Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today 3 of us go do/cut hair lo.. me, lingzhou and chianyin lo... me and lingzhou do at same place. and chianyin other place lo.. this chianyin a.. do her hair from 10am till 4.30pm. promise us 2pm can finish already.. but delay till 4.30pm. same like mingsie.. same star.. CANCER. no wonder both of them like tat la....

This time I go cut hair without bring my money. Just IC and Lesen nia.. haha.. learn from lingzhou d. Terpaksa ask lingzhou paid for me.. since my ALong not here.. Alan la. who else.. My ATM.. hehe :D. 1 person cut RM8 lo.... aiks.. dont have lingzhou before and after pic...

Before (3month didnt cut)


chianyin pic

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