Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pangkor Trip 06-07 June 2008

lazy to write la.. make it simple and cincai write la..

FIRST days
1600 - walk out from Manjung house.

1615 - reach mini supermarket. buy coke and change all my coins to paper money. (pokai already)

1620 - reach Billions. Buy apam balik. 4 piece cost rm2. then walk to bus stop lo.. opposite Uncle Ramli restaurant

1630 - wait for the bus to Lumut. So lucky got one Plusliner bus came. from KL - Lumut. So ma tumpang lo.. hehe..

1650 - the bus stop at SHELL Lumut to pump diesel

1700 - Reach lumut bus station. Paid the driver RM1 becoz alot people do tat.

1710 - my friend came from Bota. also by bus. He using Perak Broadway

1720 - both of us walk to jetty. Buy ferry ticket to Pangkor Island. RM5 for 1 way

1730 - inside ferry. nothing to do ma watching tv lo.. tat time they open Duyung movies. so funny one... very crowded lo.. some people dont have place to sit also.. muahahahhahaa...

1800 - reach pangkor. Then ma call my other friend at Pangkor already lo.....

1810 - so hungry . bcoz whole day didnt eat except tat apam balik la..

1815 - go search food to eat. and find a small malay stall selling kuih muih. I bought cecodok pisang and air logan lo..

1820 - Boi and his geng coming lo.. got 4 people all at there. Then we go rent motorcycle infront of the jetty. RM30 for 1days.. STUPID MOTOR .. cannot naik Bukit one.. hehe.. maybe I`m too heavy gue.. :d

1830 - reach Teluk Nipah. swim at there lo.... not many people la.. no ang moi bo or Bikini to see one.. lol...

1945 - finish swimming. and start our journey to Nipah Bay Villa.

2000 - rent a room.. cost RM90. becoz peak season ma... somemore bad services. no enough towel for us.. luckily I bring my own towel. go take shower and rest for while.

2030 - out from the room and start searching some place too eat. so many people.. all restaurant full of people. at last find one. all of us order Nasi Goreng Kampung. My one special one becoz extra cabai. not cibai k.. . hehe.. quite cheap la.. 1 nasi goreng kampung cost rm3.50 and any drink all rm1.00

2130 - finish eat. and back to room take helmet. start our journey. jalan here and there.. go town lo.. still hungry.. buy BENJO to eat.

2300 - back to the the Nipah Bay Villa and sit at outside. Just talk at outside lo...


0100 - They thinking back to room. Then I said I hungry again. go eat supper. All of them also follow me lo..

0110 - When wan to take Motor? U know what happened? OMG.. the motor i rent HILANG That time start panic. Lucky the owner said If motor lost, got key we not need take responsible. So ma faster call the owner.

0130 - Then we decide walk go out to find food to eat lo.... Not far we walk from hotel, suddenly someone drive the motor back to the hotel. Faster walk back and confirm. Lucky they back. If not I sure mati Kebuburan. No stall around that area.. Need naik bukit and turun bukit.. quite far la.

0150 - still at motor.. that time 5 of us didnt wear helmet. Only boi wear it. Suddenly I saw police from beside. faster wear the helmet. All of my friends also follow me. But they actually didnt know where is the policemen. If not sure kena 1 more summons. hehe

0202 - reach at Restaurant Cha Cha TomYam. I order Nasi Goreng Kampung again. Then Boi dono order wat mee. I think is Mee Soup. Bcoz got soup and mee.. hehe.. He cant finish. So I help him finish up. So masin one the soup.. After eat, they watch a malay movies. dono wat movies la.. Quiet funny. bcoz alot people laughing wor.. :D

0330 - back to hotel and sleep lo...

0730 - my stupid phone alarm ringing . what to do? bcoz boi said meet up at 8am. So wake up and take shower.. My friend still sleeping like pig. zzzzzz.. call them also cant wake up. After take shower I decide go out beach and walk lo.. cuci mata la.. mana tau got bikini to see.. haha :D

0815 - then back to the room. huhu.. they still sleeping. Aiks... jus waiting them lo... until 08 there ready to go down. eat breakfast.

0845 - while climbing down from stair, i slip and fell down. just few step nia.. la. my leg fuxing pain

0850 - all of them go down.

0900 - take breakfast (buffet). got Nasi Goreng, Bread, Sambal, Waffles, Orange Juice, Coffee and Tea. So few thing to eat..aiks....

1000 - go to beach.

1010 - then we decide go snorkerlling lo. dono what island is that. snorkelling until 12pm. then go back to hotel. check up. around 1300 we go to jetty and return back the motor.

1344 - take ferry and go back lumut lo.. all my friend was sleeping except me and ecik lo...

1420 - AT LUMUT dy.

Boat Trip

Sunset. Nice or not?

Snorkelling. wtf wat i doing. how come my face look so cute ^^.

Khai was buried

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