Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing Badminton

This early morning around 2am.. I went to Mcd lo. Then suddenly forget who invite me go play badminton lo.. so ma follow lo.. Start at 2.30am.. we went to Astaka , Sitiawan lo.. That morning I bring Noor lo.. Because she dont have transport..

Participant: me, Noor, Pidaot, Lia, Fauziah, Ustat, Ejam, AP, Azhar and another one dono his name..

We finish around 4am.. Feel hungry.. Drive to Muara but already close..So we go to Mamak lo.. Near the MCD.. I just eat 2 half cook egg and 3 icekosong.. lolx... Sit at that mamak until 5am.. feel boring,, tat nite,, wish them all said BALIK...

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