Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Restaurant 777

Just now went to Restaurant 777 eat my dinner lo.. This time paid less eat alot.. I just eat around Rm10. and can drink 3 drink and 3 food. drink 2 chinese tea and 1 tea,

Chee Keong Fun (Large) = Rm3.30

Asam Laksa - RM2.50

Claypot Chicken Rice - RM4.00

And All I finished It.

After that went to MCdonald eat Sundae COne. Loitering at there for while. Went to Muara with friend.. Drink 3 ice kosong and 1 Watermelon Juice, This time went to Muara by Motorcycle without wear helmet.. hehe.. From Mcd till Go Kart.

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