Friday, October 17, 2008

Cibai burn..

omg.. This early morning, my dad new cibai (chicken farm) was on fired. Still dono what is the cause lo...
Erm. since I not at there la.. I just know some story from my family la.. The fired start around 12.30am,, Then my dad rush to there.. He didnt ask me wake up lo.. Only go my mum and my sis.. drive my car go there lo.. I only know when i back to ayertawar. My grandma told.. 1am my uncle call police and bomba. But bomba arrive at 2.30am. Somemore not enough water.. Ask my sis do u have pail or not.. Coz finish water inside the tank. They take small pail and use longkang water to splash the water.

Dono must story.. so don know want to write what la..

The next morning around 9am I drive in and take some pic lo.. . Saw some dog enjoy eating at there.. BBQ.. haha :D

About 20k chicks died..

After Burn

Before burn

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