Friday, November 21, 2008

Eat Eat Eat (Pantai Remis)

Tonight lo.. Nothing to do lo.. So ma called LingZhou lo..

dsloong: hy.. mana lu?
Lingzhou: House, Kampung Jering. apasal?
dsloong: want go to eat? boring here....
lingzhou: makan where?
dsloong: Pantai Remis lo....
lingzhou: ok lo..
dsloong: I go fetch Alan and Iek then go Kg Jering fetch u.. ok?
lingzhou: ok

Then go fetch Alan lo... and take the external hard disc I ask him bought.. Eat some keropok and 1 100plus lo.. at Alan's house.. After that move to Iek house.. bring him... After that, I call MingSie

dsloong: oi.. ngong po..
mingsie: apasal?
dsloong: want go to eat?
mingsie: now I just eat nia.. dont wan la...
dsloong: u sure u don wan?
mingsie: eat where?
dsloong: pantai remis la...
mingsie: dont wan la...
dsloong: dont wan ma dont wan la.. suak.......

After the that, drive to Kg Jering lo.. Fetch Chin Long.. Then go to LingZhou house.. When LingZhou just want to open the door.. I shout at him. 1 100 PLUS please.. haha.. he walked into his house back and take 4... But them dont wan to drink...

Then we straght drive to Pantai Remis lo... First we go to eat fried kueyTeow lo.. Me and Lingzhou order big and Alan, Iek and CHin Long small.. But Iek and ChinLong dont want cockles.... si fishy said shellfish <-- (ada betul har?????)

here is our pose eat kueyteow goreng.. lolx



Alan Chen

Chin Long

After eat Fried Kuey Teow.. We go to another place eat.. This time eat alot.. lolx.... see the picture la... what i Order

I Order Chee Cheong Fan, Tomyam Mee, Kuih-Muih and Poh Pia.. Tought want to order more.. But Wallet Kosong.. lolx..

Fishy do the GuanYin Teh...

Kuih Muih

Chee Cheong Fan (nice)

hurm..dono this one call what. got prawn, cuttle fish and bla bla.... all seafood la..

Tomyam Mee

After finish eat.. we round Pantai Remis lo.. But boring.. Also round LingZhou;s girl friend house.. After that, send them all back lo.. And I going to MCdonald again.. hehe...


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worth to try kuey teow and chee cheong fun

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