Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eat Eat (City Kopitiam)

4.30pm: City Kopitiam again.. Today go eat with yunloi, chianyin, lingzhou, iek and ingkeong lo..
This time went there because chianyin lo.. because promise him already... somemore treat her eat. Beside that also bring iek lo.. because this 2 person havent try yet.. So i recommend Tomyam and ice kacang to them lo...This time me, lingzhou, chian yin and iek order same.. Tomyam Seafood rice and ABC lo..., Yunloi order Chocalte Toast Bread with Kaya and ABC. IngKeong order White Toast Bread with kaya and Hot White Coffee. as usual i order ice kosong lo...
around 5,30pm we left the city kopitiam.

Then move to mcdonald.. This time chianyin treat us eat. 4 nugget and 1 medium sprite. and get 1 free medium fries.. hehe :D... That time quiete rushing. because lingzhou must reach kamoung jering before 6.30pm. coz her auntie want go eat dinner lo.... spoil our plan. because after that we plan for movies or go kart.. huhuh :D. On the way back to ayertawar chianyin fall in to sleep..

FYI: the pic all spoil. because bad connection. and need wait yunloi to send to me next week. after she back from camp

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