Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad News. Marry?

Today 11 June 2008. Time 9.23am.
I received a SMS from Chian Yin.
u know what she send?????

"last time my exam really fail. so u've to bertanggungjawab already.."
uwawawawa... :( i so charm.. getting MARRY soon.
She asked me tomorrow go minang her.

now no people can help me already.. even Jesus Christ and Guan Ying Ma also useless

- I dont wan marry so fast.
- I havent finish enjoy my life.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pray for exam

Today LCY = Lee Chian Yin paksa me write this.

Hope all people read this pray for her exam.

If she failed she kena paksa marry to me.. :D

My Wedding Invitation



結婚典禮﹐ 假座

鸡王 與 鸭王 敬邀

The honor of your presence
is requested at the marriage of
Ding Siew Loong
Lee Chian Yin

Sunday, the fifth teen of June
two thousand and eight
at seven o'clock
Dewan Kutien, Ayer Tawar


g'HaN sopHistiKatEd said...

ding u betul2 dah kawin ker???
r u serious??
wah congras!

alex said...

ko kawin tak jemput aku, benciiii....

dsloong said...

Ghan: haha.. yup... dah DO IT. hehe.. ko . tunggu anak je..

alex: ko jauh a... nak jemput mcm mana