Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ipoh Trip

This night really "chiek ba mo not jor". Every night do same thing with my Manjung friends (not every nite la.. can said 1 week 5 - 6 time). Go Lumut drink then midnight go Mcdonald eat until 4am balik rumah. This nowaday dono why my dad wake up so early.. Alway "bising" at me when I go back.

Tonight I go to Ipoh around 0000. bcoz one my friend punya friend came from Penang. No bus came to Manjung. So drop by at Ipoh station lo.. What to do? He ask me go Ipoh fetch his friend lo... Wah.. That time really scare summon.. becoz I didnt follow traffic light.. green , yellow , red all I drive only. Another thing I drive damn fast. Scare speed track also. from Manjung to Ipoh I take 35minute. around that la.. then when back time , take around 50minute. drive so slow.. hehe.. trying to saving diesel. becoz diesel naik ma... Until today 08-06-2008 Time 1400 I check again. reli no.. baru i lega.. hehe

dsloong's road law
Red Color = 60km/h
Yellow Color = 90km/h
Green Color = 120km/h

The thing more worse is.. when we reach Medan Gopeng. his friend dono mana pergi. keep find him here and there. Call him also cannot masok. either off the phone or low battery. Wait him for half and hour. my friend ask me drive to his friend house search him . Reach the house. Jerit jerit. but no respond. More worse u all know is what?? SALAH RUMAH.. that time already 0200. can u all imagine???

last last.. 0300 we suggest balik manjung. then bring them go kebun ayam. after that go caltex infront my ayertawar house pump diesel.. lucky he paid for it. RM30. what u all think? Manjung - Ipoh (round trip) ENOUGH r??? If not sure i pokai one.

While sending them, my dad call me. where is my gate keys? That time already around 0430. huhuh.. faster drive back. then ask my friend go out fetch me go Mcd eat breakfast again lo after my dad and my brother go back ayertawar and work

chiek ba mo not jor - after eat nothing to do
SALAH RUMAH - wrong house
bising - noise / nagging
masok - go in
kebun ayam - chicken farm
dono mana pergi. - dont know go where
Jerit - shout
pokai - no money
naik - increase

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