Saturday, November 15, 2008

Watch Movies

As usual every Saturday night I will go makan with my family lo.. Today eat at seafood restaurant A-Mu.. This restaurant quite famous la.. at Kg Koh... I forget already order what food. And I didnt take pic of the dishes. But I know I drink alot.. 1 coconut, 2 Chinese tea and 1 asam limau. After eat, around 9.30pm, my youngest bro keep said want to watch movies lo.. Said want to watch James Bond - Quantum Of Solace. For me quite sien la.. Because I dont like to watch this type of movies.. So I sleep inside lo.. after finish eat my porcorn. Paid RM9 sleep inside.. That time go watch with my dad, mum , sis ,and my bro lo.. Cibai one.. Need use my money to paid for porcorn and drink,. U know very expensive.. RM20.. huhuh.. What to do.. I go to queue. lolx.. About 1 hour inside the cinema, suddenly Alan CHen call me.. He said he infornt my house. Want to kutip Hutang. OMG.. Arlong coming.... Then I told him, I in cinema. tomolo baru go ayertawar find him.


lcyu said...

said u watch d...tipu orang lagi..~~!!

dsloong said...

yup,, watch d.. but nt in cinema. huhuh