them name. Give them Satay Ikan from Lumut one. haha.. Alan have Fillet O fish at there... Then when we about to leave.. I meet my UCSI friend. Name Wing Hoe. Talk with him for while lo....

Then we move to IMU Sri Petaling. Yvonne house. Coz need park car at her apartment.. hehe.. Free Parking.. So we go out find Yvonne's house. Give her suprise.. aiks.. too bad.. She dont let us go in..See... The door lock.

After find Yvonne we go down. But suddenly feel want to pee.. haha.. This more happening. We go to Girl Toilet.. haha.. Because Guys Toilet was in cleaning that time. piew.. That time dont have girl inside.. hehe.. If not I dono what happened la.. since I so DULAI.. haha

Time show 11am.. We already in LRT. I go to Tasik Selatan and Alan go to Hang Tuah. Because I have appoitment with Takeshi. meet him at Leisuremall.. He treat me eat At Secret Receipi.. Haha.. Also celebrate my brithday. But just with 1 slice cake and 1 set meal. Then I give back his T-shirt and his Satay Fish , cuttle fish and many thing to him. from Lumut also.. while eating, then AZZAM call me.. say want to meet lo. I said at Lesiremall. So he came lo.. And I give him 1 set of the satay fish too.. After finish eat at Secret Recipi, I asked Takeshi sent me to LRT station. coz I want go to Bukit Bintang meet another friend.. This time he treat me eat sandwich. QUITE expensive la.. I think about RM8.00

Time show 3pm. Alan sms me said he go back first. I asked him wait for me. I on the way to LRT HANG TUAH. so meet up with him at there.. And start heading to Sri Petaling. Aiks.. This Yvonne har.. ask herpick up at 12pm already.. Until 3pm she havent finish pack up.. huhuhuhuh.. dono what she doing at there.. so we start our journey at 3.30pm. This time I think kslooi was angry already. because he got appoitment with another friend at UM at 5pm. What to do... So fucking jam at there.. somemore raining plus this is my first time drive into KL. So I drive to Kajang lo..Keep calling kslooi.. asked him which way.. haha.. I think called about 10 call or more than that.At last we reach kslooi house at 4.30pm.. haha.. help him take TV lo.. That time Alan was very tired., and sleep all the way to Kajang.

Then send to Yvonne's house at Sri Petaling.. aiks.. when we want to go Yvonne Condominiun, they meet up with Jenan. And Jenan said he also want go back hometown. But he drive another car la... hurm.. damn.. we about to miss WeiKien.. haha.. He at Puchong there. hurm.. asked Jenan got other shortcut to Puchong or not.. So Jenan also follow us go lo.. This time the car go me, Yvonne,kslooi,alan and jenan lo.. about full already,, aiks.. that time already 5pm. Office hours finish. also Jam.. hurm.. reach Puchong around 6pm. Usually I heard my friend said without traffic jam just 20minute nia.. hehe.. help WeiKien carry his cpu and put into the car. Then we going back to Sri Petaling lo.. This time Jenan house..

Jenan cook for us spaghetti. QUITE delicious.. feel want to eat more. but finish already. Then jenan help us check blood preasure.. and teach Yvonne how to use. 1 future Doctor and another 1 future pharmacy. And me is their future patient.. haha

Future Doctor and Pharmacy

Jenan teach yvonne how to use

Hou Chak (Delicious)

Around 8pm, we move out from Jenan house and heading to UM lo.. Find Lee Chian Yin.. Reach her apartment around 15minute lo.. Then we drive in to apartment. that stupid guard just let us go in without checking anything. Not like Vista Komanvel. need take Driving License and copy down all the detail.. huhuh

Reach lcyin apartment. so i sacrifice myself go fetch her go down lo.. That time I tought at B1051. But not her floor.. huhu. hearing Problem.. haha... But it at B1501. somemore ar.. this girl a.. I called more than 10 times also dont want pick up the phone. So I try my luck go to 15th floor lo.. The door didnt close.. Her friend was sitting there watching drama. So i asked "IS THIS B1501". Then suddenly, appear a lenglui (lcyin lo.. whose else) all her housemate lose to her... especially their body.. haha :D p/s (lcyin dont kill me) That time she was busy talking with her other friend. They tought I`m her boyfriend <-- wakkaakaak :D so proud.. hehe :D After she chase her friend out from house, She ask me wait. want change shirt.. Take about 10minute. dono change wat shirt,, huhuhu.. Then we go down together lo.. And then we drive our car go eat our dinner. at SS2...wai sek gaiii. That time she didnt realise Alan sitting behind the car lo.. Then we talk dulai with her.. When he realise Alan siitng behind, she keep hit and pinch my arm.. huhu.. so pain.. never mind.. BEAT is LOVE. That night go many people.. hard to find parking. with my skills I find the parking.. But need to walk la.. QUITE FAR.. hehe.. Then we go order food to eat.. Not much choice.. all sien already.. haha.. treat lcyin eat lo.. Somemore har.. that lcyin keep ask me go eat SHIT one.. dono why leh.. lcyin can explain ar

After finish eat, we go to Mcdonald toilet and buy some desert. Jenan and lcyin buy mcflurry Oreo. and weikien buy sundae corn. Me drink a coffee lo.. After finish eat send lcyin back to her apartment. and start our journey back to AyerTawar. This time we go back by 2 car. Quiet fast la we drive.. Just take 2 hour and half. reach Manjung..
When back time, kslooi and Yvonne follow my car. and Jenan Car, Alan and weikien. hurm... When about to reach Kampung Koh , weikien move to my car. Because want to sleep at my house lo.. Ok lo..

After that we went to Mcdonald..

Eat and Balik Tidur

END all my crap.

alot grammar mistake .. haha.. dono want to write what...

This time go KL because want to fetch people back only. So sad, lcyin and mingsie not following me go back.


MinC said... enjoy ka...go my place neva find me har..wan kena ka

dsloong said...

minc: who r u?

lcyin said...

i ask u eat shit hor...cox shiot really vry go n try lo..den post to the blog ahhh..haha...that DSL hor...always vry thick1lo...say he's my bf...really beh paiseh..but that dulai come find me really happy lo...cox get to meet jenan n yvonne they all[not cos can c DSL] ahhh...haha...anyway i also paiseh lo..cant go to dulai's party..haixxx..sorry lo...but at least i sang 2version's songs 2u ehhhh...happy ba