Wednesday, November 19, 2008


22 November 2008 (Saturday)

8.00am - Roti Canai (Kampung Sitiawan)
10.00am - Chee Keong Fan (Looking Good)
11.00am - buy Kompiang
11.30am - Rojak Manjung
3.00pm - Kampuan
4.00pm - Ice Peanut
5.00pm - Teluk Batik (swimming)
6.00pm - Laksa (Beruas)
7.00pm - Ikan Bakar (Pantai Remis)
9.00pm - Restaurant 88
11.00pm - Lumut
12.00am - Mcdonald

23 November 2008 (Sunday)
Breakfast - Taman Dinding Nasi Lemak
Lunch - City Kopitiam

So far confirm go are
chin long
zen hing
yunloi (back on Wednesday)
mingsie (back on Thursday)
Chian Yin (back on Saturday)
Alan Chen (back on Friday)
Ngie Chong (join after 6pm)
jay win (join us at 88)

not confirm
weikien (see first)
hsloke (havent ask)
Ing Keong (lingzhou please settle)

confirm not going
yvonne Loi (going to penang)
chiang (at korea)
yeefang (at australia)
jenan (at KL, he said if we eat at Ipoh maybe he can join us but balik to Kl after eat)
hueyling (exam)


lcyu said...

I think it shudnt be EAT EAT EAT plan...u shud change it to FAT FAT FAT plan instead..

Another thing...since when Looking Good has Chee Keong Fan????
I oli knw got Chee Cheong Fan..
Perhaps durai new recipe..

アラン様 said...

Haha. His new recipe lo. Eat liao some part of the body get strong gua. For guy, you all know which part I mean la. For girl, need to ask him lo.

Chiang said...

cibai... can't wait til i come bac? this fucker... 1 month nia...

yv said...

yalo.. wait chiang come back still eh hu~ but cincai u all la... i cannot simply eat