Monday, June 23, 2008

Chicken Shit

Today wake up at 0600 lo... Follow my dad. Bring my younger brother go school first. Then go Sam Bia Chicken Farm take Ice. Dono why my dad so rushing lo.. After take the ice. Go to Columbia Chicken Farm lo...Bancuh chicken medicine lo... Then he ask me take the medicine give ayam drink.

Then we go eat Nasi Ekonomi at AyerTawar there. After finish eat my breakfast we go to Desa Merbau Aircond Chicken Farm. To remove and arrange all the wood by size and type. For recycle. To build 2 more Chicken House.... damn.. I my waist damn pain that time. Then my dad leave me alone. He go to Desa Merbau Non aircond Chicken farm. Haiz.. damn sien.. I left my phone at my dad car. Cant sms or call. Lucky got my Indonesian worker. He got handphone. So ma borrow from him lo.. Just use Rm1 nia.. for few sms and call.

After that , I back to Sam bia Chicken farm again. Dono my dad do what at there. Then I saw 2 Indonesian worker "korek ayam taik" (chicken shit) at there. Dont forget the puppies and dog at there too. The Dog feed the puppies milk lo... Even the puppy far from the mummy, the mummy will go find it to feed.

Then my dad send me back to Ayer Tawar house. Ask me take shower and go eat lunch lo. The food very sien (boring) one.. everyday eat same thing nia.. With my cousin Dennis, Uncle 4, Uncle 7 , 2 more Taukey and my dad lo... Then balik Ayer Tawar and sleep. so tired.

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