Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paid Debt

This afternoon around 12pm, I call Alan Come find me to collect debt lo.. Then ask him bring me go eat Ice Kacang at 50 hektar there.. Order char kuey teow, Asam boi and Ice Kacang. Then bungkus Asam Limau lo.. That day very bad luck.. I buy RM1.30 lottery. Tought can get money.. But all terima kasih. Not even got 10cent for me.. aiks.. This one nevermind. But I fool Alan again.. ok.. the story like tat la. I also cincai write.. dono how to write..

I hutang Alan Chen RM55.

dsloong: how much I hutang u?
Alan: RM55
dsloong: ok.. (grab Rm100 from wallet) U got change for this?
Alan: no wor..
dsloong: nevermind.. I give to u RM100// Later went kira u paid lo.. Then balance give me.
Alan: Okay

Finish makan.. SO paid lo.. Alan go paid.. using rm50..

dsloong: why using rm50?
Alan: aiya.. i settle la
dsloong: ok.. now give me my balance...
Alan: k!!! (grab rm45 and give me)
dsloong: R u sure u give me correct amount?
Alan: yup
dsloong: nevermind la.. u so kaya.. This meal u belanja me is it?
Alan: what u said?
dsloong: U kira la.. I hutang u rm55.. I give u Rm100. and balance u give me Rm45. Just now I makan one.. U also kira..
Alan: yeah wor.. faster return my money
dsloong: no small already.. rm2 want?
Alan: ok lo.. better than nothing

so alan belanja me RM4.


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